The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: It's Unwise To Offend The Public

Ninth level of MCR!

These four words were like four huge boulders that fell heavily in the hearts of everyone who lived in the sect, with endless waves.

Even Wei ZhengYang, DongFang Bo and elder sister, and so on!

What surprised them was not cultivation level, but the one who reached it and the time he took to reach it!

In the whole of Seeking-Tao Sect, Jiang Yun was also a bit famous. Many people remembered his name because of his special performance at the beginning of the three tests and his stubborn resistance to Fang YuXuan in the retest.

As a result, almost everyone who knew his name was extremely clear that Jiang Yun was a mortal when he came into Seeking-Tao Sect.

At the time of the retest, he only displayed the three-level in MCR. However, now it had only been more than three months since the retest, and he had actually reached the nine-level in MCR!

In other words, Jiang Yun spent just a little more than 10 months to cultivate from being a mortal to be a cultivator of ninth level of MCR!

What kind of speed was this?

Not to mention in the history of Seeking-Tao Sect, even in the entire history of cultivation world, who could have such a terrifying pace in their cultivation He was absolutely rare, who cannot be even found one in billion!


When everyone was shocked by what they heard, four rainbow lights appeared on the top of the Hidden Peak, from which four figures appeared from within them. Their eyes were shining as they stared at Jiang Yun.

The four figured were Lan HuaZhao, the lord of Rune Peak; Shen ZhanRong, lord of Red Dust Peak; Peng Shou, the lord of Five-Element Peak, and Sha JingXhan, the elder of Beasts Peak!

Apart from the lord of Beasts Peak, four lords out of five were in Hidden Peak currently. If one were to include Sha JingShan, there were 5 cultivators in SRR in total on the Hidden Peak!

It was such a sight to behold, not to mention those outer disciples and the servant disciples under Hidden Peak, even the inner disciples of any peak had seen.

The four cultivators who emerged just after were naturally the ones who great interest in Jiang Yun earlier and were having intentions to accept him as a disciple.

They had been a bit hesitant until now, but after hearing Jiang Yun report that he had cultivated himself into the ninth level of MCR, their hesitation immediately disappeared. So they all came at their fastest speed possible, afraid that someone else would take the upper hand.

“Ha ha, good boy, you are certainly a member of our Hidden Peak! Quite good!”

XuanYuan Xing burst out laughing and patted Jiang Yun's shoulder hard. Then he turned his head to look at Wei ZhengYang and said, “Lord Wei, now, do you have anything else to say?”

The most emotional person at the moment was Wei ZhengYang indeed.

He did not expect that Jiang Yun had such amazing speed in cultivation, and had reached the ninth level of MCR.

If this kind of talent appeared in any another situation, he would have definitely accepted him as a disciple at any cost.

But now, of course, there was no such possibility. And what further depressed him was that he was afraid that the idea of killing Jiang Yun could fail today.

It had been known that the one with most amazing talent in cultivation, in history, was Fang YuXuan, who was now the topmost of all the inner disciples.

However, now the pace at which Jiang Yun cultivated displayed, Fang YuXuan would have to step down from his first position.

Such a disciple are given best training in any sects, just like Fang YuXuan.

So even if Jiang Yun truly killed Zheng Yuan and broke the rules, but considering his future’s unlimited prospects, the punishment given to him would only be a superficial one and not something to be worried about.

It seemed unfair, but there was no other way. That's the law of the world -- the law of the jungle!

Hearing XuanYuan Xing's words, Wei ZhengYang eyes flashed with a cold light as he said indifferently, “What if he is of ninth level in MCR? Putting aside the credibility of the truth of his realm, even if it is true, he can’t ignore the rules and kill the brothers of his sect casually?”

“It is obvious to all of us today, that Jiang Yun has killed Zheng Yuan. As the lord of Fence Peak, if I don't seek justice for my disciples, then I will have no face to face Zheng Yuan and who would dare to worship and respect the tome!”

