The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: The Third-One In Hidden Peak

Seeing these three figures, Jiang Yun, who was already covered in wounds and bleeding, showed a genuine smile, and the worry in his heart finally disappeared at this moment.

“Brother Jiang, how do you feel?”

A young man, wearing a long blue shirt, lunged at Jiang's face, his plain face was full of anxiety and concern.

“Brother!” Jiang Yun lightly spit out the word in his mouth and shook his head with a smile. “I'm ok!”

This young man was naturally DongFang Bo!

“Brother, is he brother Jiang that you always mention?”

At that moment, a tall, white-haired man with a beard appeared in front Jiang Yun.

Hearing the old man's voice, Jiang Yun naturally understood that the voice belonged to the man who saved him from the darkness, but he was slightly startled on hearing him address DongFang Bo.

“He is the third member of our Hidden Peak, also he is your third elder brother--XuanYuan Xing!”

The second elder sister also stood beside Jiang Yun. Although there were no emotional fluctuations in her voice, a cold light flashed in her eyes when she looked at Jiang Yun.

Third elder brother!

Looking at this man who was even a bit older than his grandpa, Jiang Yun felt a little hard to believe that the opposite party was the younger brother of DongFang Bo and his second elder sister, and he is the third member of the Hidden Peak he has met.

Suddenly, Jiang Yun remembered that when he observed the second sister was older than DongFang Bo, she told him that he might feel even stranger when he meets the third brother in the future.

As it turned out, the younger members of the trio have a bigger identity than the older ones.

“Brother Jiang, what happened?”

The voice of DongFang Bo resounded. As he spoke, his eyes swept over the top of Hidden Peak, and saw Jiang Yun's hut in ruins, Zheng Yuan in a pool of blood, and finally, he fell on Wei ZhengYang with changing expression!

The three of them had just returned. They couldn't figure out why they had such a sight before their eyes.

They didn't wait for Jiang Yun to answer, as XuanYuan Xing hummed coldly, squinting at Wei ZhengYang through lidded eyes and said, “Brother, it is unnecessary to say anything, although brother Jiang is not our true younger brother, in any case, he belongs to our Hidden Peak. No matter who, dare to do anything to him, must pay a price!”

Such a domineering words, let the quiet Seeking-Tao Sect immediately fall into complete silence.

To be honest, since the moment Jiang Yun was ready to kill Zheng Yuan, everyone in Seeking-Tao Sect had been stunned, coupled with the urgency of Wei ZhengYang to attack to Jiang Yun. Everything happened in a flash. So the people were dumbfounded until the three people from Hidden Peak rescued Jiang Yun. The turnaround of the situation made the people feel relieved.

But, they also thought that XuanYuan Xing was being too arrogant who even thought so little of the lord of Fence Peak--Wei ZhengYang.

On listening to what he said, it was that he was preparing to attack Wei ZhengYang!

In fact, although Hidden Peak is a taboo in the whole of Seeking-Tao Sect, while not many had ever seen people living in Hidden Peak, not to mention the strength they had.

People might have only seen DongFang Bo, but they had no knowledge about his strength, they only knew that he was talkative and the master personally made the rule that they should not disturb Hidden Peak, so they had to take a polite attitude towards DongFang Bo.

However, this did not mean that people were really respectful and afraid of the Hidden Peak in their mind, on the contrary, most of them scoffed at the fact that master attached such importance to Hidden Peak.

However, now after listening to the arrogant words of this man of Hidden Peak, people suddenly realized that the reason why the Hidden Peak was so valued by the master was probably due to other unknown reasons.

After all, Wei ZhengYang was not only a cultivator in SRR, but also an elder in Seeking-Tao Sect. Furthermore, his status was second only to that of the master and several great elders. While it is not hard to imagine that this man of Hidden Peak had a strong background to even look down upon Wei ZhengYang.

Wei ZhengYang at this moment, had no any sign of sadness on his face as he stared at XuanYuan Xing coldly and said, “XuanYuan Xing, do not think that you can lawlessness rely on master's courtesy towards you, the rule in our Seeking-Tao Sect is clear and simple, it strictly prohibits one to murder, but Jiang Yun, who belongs to your Hidden Peak, has killed my disciple Zheng Yuan in front of everyone, completely ignoring rules of the sect!”

“I will kill him to protect the rules and clean up the sect! How dare you to block me, do you want to cover up for Jiang Yun, and similarly don’t want to put the rules in your eyes?”

“Or do you also want to kill me in front of everyone, in front of the public?”

“Then I am here, you can try!”

As soon as his voice vanished, Wei ZhengYang took a step forward and stood directly in front of the white-haired old man, and his vibe was completely restrained. It seemed as if he was not ready to fight back but allowed XuanYuan Xing to kill him.

Although people, who knew Wei ZhengYang, felt that his performance to be a bit strange at the moment, but they could not tell why. What Wei ZhengYang said at the moment, not only felt fair and righteous, but also reasonable, so the people could not point anything wrong about it.

Even many of his disciples were secretly cheering, thinking that Wei ZhengYang was indeed the master of Fence Peak, a man of justice.

As a result, all eyes naturally focused strained onto XuanYuan Xing, and they wanted to see what he would do next.

If he really did something to Wei ZhengYang, then he would be totally ignoring the rules of the sect, but if he did not move, then his previous words would be tantamount to farting.

Henceforth, the status of the Hidden Peak in Seeking-Tao Sect would naturally decline, even if there was such a rule from the master, the people would not have to fear or respect them in their hearts.

However, out of everyone's expectation, XuanYuan Xing totally ignored Wei ZhengYang and he did not even spare a glance at him, but suddenly turned to look at Jiang Yun, showing a surprised expression on his face and said, “Younger brother, are the things he said true? Did you kill the inner disciple of Fence Peak?”

Although Zheng Yuan was indeed dead, strictly speaking, he was not killed by Jiang Yun. So even if he admitted it, the crime of violating the regulations can be fully implemented.

XuanYuan Xing obviously did not consider too much, and he asked directly. DongFang Bo was better off this as he cleared his throat and said: Brat, don't speak nonsense, nothing has been found out until now.”

XuanYuan Xing smilingly replied, “I was just casually asking. To tell you the truth, I little doubt about that. By the way, which realm are you in now, brother Jiang?”

“I...” Jiang Yun hesitated for a while before saying softly, “I just stepped into the ninth level of MCR!”

Although Wei's gaze almost killed Jiang Yun earlier, it was also at that moment, the ninth meridian of Jiang Yun was finally opened allowing him to enter the nine-level of MCR.

As he said this, everyone felt their hearts stir in shock.