The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: Earning The Reputation

Zheng Yuan did not die!

Hearing the words from Dao TianYou, everyone was shocked, especially those who were just shouting out to drop punishment on Jiang Yun, were speechless as they looked at each other.

As for Wei ZhengYang, although he was trying his best to control his emotions, while there was still an inevitable flicker of panic showed on his face.

From the beginning to the end, he thought that Zheng Yuan was dead, and this was why he dared to stand here, to face the other lords and elders, to face Gu BuLao, even to face Dao TianYou!

But now, Dao TianYou actually said that Zheng Yuan did not die, and he naturally would never lie with his identity!

If Zheng Yuan did not die, then they had no reason to punish Jiang Yun.

Even so, Jiang Yun, who had just been on trial by many people, actually did not violate the rules and did not even make any mistakes. After all, it was Zheng Yuan who took the initiative to come to Hidden Peak to provoke him.

Thinking of this, Wei ZhengYang suddenly turned his head and looked at Zheng Yuan, who was still lying in a pool of blood.

“Yuan Er!”(Er means son, in a dress as suffix is usually used in calling younger or lover)

Wei ZhengYang stepped to Zheng Yuan's side, he hadn’t swept Zheng Yuan's body by spiritual sense until now.

Sure enough, even though Zheng Yuan had passed out of his consciousness, he still had a breath in his throat blocked by Flame-Sword. Especially in his blessed land, there were gentle ripples of spiritual power, apparently from Dao TianYou.

“Very good, you are indeed alive, let me take you to go back to be healed now!”

He waved his hand to raised Zheng Yuan's body flatly and then rushed to leave. However, Gu BuLao's voice rang out again. “Do you think you can come here and go just as your will? Besides, this man appeared first on Hidden Peak, no matter what his purpose, this trespassing is inevitable, stay here now!”

“Gu BuLao!” Wei ZhengYang turned around indignantly and angrily said. “Even if Zheng Yuan had trespassed, but he shouldn't die for this, you can rest assured that I will not cover up for him. After I go back to heal his wounds, I will personally send him to you!”

Gu BuLao didn't pay attention to Wei ZhengYang anymore, but instead looked at Dao TianYou and said. “Master, you must know the course of things better than I do, so it's better for you to say and see how things end today.”

Even if Wei ZhengYang wanted to go at this moment, but since Gu BuLao threw the trouble on Dao TianYou, he could not just turn away regardless, so he could only look at Dao TianYou with an anxious face.

Though his appearance gave everyone the impression that he was eager to go back to cure Zheng Yuan's injury, while Dao TianYou's face became serious gradually.

“Today, Zheng Yuan broke the rule so that he should be kept in Hidden Peak. However, the Hidden Peak must ensure that Zheng Yuan will not die. And any punishment should be taken after his recovery.”

Upon hearing the decision, Wei's face darkened and he was about to open his mouth to say something, but Dao TianYou looked at him coldly and stopped his intention.

Dao TianYou then looked at Jiang Yun. “Although Jiang Yun wounded Zheng Yuan in self-defense, he was still at fault for having the intention to kill Zheng Yuan, but Wei ZhengYang had already punished him. Therefore, he was punished for meditation in Hidden Peak for a month. And during this period, he was forbidden to go out of Hidden Peak.”

“Well, that's it. All of you should dismiss."

After saying this, Dao TianYou's big sleeve waved, the whole person immediately disappeared without any trace, obviously did not prepare to give Wei ZhengYang any chance to speak.

It had to be said that Dao TianYou's treatment of today's event was indeed fair. Zheng Yuan and Jiang Yun both broke the rules, but both of them were now seriously injured, so they were punished appropriately.

At this point, Wei ZhengYang knew that it was impossible for him to bring Zheng Yuan back to Fence Peak. After pondering a while, he stopped talking and put Zheng Yuan's body down. Then he turned back after glancing at Jiang Yun coldly.

