The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: Six-Ring Of The Bell

Though SiTu Jing rarely spoke, she had finished telling everything about Jiang Yun after a few words. Before Gu BuLao could open his mouth, from the side, XuanYuan Xing frowned his eyebrows and said. “No Tao-Heart, no Tao-Physique, no Tao-Soul, it's really strange. Master, he is pleasing to my eyes, he seemed to be qualified to be your disciple, so that I have someone to be called Junior too!”

Gu BuLao ignored him, opened his eyes, glanced at the cottage where DongFang Bo went and said. “We shall discuss it later, well, you should go back!”

After saying this, Gu BuLao stood up, with a step, he had been out of Hidden Peak and suddenly appeared in front of Dao TianYou.

“Brother must be here for Jiang Yun, right?” Dao TianYou didn't feel curious about Gu's appearance at all.

Gu sat in front of him casually and said. “What happened to the boy during the period that DongFang Bo hadn't been here?”

Dao TianYou did not hide anything, so he said something about the re-evaluation test. “After the retest, Jiang Yun went to the Beasts forest and not only crossed the red line, but also brought back Lu XiaoYu alive.”

At this point, Dao TianYou stopped talking and looked at Gu, while the latter asked with a straight face. “Then?”

“Then, he went to the forest again, and stayed there for three months. He returned to Hidden Peak about an hour earlier than you did. After that, he hurt Zheng Yuan who in BLR, even almost killed him.”

“Three months!” Gu's face had a different expression at last, and his brow furrowed slightly. “Old Hei allowed a human to stay in the forest for so long?”

“It was not only that he was allowed to stay for three months, but the magic art that Jiang Yun performed was a bit similar to the art of Cloud-Sky White Mist-Earth. By the way, he is from The Mang Mountains.”

Gu BuLao fell silent after hearing that and not until a long time later when he said. “What do you think of this person?”

Dao TianYou showed a strange smile and said. “Hey hey, to tell you the truth, I’m feeling a little excited, if you don't want to accept him, that I will do, after all, you also know, I looked for a long time for a succession of the sect!”

“Then keep looking!”

Gu BuLao stood up and was just about to leave, but Dao TianYou said again. “In more than a month, the Samsara-Sect should come here.”

The figure of Gu paused a bit, then said without returning head. “Their purpose is the No-Returning Road, while I cannot take part in the matter to do with No-Returning Road. Why are you telling this to me?”

“Cough!” Dao TianYou coughed hard and said. “Of course you don't need to meddle in it. I mainly hope that Jiang Yun's wound will get better. I heard that they had a new disciple not long ago. It is said that he is the top in MCR, Jiang Yun may counter with him.”

“Hum!” Gu BuLao flicked his sleeve, then his figure disappeared, while his cold hum voice still echoed in the cave.


Ten days had passed since the battle between Jiang Yun and Zheng Yuan and these ten days were definitely the most comfortable days for Jiang Yun.

Because his injuries were caused by Wei ZhengYang's invisible Sword Energy, ordinary Dan medicine did not work at all. Even his physical strength could not be healed for a short time, and plus to DongFang Bo's strict rules prevented him from going out.

Although he could not get out of bed, Jiang Yun was certainly not going to idle, especially after he had seen the strength of cultivators in BLR, which made him even more eager to be stronger.

Now he was in the nine-level of MCR, and the next thing he needed to face was the first big threshold on cultivation, to enter the BLR!

He had inquired about it from DongFang Bo of course, but most of the time DongFang Bo was silent, leaving him to wait until the wound had healed. While he could do nothing but practiced the Cloud-Sky White Mist-Earth.

In the days of recovering from his injuries, Lu XiaoYu would visit Jiang Yun every day and would not leave after coming to the cottage, almost every time was forced to leave by Jiang Yun.

Originally, Jiang Yun was afraid that Lu XiaoYu would stay here for too long, which would delay her training and make Sha JingShan unhappy. But later he knew that this arrangement was made by Sha JingShan.

Sha JingShan hoped that Lu XiaoYu could have more contact with Jiang Yun. In that case, perhaps Jiang Yun still had a chance to be his disciple.

Naturally, Jiang Yun also knew that the lords and elders, such as Sha JingShan, even Lan HuaZhao, wanted to accept himself as a disciple, but he had already had the master in his heart--Gu BuLao!

Because he would always remember the words of Gu BuLao --I indeed protect my disciples, but that is because I believe in my disciples!

It is a matter of pride for anyone to have such a master, so Jiang Yun made up his mind that he would go to kowtow on Gu BuLao as a disciple as soon as he recovered from his injuries.

This day, Lu XiaoYu came again, but today's Lu XiaoYu was obviously a little different from the usual.

When Jiang Yun pressed her again and again to leave, Lu finally spoke out her mind--Liu Xin was dead, dead in the Beasts forest!

Liu Xin, a servant disciple of Beasts Peak, was also Lu's friend. If he had not told Jiang about Lu's cheating on the task by Fang RuoLin, Lu XiaoYu would have died in the Beasts forest.

Hearing this news, Jiang Yun was shocked at first, but then he reacted. The death of Liu Xin must be the secret attack by Fang RuoLin or Wei ZhengYang.

Originally Jiang Yun thought that the enmity between him and Wei ZhengYang and others was finally over, but unexpectedly they still refused to give up, while they could not do anything to him so they took out their anger on the people he knew.

But the people he knew was so little in Seeking-Tao Sect, besides DongFang Bo and others, only Liu Xin and Lu XiaoYu, now since Liu Xin already dead, so next...

Looking at Jiang Yun's gloomy face, Lu XiaoYu clearly understood his worry and forced herself into a smile. “Brother Yun, you don't have to worry about me. Master will protect me, plus no one is dared enough to do anything to me as long as I'm within the sect.”

Jiang nodded and said. “Remember, no matter what, do not leave the sect.”

“I know!”

For a moment they were both in silence, neither of them speaking, until the chiming of the chimes suddenly woke them up.

The bell rang six times in total, and without waiting for the two people to understand what had happened, the voice of Sha JingShan immediately came. “XiaoYu, hurry back!”

Lu didn't dare to delay, but said goodbye to Jiang and left in a hurry.

When Lu XiaoYu had just left, DongFang Bo came in, and Jiang Yun asked quickly. “Brother, what happened in sect?”

The look of DongFang Bo was unexpectedly solemn and said. “The bell rang six times, representing that there are some guests!”

“Guests? Who are they?”