The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: Mountain-Sea And Great-Wilderness

Samsara Sect!

Hearing these two words, Jiang Yun's body was slightly shocked, and his eyes suddenly flashed a cold light!

Although Jiang Yun had never entered Samsara Sect, while the name itself had been deeply engraved in his mind for a long time. Because his mortal enemy -- Feng WuJi, was in Samsara Sect.

As for Samsara Sect, Jiang Yun had no knowledge of it until he came to Seeking-Tao Sect.

Samsara Sect, located in West Mountain, was the same as Seeking-Tao Sect, a sect for cultivators to cultivate.

While Seeking-Tao Sect only accepted the disciples from the human race clan, it absolutely would not receive the disciples of other groups, but Samsara Sect did not have this limitation, as long as they had the talent to cultivate, no matter what species, they would accept them.

This naturally led to the extremely complicated situation in Samsara Sect, and the resource competition among the disciples was also extremely cruel and fierce, all decided by the power, even killing was allowed.

Although many sects were ashamed of the practice by Samsara Sect, while they had to admit that in such a chaotic environment brought up many disciples that were indeed more powerful than other sects.

The power of the strength naturally caused an arrogance and overbearing to the disciples of Samsara Sect itself, to some traveling cultivators, as long as they met the Samsara Sect's disciples, would basically stay away from them and only a few dared to provoke.

But Jiang Yun really did not understand why Samsara Sect would come to Seeking-Tao Sect?

“Because of the No-Returning Road!”

“No-Returning Road?”

“Well!” DongFang Bo's face was still with his solemn face, looking at the southwest direction. “I think you should not know it yet, this world where we live, called Mountain-Sea World! And the earth under our feet is actually only an island!”

“Mountains and seas!” Jiang Yun suddenly sat up from the bed, his face showed how shocked he was, then he asked. “An island?”

“An island so big you that can't even imagine! This island is called Five-Mountain, because there are five huge mountains on the island, which are named after the five directions. Our Seeking-Tao Sect is located in South Mountain. While out of the island, there is a sea which we call Boundary Sea!”

“The Boundary Sea is even larger, divided into the inner sea and the outer sea, endless, it is said that as long as you can cross the Boundary Sea, you can reach another world--Great Wilderness!”

“It's just that the Boundary Sea is truly a dangerous place, and there are some unknown existences, contains many kinds of powerful species, such as the Sea-Clan.”

“Through the ages, a number of powerful men have set foot onto the Boundary Sea, but most have never come back, and we do not know whether they really arrived in the Great-Wilderness or were buried under the sea.”

The calm narration by DongFang Bo seemed to slowly unfold a magnificent picture before Jiang Yun. It made him see a big island with five huge mountains, surrounded by a vast ocean.

With the sea as the boundary, on one side was the Mountain-Sea World, on the other side was a world named Great-Wilderness.

“Well, what is the No-Returning Road then?”

“That's a long story!” DongFang Bo’s expression suddenly turned grave and even had a hint of worry in it. “Although it seems that our life is peaceful, in fact, all of our lives on Five-Mountain Island are always living on the edge of danger.”

These words made Jiang Yun more confused, but he did not immediately ask. He knew DongFang Bo's temper, and now that he had told him this, he would likely explain it in detail.

“Because of the Boundary Sea is annexing our Five-Mountain island bit by bit, especially for the recent thousands of years, the rate of annexation increased suddenly, and according to a number of big-shots, it won't be long before the island vanished, maybe one thousand, maybe one hundred, maybe even ten years, the whole Five-Mountain island will completely be swallowed by the sea. At that time, there will be no longer mountains in Mountain-Sea World, only the sea."

At this point, DongFang Bo stopped talking and gasped for breath for a long time before he continued. “If this day really comes, let alone mortals, even those of us who are cultivators, even in SRR, I am afraid that they will all die. For all the life on Five-Mountain Island, it will be a complete disaster!”

Jiang Yun's breathing became ragged and heavy. These things that DongFang Bo said to him had never crossed his mind, but he knew that DongFang Bo would not deceive him.

He never cared about death, but he cared about the Mang Mountains, he cared about the village, he did not want his loved ones to die in the sea one day.

“Is there no way of stopping this? The strong men on Five-Mountain Island are uncountable like clouds, surely they won't only wait for their doom?”

DongFang Bo nodded and said. “In fact, thousands of years ago, all the big sects of Five-Mountain Island began to seek solutions, and they really found a feasible way to open up a road to Great Wilderness over the Boundary Sea!”

“Is it No-Returning Road?” interrupted Jiang Yun.

“Right, No-Returning Road!” DongFang Do nodded once again and said. “Only the cultivators are qualified to open up the road. So every sect must send some people to work for it.”

Although Jiang Yun had never seen the sea and did not know how dangerous it was, according to the simple description of DongFang Bo, he could imagine that it would be extremely difficult to carve out a path to another world on it.

“No-Returning Road, nine-tenths of the people who enter won’t be able to return! No matter which clan or sect, once they are sent there, there is basically no returning for them, so over time, no one is willing to go, but under the circumstances, the big sects can only decide who goes and who doesn't by competition.”

Jiang Yun frowned and said. “Competition?”

“Well, all the big sects and clans on the island draw lots every five years, and compete in pairs. The winner does not even need to send a man, but the loser must send their disciples to the sea. If he does not go, he will be the enemy of all the cultivators. While this time our rival is Samsara Sect!”

Jiang Yun finally understood that although he clearly knew that to open up the No-Returning Road is a thing that benefits hundreds of millions of lives, but to sacrifice his own life for others, few people could actually do it. While the road had to be built, by doing this was the only way that could send men compulsively.

“Can we win this time?”

DongFang Bo did not immediately answer, but looked at Jiang Yun deeply and shook his head. “Hard!”

“No?” Jiang Yun confused. “We have Fang YuXuan, Xiao YiShu, and there are various lords and elders? Aren't they all powerful?”

“Those who take part in the competition can only be disciples in MCR! While inside our sect, the disciple in MCR, apart from you, I really can't think of anyone else can participate!” Explained DongFang Do.


Jiang Yun jumped to his feet and said. “Then I will participate!”

Although Jiang Yun did not like the sect at all, he was still the disciple of Seeking-Tao Sect, so he was willing to stand up for the sect in this combat.

But DongFang Bo shook his head and said. “You will be really there, only because the time agreed with Samsara Sect was more than 20 days later, but we didn't expect that Samsara Sect to come so early, but now you are still injured. Your whole body is not completely stable. Samsara Sect's disciple is extremely cruel. You mustn't go!”

Jiang Yun still wanted to open his mouth, but DongFang Bo did not give him a chance to speak at all. “What's more, they have acquired a new disciple this time, who is highly qualified. He is called the first place in MCR. With him, even if you are at the top, it's hard to win him.”

“The first place in MCR? What's his name?”

“Feng WuJi!”