The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: Ten-Level In MCR

If Jiang Yun did care about this competition before, he stood up resolutely when he heard the name Feng WuJi, with an expression of extreme firmness, “I want to participate!”

Between Jiang Yun and Feng WuJi, although it was still four years away from the day when they agreed to fight for life and death, now that they had met, Jiang Yun did not want to avoid him.

As for the matter of Feng WuJi being called the first person in MCR, Jiang Yun did not care about it at all. At that time, Feng WuJi was no match for him. Now he was equally sure to defeat Feng WuJi.

Looking at Jiang Yun's firm attitude, there was a little doubt in DongFang Bo's eyes, but he did not ask many questions. Instead, he said slightly, “I know you have confidence in yourself, and I have confidence in you, too. While do you know why he is called the first one in MCR?”

“I don't know.”

“Because he...”

At this moment, a loud crash suddenly sounded and interrupted DongFang Bo's words. DongFang Bo was surprised and said with a smile, “The contest has already begun. Although you can't go, it doesn't bad to let you see it.”

When his voice fell, a bronze mirror about 3 square meters appeared in front of Jiang Yun.

Although Jiang Yun was still thinking about DongFang Bo's unfinished words, his eyes were involuntarily drawn to the scene in the mirror.

On top of the unknown mountain, there was a huge platform, in the middle of which two figures were fighting fiercely. One of them was Fang RuoLin, while the huge sound just now was come from an Explosion-Rune of her.

On both sides of the platform, there were dozens of people standing, one of whom from Seeking-Tao Sect, the other was naturally from Samsara-Sect. Although the number of people from Seeking-Tao Sect was not large, the five lords and Dao TianYou were all there. Obviously, they valued this matter very much.

Among the disciples, besides Fang RuoLin, who was combating, there were seven or eight others. Jiang Yun knew only Wu Shang in there.

DongFang Bo explained, “The competition takes two wins in three games, while the only chance we have is Wu Shang, but Wu Shang and Feng WuJi is the last round. If we lose two games first, he even has no chance on the stage.”

Jiang Yun's gaze skimmed over everyone until he saw a feminine young man standing opposite the platform.

A pair of beautiful slanting eyes and face showed no cover of disdain--Feng WuJi!

It was not hard to see that today's Feng WuJi although a bit more mature than a year ago, while there was not much change in the character.

At this moment he did not even look at the two people who were competing, but with his hands behind him, looking up at the sky, a lofty attitude, as if what was happening here had nothing to do with him.

Looking at Feng WuJi, Jiang Yun could not help recalling the scenes when he first met him. Although it was only a year later, it felt like a long time had passed. Both he and Feng had left the familiar Mang Mountains and respectively entered the cultivation sect.

Oneself already by a mortal, became the cultivator of nine-level in MCR, while Feng had been called the first one in MCR.

Suddenly, there was another loud noise, which interrupted Jiang's thoughts.

The two men in the match had already ended. Fang RuoLin fell to the ground pale and there was blood in her mouth. The sable laid on her body and was covered with blood.

Apparently, she lost.

There was no surprise on either side of the result, except that the faces of the crowd in Seeking-Tao Sect were more somber.

A disciple came forward to support Fang RuoLin, then, Dao TianYou and an elder with long eyebrow in Samsara Sect, each pointed out the next disciple for the match.

Dao TianYou pointed to a man of medium height, but at this moment, Wu Shang suddenly jumped out of the crowd, standing in the middle of the platform, and reached out one hand to Feng WuJi and said, “You!”

The rashness of Wu Shang and his provocative action made everyone a little surprised, but soon they came to their senses, especially Peng Shou, the lord of Five-Elements Peak, shook his head with a wry smile.

He knew his disciple too well that he was extremely warlike, and only liked to challenge the strong.

Needless to say, Wu Shang also saw that the odds of Seeking-Tao Sect was not good in this competition, probably he did not have the opportunity to combat, so he stood out first, and named the challenge to Feng WuJi.

Although Wu Shang did a little break the rules, the lords and Dao TianYou did not stop, as for the elder of Samsara Sect said with a smile, “Since that is, it's ok!”

Feng WuJi just took back the sight, stared at Wu Shang, and lightly said, “I need only 50 percent strength to fight with you!”

Hearing this apparently disparaging remark, there was no response for Wu Shang, but Jiang Yun's face showed a sneer. At that time, Feng WuJi said similar words to himself.

With those two finally standing in the center of the platform, Feng WuJi's hand was still carrying behind, said casually, “You go first!”

Then Wu Shang stretched out two fingers, lift up gently, just hearing “Boom, boom', the earth suddenly crackled, a stone thorn stretched out from inside, it directly thrust toward Feng WuJi.

With a wave of his hand, a gust of breeze blew over Feng WuJi's hair and it crossed through the stone thorn, then the stone thorn was silently broken in a moment.


Jiang Yun shouted these two words in his heart, and he had to admit that, the power of the blade was much stronger than a year ago. And it's almost invisible.

The stone thorn had broken, while Wu Shang and no panic, raised his hand again, and a ball of flame the size of a millstone flew out, while with a roar hit Feng WuJi.

Feng WuJi was still waving gently with one hand in the air, but suddenly there was a whirlwind, caught up with the huge fireball, and rushed towards Wu Shang.

Wu Shang stepped back, with his hands waving swift as the strong wind, then he took a strange pose in his hand.

Along with this posture's appearance, everyone's ear suddenly spread 'tick-tock', and they saw there unexpectedly were numerous water drops in front of Wu Shang, dense, endless, as if formed a water wall.


The cyclone that caught the fireball struck hard on the water wall, while the scorching heat and violent wind immediately scattered and evaporated all the water drops, and the rest of the force did not decrease, then continued to Wu Shang.


Although the water wall had been blocked off most of the force, while Wu Shang still back a few steps, not easy to just stand still, a muffled hum in his mouth. He swallowed the blood about to gush.

Seeing this, Jiang Yun's eyes narrowed slightly and said, “Wu Shang is no match to Feng WuJi. I don't know what the state of Wu Shang is now, but in terms of the number of spiritual power, he is obviously not as good as Feng WuJi.”

DongFang Bo said, “The state of Wu Shang and you are the same, nine-level in MCR!”

“Nine?” Jiang Yun dazed then asked, “That even if Feng WuJi is also nine-level in MCR, the spiritual power's quantity should not be so big different!”

In fact, Jiang Yun had more spiritual power than his fellow cultivators, but that was because his meridians were larger than others. However, he did not believe that the meridians of Feng WuJi were the same as his own, so he was a little confused about the current situation.

DongFang Bo slightly looked at him and said, “Feng is not nine.”

“No? That's even more nonsense! Is he in BLR...”

“He is indeed in MCR, ten-level!”