Actually, what Wei ZhengYang cared about was not Zheng Yuan's death or survival. He was worried about whether Zheng Yuan would tell the truth or not if he left Zheng Yuan on Hidden Peak.

Once it was known by Gu BuLao that Zheng Yuan was actually forced to die in the hands of Jiang Yun by Wei ZhengYang, they would definitely make trouble for Fence Peak.

However, on second thought, he did not need to worry, because as long as Zheng Yuan did not want the Zheng family die, he would never dare to tell the truth.

In that case, even if Gu BuLao used soul-searching to probe the memory of Zheng Yuan, as long as Zheng Yuan would not confess, there was no need to worry.

Even Wei ZhengYang walked away without saying a word. Naturally, the other disciples gathered under Hidden Peak dared not to have any objections. They all dispersed quietly and went back to each peak.

However, everyone was aware that today Jiang Yun was the superstar.

Whether it was his amazing power to kill the cultivator in BLR, or his speed from mere mortals to the nine-level in MCR for more than ten months, it was enough to make him famous in Seeking-Tao Sect.

From now on, in this sect, his reputation and status might even surpass Fang YuXuan.

It was not hard to see from the four lords and elders who remained on Hidden Peak that they must want to take Jiang Yun as a disciple, regardless of becoming any one of them, then Jiang Yun would just like stepping into the sky.

“You four, still not going to leave?”

Gu BuLao gave the marching order unscrupulously.

The Four people looked at each other for a moment, Lan HuaZhao's face showed a wry smile and said to Jiang Yun. “Jiang Yun, as long as you want, my Rune Peak's gate will open for you at any time!”

The other three said the same thing to Jiang before they left.

Although all four clearly indicated their attitude of wanting to take Jiang Yun as a disciple, they had no idea whether he would really accept them.

After all, none of the four had done anything for Jiang Yun except that Sha JingShan had offered to rescue Jiang once, and none of the other three had said anything when Jiang had suffered several life-or-death crises.

Finally, there were only Gu and the other three disciples left on Hidden Peak, as well as Jiang Yun and the unconscious Zheng Yuan, while Gu BuLao glanced at the people around before he said slightly. “SiTu Jing, XuanYuan Xing, you two left! DongFang Bo, you take Jiang Yun and this boy to heal!”

“Yes, master!”

DongFang Bo quickly pulled over Jiang Yun. “Brother Jiang, are you alright?”

Although Jiang Yun was seriously injured, he was not worried about his life, but only losing a lot of blood. While after suffering for a while, he felt a little faint, then he shook his head and sat directly down on the ground.

“You shouldn't live in your cottage anymore, now step to my house and heal your wounds first.”

After DongFang Bo took Jiang Yun and Zheng Yuan left, Gu BuLao sat down with crossing legs, looked to XuanYuan Xing. “Your courage is really getting bigger and bigger!” Gu said coldly.


XuanYuan Xing directly fell on his knees in front of Gu BuLao and said. “I'm wrong.”

“Well, so what! The poison in your body, I cannot solve it too, it should have only be solved by the Grand Medicine Sect. While you don't need to worry about it now, I can temporarily help you suppress it for three years!”

XuanYuan Xing hurriedly again kowtows and said. “Thanks, master!”

“Get up, keep this experience in your heart in the future. If it were not for your brother and second sister arriving on time, you would have lost your life. Remember, never be so reckless in the future. Even I dare not to enter the Infinite-Hell, how would you dare!

XuanYuan Xing's mouth closed, obviously did not dare to speak.

Gu didn't blame him anymore, and turned to SiTu Jing and asked. “DongFang Bo sent a letter to me, besides telling me to rush back to save XuanYuan, another purpose should be for that Jiang Yun, right?”

“Yes,” said SiTu, nodding her head. “Jiang Yun was brought to Hidden Peak by brother. Both he and I are very attached to him and feel that he is qualified to be your disciple, master.”

Gu slowly closed his eyes and said. “To be my disciple, it is not difficult, while also not easy! Well, tell me about him first!”