The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: You Must Die

At this moment, there was nothing but silence in the whole Seeking-Tao Sect, all their gazes, and all the spiritual visions are concentrated on Zheng Yuan.

And everyone's face held a disbelieving expression.

Because none of them could believe what they had seen, that a cultivator in MCR had wounded the one in BLR!

It is not uncommon in the cultivators' world to find cultivators who can fight against someone in a higher realm, but the level referred here are the nine small sub-realms in each realm, and not the major ones.

To fight higher across a major realm, and to defeat the one in a higher realm with lower realm cultivation, it is absolutely impossible according to the common cultivators' logic!

But the current condition of Zheng Yuan is the best proof to negate the above statement. Currently, Zheng Yuan was lying on the ground as though he had been seriously injured and could not move.

Without any outsiders’ help, Jiang Yun was able to injure Zheng Yuan by a fog-finger and a flame-dragon, and he even wanted to kill Zheng Yuan by latter’s own sword!

At this moment, the spectators who finally came back to their senses, could not help but change their expressions. Most of the disciples were even more afraid of Jiang Yun in their heart.

After defeating Zheng Yuan, Jiang Yun even dared to kill him!

Apart from strength, there was also a huge gap in their identities. The servant disciple daring to kill an inner sect disciple, which was unprecedented in the history of Seeking-Tao Sect.

However, the things that happened on Hidden Peak today, especially the accomplishments of Jiang Yun, did not happen in the past either.

However, if Jiang Yun really killed Zheng Yuan, all that would be waiting for him is the strict punishment according to the rules of the sect. Therefore, at this time, a sharp sound could be heard from all directions.

“Stop it!”

“Jiang Yun!”

Several voices came at the same time, from the lords who intended to accept Jiang Yun as their disciple.

They did not want to see him like the other disciples, who were mentally broken down or even lost their lives under the strict punishments of the sect, so they spoke urgently in order to protect Jiang Yun.

Actually, Jiang Yun did know the price he had to pay if he killed Zheng Yuan, but he remembered what his grandpa had said. “To be kind to the enemy is to be cruel to one’s self!”

Since he and Zheng Yuan have death enmity, even if he let go of Zheng Yuan today, in the future, Zheng Yuan would find all means and opportunities to counter-attack.

Jiang Yun had already made such a mistake once, in case of Feng WuJi which created a hidden danger to Jiang Village. He did not want to, and also could not afford to make another such mistake, so even though he knew the consequences would not be good for him, he had to kill Zheng Yuan at all cost.

Until this moment Jiang Yun still had some hesitation, but when he heard the voices of the several lords at the same time, he finally made up his mind.

Apparently, he misunderstood the elders’ concern and thought that they were trying to protect Zheng Yuan.

With a flash of fierce light in his eyes, the Flame-Sword in his hand finally stuck towards Zheng Yuan's throat, but just then, the motionless Zheng Yuan suddenly reached out his hand and grasped the sword.

Although Zheng Yuan was indeed hit by Jiang Yun's fog-finger, and got hurt, it was not serious.

After all, Jiang Yun's fog threatens rather than attack. Besides, when Jiang Yun took the shot, the spiritual power of the Unclogged-Meridians Pills in his body had been almost consumed. Also, the fire river outside Zheng Yuan's body blocked part of the force, so this finger could not seriously harm Zheng Yuan.

The reason why Zheng Yuan could not move and was lying there was not because he was trying to pretend, but it was due to mental attack, which left him in a state of shock and was unable to respond.

It was only when he felt a sword movement, which was about to pierce his throat, brought him back to his senses, and he put out his hand to grasp it.

“How you dare!”

The shock on Zheng Yuan's face was replaced by anger and panic, especially the power of the Flame-Sword, made him feel the threat of death.

He had never thought that one day he would be stabbed in the throat by a cultivator in MCR with his own sword.

Although Zheng Yuan's sudden reaction made Jiang Yun slightly startled, the look in his eyes became even more determined. He suddenly grasped the hilt of the sword with his both hands, and continued to force the sword through Zheng Yuan's throat.

Since he already decided to kill Zheng Yuan, there shouldn't be any hesitation.

The sober Zheng Yuan, of course, will not be so helpless, since his injury was not serious, and as a cultivator in BLR, Jiang Yun couldn’t injure him heavily.

However, as he was preparing to fight back with his magic arts, an indifferent voice suddenly sounded in his ear, “Do not resist. Today, you must die in the hands of Jiang Yun!”

As he heard it, Zheng Yuan felt as if he had been hit by a thunderbolt.

Because the statement was from Wei ZhengYang, his lord of Fence Peak!

In any case, Zheng Yuan would not so obedient at the moment of his own death. Wei ZhengYang could not make himself give up the resistance, so that he could die by the hands of Jiang Yun.

“But you can rest assured that I will let you die for nothing. I will not only avenge you myself, but I can also assure you that, I would soon choose a disciple from your Zheng family!”

Zheng Yuan's whole body shook again. Now he finally understood.

Wei ZhengYang wanted to kill Jiang Yun, but he could not find a reasonable excuse, but as long as he, Zheng Yuan, is killed by Jiang Yun, then Wei ZhengYang could kill Jiang Yun justly.


Zheng Yuan, of course, did not want to die. He had a great and brilliant future ahead.

“If you do not die today, then I can also assure you that after today, there will be no Zheng family in South Mountain, and I will personally destroy your Zheng family!”

These calm and apathetic words, which led Zheng Yuan's just export of the voice suddenly stopped, his eyes suddenly wide, the body was unable to help but shiver, the previously shocked expression on his face had completely changed to that of despair.

Wei Zheng Yang would kill his entire family if he didn’t die!

He still had his parents, brothers and sisters, and a lot of his close relatives...


Without much ado, Zheng Yuan had made his decision in his heart. With a slight smile on his face, he closed his eyes.


Accompanied by a large blood spatter, the Flame-Sword finally dug deep into Zheng Yuan's throat!

“How dare you, Jiang Yun!”

Almost at the same time, a voice full of anger, which sounded like thunder, was heard throughout the air, in everyone’s ears.

Immediately after, a yellow light flashed and a man in yellow robe appeared out of thin air right in front of Jiang Yun. Currently, his simple and honest face was full of anger and sadness, he did not even bother to spare Jiang Yun a glance, as his eyes were fixed on Zheng Yuan who lying in a pool of blood, cried out, “Kid, kid!”

At this moment, Jiang Yun was staring blankly at Zheng Yuan.

Although it seemed that he killed Zheng Yuan, he was very clear in his mind that, Zheng Yuan had either committed suicide or died willingly!

Jiang Yun was perplexed as to why Zheng Yuan, who was, just struggling to survive until the last minute, suddenly wished to die?

The man in yellow robe suddenly turned his head to look at Jiang Yun. “You, Jiang Yun, treat the rules as nothing, you killed your brother in the sect. Now no one can save you today, and I will kill you myself and avenge my disciple!”

Although the other side did not do anything, but when his eyes fell on Jiang Yun, Jiang Yun's face suddenly changed, and “Poof' sound was heard, there were several fingers-sized wounds on his strong body, which looked as if they were being pierced by countless swords, and blood spurted out like a fountain.

Jiang Yun felt a strong crisis of death enveloping him. His mind was roaring as his eyes were dark. All the senses were starting to dull at a very fast speed.

But just then, an old voice suddenly sounded, “Wei ZhengYang, you dare!”

This voice was like a pair of great hands, which directly tore apart the endless darkness around Jiang Yun's body, which enabled him to finally see the light again and in front of his eyes he could see three figures in the light.