“If it’s because Jiang Yun's talent is extraordinary, so we let him go so easily, then it would be being cold-hearted to tens of thousands of disciples in our Seeking-Tao Sect!”

“Don't say that he is ninth level in MCR, even if he is the ninth level in BLR, the murderer shall pay his own life in repentance! Today whoever dares to stop me, do not blame me for being impolite!”

As he spoke, Wei's eyes slowly swept over the faces of the four, and apparently, what he said was addressing them.

How could the four people not understand, their faces immediately turned bad, they wanted to refute, but Wei ZhengYang was telling the truth.

Jiang Yun was the one to break the rules first and Wei ZhengYang wanted to seek justice for his disciple, it was a matter of righteousness. Not to mention these four people, even their master had nothing to say to Wei now.

It was said that Wei ZhengYang was very clever and his words are very provocative. As soon as his words left his mouth, many disciples who gathered around Hidden Peak were immediately supportive of him.

“What lord Wei says is right, perhaps Jiang Yun is a lying, ten months to cultivate from being a mortal to ninth level in MCR, it is absolutely impossible!”

“Even if true, even if his cultivation speed is fast, could he kill the brothers of the sect at his will?”

“Yes, he must be punished, or is it that, someone who can cultivate faster can ignore the rule?”

“Then those of us who are slow in cultivation should be careful at all times or else we will be killed one day!”

“Yes, a murder of life must be severely punished!”

Gradually, all the voices condensed to four words - severely punish Jiang Yun!

Hearing the voices of these disciples, Wei ZhengYang flashed a sneer at the bottom of his eyes, while the face of Lan HuaZhao and others became more somber.

Although they were the head of peaks, they could not really ignore the attitude of these many disciples, after all, it is difficult to offend the public, so at this moment, they are in a dilemma, just as riding a tiger.

While XuanYuan Xing didn't really care about this, he laughed coldly as he just wanted to speak, but DongFang Bo stepped forward, cupping his hands and said, “Lord Wei, Jiang Yun belong to Hidden Peak, if had he really violated the rules, we naturally shall not cover up, but I just came back, and we three are not clear of the cause of these things. Since we are not clear, after we find out, we will give Lord Wei a satisfactory explanation, is that ok?”

How could DongFang Bo not see that the whole thing was a conspiracy? He just wanted to delay the time; as long as to avoid the thing happening today, there would always be ways to alleviate the situation.

Wei ZhengYang smiled as he said, “As long as the disciples do not oppose, I certainly have no disagreement."

Immediately after, the disciple started to shout again.

“No, the judgment must be given today!”

“Well, wait a few days, and then the whole thing will turn into nothing!”

“Severely punish Jiang Yun!”

Wei ZhengYang shrugged his shoulders and said, “See, even if I want to agree with you, but the tens of thousands of disciples are willing to agree. Now, handover Jiang Yun to us!”

As soon as the voice dropped, Wei ZhengYang slowly raised his hand, a strong energy vibe suddenly permeated the whole of Hidden Peak.

Xuanyuan Xing sneered and stepped out, blocking as a shield in front of Jiang Yun. DongFang Bo shook his head and spoke nothing. The second sister, who always spoke nothing, figure flashed the same time, closing the distance between Jiang Yun and her.

Three people formed the shape of a triangle, protecting Jiang Yun, who was in the center!

Obviously, no matter what Wei ZhengYang had to say no matter what the attitude of the other disciples had towards them, for the three of them, Jiang Yun was the one of Hidden Peak and they shall never allow anyone to attack Jiang Yun!

Looking at the three figures around him, who kept themselves firmly protecting him like three mountains. In his heart, Jiang Yun felt deeply touched and took a deep breath, trying to hold back the tears that were about to burst out, as he tried to walk out.

Either way, it was something he had caused, and he didn't want to his brothers and sister to be dragged into it.

But when Jiang Yun was ready to step forward, a plain voice in their ears said, “I have heard that you, Wei ZhengYang, back your disciples, but I also protect my disciples. I would like to see, today, who dares to touch my kids in Hidden Peak!”