The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: Outrageous

And there was another man on Hidden Peak.

This boy had an appearance of twelve years of age, fair skin and handsome face, with a bun on his head, in an oversized robe. He looked very cute, while both of his hands crossed behind him, the face that should have been full of childlike innocence but was replaced by maturity.

Obviously, the person who had just spoken was him, only, many disciples did not know who he was, until the three disciples in Hidden Peak looked at him at the same time and had their face brightened as if finally found their helper. They then saluted to the child and said respectfully. “Master!”

This address, made all the disciples in Seeking-Tao Sect shocked, even to Jiang Yun, because no one would think at that moment, this lovely kid, impressively was their master, which meant he was the lord of Hidden Peak!

Hidden Peak, as expected, the younger he was the higher the status!

DongFang Bo hurriedly pulled Jiang Yun to the boy and said. “Master, this is Jiang Yun, who was brought to Hidden Peak by me.”

The boy's eyes glanced at Jiang Yun, while it looked like only to be a second, Jiang Yun's body could not help but shiver, because he clearly felt that the sight had clearly scanned through his body from the top of his head to his feet. So, there’s nothing could be hidden in his body under this look.

Fortunately, the boy only glanced at him for a moment then took back his look, and Jiang Yun gave a salute in a hurry under the DongFang Bo's signal. “I'm Jiang Yun, my lord!”

The boy nodded his head without speaking, and DongFang Bo immediately said. “Master, what happened today is…”

Without waiting for DongFang Bo to finish his words, the boy had already waved his hand and interrupted. “No need to say anything! I want to see, who has such guts to harm my disciple. How dare they offend us Hidden Peak?!”

How arrogant!

This simple sentence, impressively more domineering than what XuanYuan Xing said previously!

The boy even didn't want to know what happened, and stood out to protect Hidden Peak and Jiang Yun in a very strong manner.

This kind of attitude was really haughtier than Wei ZhengYang.

Wei ZhengYang’s face darkened, the other ordinary disciples around did not know the difficulty to deal with the boy in front of him, but as the lord of Fence Peak, how could he not know.

This child was indeed the lord of Hidden Peak, Gu BuLao!

Not to mention Wei ZhengYang, even the master of Seeking-Tao Sect had to be polite with this guy.

Originally just by facing DongFang Bo was enough to let Wei ZhengYang very headache, but he did not think that Gu BuLao would also appear today!

Now he could only put all the responsibility on Zheng Yuan, even he could not help but ruthlessly glared at Zheng Yuan who was laying in the pool of blood, and cursed in his head. “What a crap, even cannot finish a servant disciple up, if you kill him earlier, it would be simpler!”

In spite of his anger, Wei's face was beaming with a smile, and he greeted with hand in hand to Gu BuLao. “Brother Gu…”

But not only had Gu BuLao not seen him at all, but he was ungraciously interrupted, looking up into the void and said. “Dao TianYou, it seems you are pretty like being a look-on, right? If you do not come out, even god cannot save you!” (Dao TianYou, Tian means god, You means bless in here.)

Dao TianYou!

The name again surprised all those disciples in Seeking-Tao Sect because it was the name of the master of the sect.

As the words of Gu BuLao fell, a faint ripple rippled through the void in which his eyes were gazing, like turning to the surface of the water. A middle-aged man in robe stepped out with a wry smile on his face, he was the master of Seeking-Tao Sect, Dao TianYou.

“I was about to come out, but you interrupt me first.” said Dao TianYou hurriedly.

Seeing Dao TianYou's attitude towards Gu BuLao, people were deeply shocked again.

The master of the Seeking-Tao Sect, the most powerful people in the whole Nan Shan state, were so polite to this Gu BuLao. So who exactly he was?


“Since you have come, then you can see that today Wei ZhengYang has trespassed my Hidden Peak, and to bully the disciple, and he even wanted to kill my man. How do you want to deal with this?”

