The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: Rules In Every Realm

The tenth level in MCR!

On hearing this, Jiang Yun's pupil constricted.

Although it is said that there are 12 meridians in a human body, out of which only nine of it could be opened.

Because cultivation is said to go against the world’s rules, and nine is the threshold number, therefore, all the realms of cultivation are subdivided into nine subdivisions.

During these ten days, as he had nothing to do, Jiang Yun tried to inject his spiritual power into those three meridians to see if he could connect with them. However, he found that despite all his efforts, the spiritual power could not enter those three meridians.

There seemed to be an invisible barrier blocking the three meridians, and preventing the spiritual power to enter.

In order to find the cause for this, he went to look out for DongFang Bo, and DongFang Bo's explanation was that nine is the maximum limit permitted by the Tao, so the spiritual power could enter these nine meridians, but beyond nine, which is beyond the limit, Dai has the power of law which prevents cultivators’ spiritual energy from entering the last three meridians.

To summarize, Tao does not allow one to exceed the ninth level.

However, the current Feng WuJi had reached the tenth level in MCR, which surprised Jiang Yun, but at the same time, he couldn't get himself to believe it. He couldn't help asking, “How did he do it?”

“External forces, or rather, the forces that do not belong to this world, forced the opening of his tenth meridian!”

“Power that does not belong in this world?” Jiang Yun said with a little confusion, “The power of Great Wilderness?"

“Buddha said, one flower; one world. In fact, it is not that there is only a single realm, there are endless realms in the world.”

“Each realm has its rules, it is called god among mortals, Tao among cultivators.”

“Although the world we live in does not allow one to cultivate beyond ninth level, and no force in this world is allowed to break through the tenth meridian, but if you can find forces that are not part of this world, you can still get through.”

Jiang Yun was shocked yet again. “That is to say, as long as we find the power that does not belong to this world, we can open up ten or even 12 meridians to reach the twelve-level in MCR?”

DongFang Bo shook his head and said, “It's not as easy as you think it is! A single kind of force which does not belong to this world can only break through one meridian, and to break through all the twelve meridians it requires at least three different kinds of forces that do not belong to this world.”

At this point, the DongFang Bo reached out his hand to point at the mirror and said, “Samsara Sect is a powerful sect, additionally Feng WuJi is talented, so his master specially used an extraterrestrial stone, with the help of the force of stars, to open up the tenth meridian.”

Jiang Yun took a deep breath to suppress the raging waves in his heart. Now he finally understood why Feng WuJi was called the first person in MCR.

Cultivators in MCR can only practice up to the ninth level of the realm, whereas Feng WuJi cultivated a realm higher than any other cultivator in MCR, so naturally, he would be invincible among all the cultivators in MCR.

After thinking about it, Jiang Yun asked, “Even if he is invincible in the whole realm, if he reaches the BLR, he will no longer have this advantage, right?”

“No! Strictly speaking, cultivators in BLR are real cultivators, and the MCR is only the foundation before being a cultivator, and stronger the foundation; higher the height one can achieve in the future! It sounds as if Feng WuJi is only a level higher in MCR, but in his cultivation, this realm is forever improved, even in the future when he enters BLR, or SRR, this advantage still exists.”

When DongFang Bo saw that Jiang Yun still seemed to be a little confused, he went on to explain, “In other words, he would always have an advantage, when compared with his fellow cultivators, in terms of spiritual power. But don't underestimate this point. The higher realm you reach; the more powerful you get. It can make a humongous difference in the future.”

Jiang Yun nodded while he understood.

If the spiritual power capacity of a cultivator in the first level of BLR can be counted as one hundred, then when he enters BLR as a tenth level in MCR, the spiritual power he could contain could be a hundred and one, a hundred and two, or even more than that.

And these extra numbers’ significance increases with the improvement of one’s cultivation realm.

“Besides!” DongFang Bo said, “It is said that if one were to open up the meridians with the power that does not belong to this world, he could obtain a special ability.”

“What kind of special abilities?”

DongFang Bo said with shrug, “I did not get through the tenth meridian, I just heard! But if Wu Shang is strong enough, we can know about it soon.”

At this moment, the battle between Wu Shang and Feng WuJi was clearly drawing to a close, and the result was easy to guess from the fact that the faces of all the people in Seeking-Tao Sect, which were gloomy to the utmost.

Although Wu Shang’s technical qualifications and accomplishments were exceptional, he was still lacking in power to face off Feng WuJi, who in the tenth level of MCR.

It was not so long since they started but Wu Shang was pale and bleeding, while Feng WuJi was still calm, and there was no change even in the contemptuous smile on his face.

“Five-elements into Tao!”

As soon as these four words left Wu Shang's mouth, five lights of different colors suddenly appeared on the platform. There was a sword, a vine, a drop of water, a flame and a piece of soil.

These five lights appeared as if they had their own consciousness. They were joined head to tail, forming a huge round wheel that kept turning.

The appearance of this wheel made audiences’ faces change slightly. Even Jiang Yun, who was separated by the bronze mirror, could feel the horrible power contained in that wheel.

At every turn of the wheel, its inherent power would double.

DongFang Bo’s eyes shone, as he blurted out, “Brilliant! Unexpectedly, Wu Shang has found his Tao!”

As for Feng WuJi, the smile on his face finally converged, staring at the wheel that flew slowly toward him, he suddenly lifted his hand and pointed to his own eyebrow.


Above Feng WuJi’s eyebrow, a circular mark appeared, its’ inside shot a ray of light, which impressively turned into a fuzzy figure.

From a distance, the figure, though indistinct, had the same circular mark in the middle of its brow, and was speckled with starlight throughout, as if it were made of starlight.

“Tao Doppelganger!”

With a cry of surprise, the faces of the crowd changed again, and DongFang Bo even gasped for breath, “The power of the stars outside our world to open his tenth meridian, actually can let him have the power of the stars to form Tao Doppelganger! That should be the special ability that comes with it!”

Jiang Yun's heart was also pounding, looking at the reflection of the figure of starlight with a solemn light in his eyes.

He did not know what Tao Doppelganger was, but his keen senses told him that the threat of Tao Doppelganger was far greater than the wheels formed by the forces of five elements.

Furthermore, he could be more clearly aware that, currently, he was no longer match to Feng WuJi.

'Stop it! We lost!”

On the platform, seeing that the starlight figure and the five elements wheel were about collided head-on, the lord of Five-Elements Peak--Peng Shou appeared before Wu Shang, directly open his mouth to admit defeat.

Obviously, he knew very well that, although the five-element wheel was very strong, it was very fragile in the face of Tao Doppelganger. If the two did clash, it would result in severe injury or even death to Wu Shang, so in order to prevent it, he had to intervene.

Hearing Peng Shou's words, the figure immediately dissipated, returning to Feng WuJi’s eyebrow of, reverting back to the circular mark, and the contempt on Feng WuJi’s face multiplied, he gave a cold smile, “Too weak!”

Although his attitude was too arrogant, the people in Seeking-Tao Sect had no words to argue, even Wu Shang was defeated. Samsara Sect was too strong.

Dao TianYou stepped out of the crowd, bowed to the elder and said, “We lost this time, three days later, we will send people to build No-Returning Road in the Boundary Sea!”