The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: Evil Mispirit Into A Finger

At one of the precipice in the Five Elements Peak, Wu Shang, who was dressed in black, watched the mist cloud released from Jiang Yun's body. At this sight, his eyes glowed with a strange light as he mumbled, “This fog cloud is not a magic tool. There are at least hundreds of root silk connected to form the thick mist below making the fog as thick as water. The fog yarn is as tough as stems, and as light as the lotus, so that they can hold Jiang Yun into the air and making it look like flying!”

“This is clearly a magic art! And in order to execute it, one’s mastery of spiritual power needs to be extremely precise. It is impossible to do, even for me! This man is extraordinary!”

In fact, what Wu Shang spoke was the real reason why Jiang Yun could “Fly'. However, the servant and the outer disciples were unable to see the hair-like structures of fog at the bottom of the fog cloud, so they mistook the fog cloud as a flying magic tool.

Not only was it visible for Wu Shang, but also to the elders of the peak and the inner disciples, which was why they were shocked. To control the spiritual power to such an appalling degree in, even if one was not a prodigious talent, it must have been due to his hard work and effort. Especially for a cultivator in MCR.

On thinking about it, a wry smile appeared on the lord of Rune Peak’s face and he softly sighed, “I'm afraid that my biggest mistake was to not accept the wild village boy as a disciple, and now it is too late!”

Wei ZhengYang, who had planned on doing something, was surprised, and suddenly an idea struck his mind out of nowhere. If Jiang Yun did not die, he would be a great threat to Fang YuXuan in the future. Even though Wei ZhengYang couldn't believe this idea, he strongly felt that he could recognize, even when he is in the rain or shine. Changing his mind a moment later, he finally clenched his teeth, “There are plenty of ways to solve the knot in the heart, I must kill Jiang Yun even if l will be blamed by the master, but he, Jiang Yun, must not be left to grow up!”

Jiang Yun did not care if they were to look through his secret tricks. At this moment, with the support of fog clouds, he was getting closer and closer to Zheng Yuan, there was a strong sense of excitement and relief in his heart!

At this moment, the torrents of spiritual power, which were formed by three Unclogged-Meridians Pills in his body, had been consumed by repeated attacks from Zheng Yuan, especially by that last thrust of his sword.

Furthermore, only one-tenth of the impurities in the ninth meridian were left now. Once the connection was made, it meant that he would step into the ninth-level of MCR.

In fact, Jiang Yun was not Zheng Yuan's opponent, even if he was at ninth-level in MCR!

The truth is that there is a difference of nearly a hundred times in the spiritual power between the first level in BLR and ninth level in MCR. Such a huge gap could never be bridged over by physical strength.

But the timing of Zheng Yuan's attack on Jiang Yun was wrong. If the spiritual power in Zheng Yuan's body could be counted as one hundred, then the spiritual power in Jiang Yun's body was only one, but the spiritual power in those three pills was at least ninety!

The difference between one and one hundred is indeed beyond buff of the physical force, but the difference between ninety-one and one hundred, may still be insurmountable with the physical force of Jiang Yun and the magic art he had just learned from Old Hei, but at the least, he was qualified to participate in the battle.

And now, it is Jiang Yun’s time to counterattack Zheng Yuan!

Looking at Zheng Yuan, Jiang Yun’s eyes suddenly shone with a fierce light, emitting a strong killing intent from his body. He pointed at Zheng Yuan, and spoke lightly, “Evil mispirit (evil spirit breeds in mist)!”


The fog cloud, which had been carrying him, suddenly expanded with the words of Jiang Yun and covered his entire body. It turned into a huge finger that pointed towards Zheng Yuan! The finger seemed to be unreal, but the fingerprints were all clearly visible. It was as if they were hiding a myriad of beasts, which at this moment gave out a loud ferocious roar, creating an immense pressure.

Under Hidden Peak, as the numerous disciples who looked up to see the scene, heard the sound of the beasts' roar. Most of them felt cold all over their bodies and could not help but shudder at this moment.

One can’t begin to imagine the power of this finger!

On the top of the Red Dust Peak, a middle-aged woman with a head of black hair frowned slightly, her ears quivered slightly, as she said to herself, “This art is not what we own, but it actually contains the Tao of sound. I don’t know where this boy had learned it from, but this boy is very suitable for our Red Dust Peak!”

There was neither a spell in Cloud-Sky while Mist-Earth, nor even a fixed spell, but a myriad of attack modes that can be changed according to the mist. In extreme circumstances, it could be possible to form a boundary by itself, trapping the enemy in it, and allows the fog to attack the enemy by forming various structures.

Naturally, Jiang Yun did not reach this level yet, but he was able to block the Flaming-Sword with a little cloud boundary, thus severing its connection with Zheng Yuan.

This so-called evil mispirit, was created by Old Hei, and with his accumulated experience helped Jiang Yun to kill a lot of fierce beasts. And during this slaughter, he was able to accumulate some bloodlust, which was covering his body.

The spirit of blood, when melted in the mist to do evil, became the mispirit! The power of this spell did not lie in strength, but in sudden shock and surprise attacks.

Since the Zheng Yuan's appearance till now, Jiang Yun was the one who is being beaten and never retaliated.

Now, it was his first counterattack!

At this moment, Zheng Yuan was really afraid as he saw that Jiang Yun following him in the air. He could clearly hear the roar of the savage beasts behind the finger-like structure of the fog. As he had been a slayer, he is sensitive to the bloodlust and could see the strong evil spirit in the mist finger clearer than anyone else. Seeing all these made him so frightened that he even dared not try to catch Jiang Yun's finger. He just sped up so as to get away from the mist finger.

Zheng Yuan was after all a cultivator in BLR, and relied on his own spiritual power. Once he sped up, he was able to get rid of the mist finger’s pursuit. While Zheng Yuan was in the midst of escaping, Jiang Yun raised his hand up again with a passive expression on his face. A fire dragon about three-meter size burst out from the center of his palm. It did not rush toward Zheng Yuan but it violently hit the mist finger!


Although the burning temperature reduced the volume of the fog, the force of the impact made the speed of the fog increase rapidly, it instantly shortened the distance between Zheng Yuan and the fog. The river of fire fell to pieces, and the fog lost its strength. Though it only did so momentarily, it managed to touch Zheng Yuan's back.


With another loud sound, the fog dissipated, and Zheng Yuan gave a terrible cry, and his whole body fell straight down to the ground like a huge rock thrown from the sky, and crashed hard onto the ground. He then lied there motionless.

Jiang Yun, who had lost the support of fog cloud, also fell to the ground and stood beside Zheng Yuan. He looked at him from the top of his eyes and hesitated for a moment before raising his hand and held the Flaming-Sword, which belonged to Zheng Yuan.