He did not even mention Jiang Yun's killing of Zheng Yuan. Instead, he blamed Wei ZhengYang for all his mistakes, which was far more than a domineering act.

This was clearly outrageous!

Wei ZhengYang's expression became worse and worse. Although his heart was filled with anger, while there was a conspiracy there, he could only endure the anger deeply and kept his smile on and said carefully. “Brother Gu, it was my bad to trespass your Hidden Peak, while there was a reason, Jiang Yun was too bold to kill my inner disciple…”

Gu BuLao again interrupted Wei ZhengYang's words. “I did not ask you, I asked Dao TianYou. Then, are you Dao TianYou, are you the master of Seeking-Tao Sect?”


Wei ZhengYang finally flew into a rage, anyhow he was the lord of Fence Peak, but now he had been humiliated by Gu BuLao for so many times, even if there were still some tolerant under his heart, but he couldn't stand it anymore and said coldly. “Gu BuLao, I trespassed Hidden Peak, it did break the rules, I can pay it, while the death of disciple Zheng Yuan, even if I can let it go, which tens of thousands of disciples will never agree!”

Now, Wei ZhengYang was very clear, he could not compete with Gu BuLao by his own power, and he could only use the power of the tens of thousands of disciples at the moment.

No matter how outrageous and wanted to cover Jiang Yun up, he dare not ignore so many disciples.

As expected, Wei ZhengYang's words again caused many disciples voice to echo.

“Yes, the lord of Hidden Peak is too rude, and reasonable, Lord Wei did nothing wrong, who should be blamed is Jiang Yun.”

“Even if you are the lord, you cannot do it like this!”

“Today, Jiang Yun must be punished severely, or we would rather quit the sect!”

The sound of discontent kept rising around them.

Suddenly, Gu BuLao turned his head, glanced under Hidden Peak sharply.

Although he was standing in the height, which was impossible for him to overlook the whole Hidden Peak, at this moment, all the disciples in Seeking-Tao Sect, even those who were still in the five peaks, clearly felt the look of Gu were watching themselves firmly.

Under this gaze, they were scared shitless and unable to move. They completely lost control of their body. It seemed that if Gu wanted, he could kill them all by his only glance.

At this moment, the public finally realized the strength and terror of him, although they did not know exactly what the realm he had reached, he was certainly much stronger than Wei ZhengYang!

After a while, Gu BuLao slowly withdrew his own eyes and slightly said. “I indeed protect my disciple, but that is because I believe my disciple, I believe that the person who is qualified to live in Hidden Peak, if not forced to, will never ignore the rules of sect!”

These words shocked all of the people under their heart, more than a few people showed understanding suddenly.

In fact, what Gu did was not cover the mistakes up, but the trust of his disciples, so no matter what the disciples did wrong, he would do his best to protect his disciples.

For Jiang Yun, these words warmed his heart, because he had never seen Gu BuLao, much less was his disciple, but only temporarily lived on Hidden Peak through the agreement of DongFang Bo, but because of trusting DongFang Bo, Gu BuLao also trusted him unconditionally.

At this moment, Jiang Yun suddenly became admired to DongFang Bo gangs, for they had such a good master.

Wei ZhengYang’s heart beat wildly. Deep in his heart, he couldn't help but put up a thought. “Did he know the whole reason of the matter, he knew Zheng Yuan was forced to death by me?”

At this time, the eyes of Gu also happened to look at Wei ZhengYang, his face showed a sarcastic smile. “You say that you want to seek justice for your disciple, but you cannot even see whether your disciple is dead or alive, what a crap of your words?”

Upon hearing this, Wei's face suddenly became as pale as paper.

“Cough!Cough!Cough!” At the same time, Dao TianYou finally coughed up a few words. “Actually, I made some small arrangements and I was prepared to secretly protect Jiang Yun, but did not expect for it to protect Zheng Yuan instead! In fact, Zheng Yuan is not dead!”