The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: Questions And Answers

Most disciples in Seeking-Tao Sect had no idea that there had been a match with the Samsara Sect and their sect had lost the match, as such it would have to send a group of cultivators to No-Returning Road after three days, and the possibility that the group would return is minuscule.

Naturally, they would also not know that the world they live in was about to be destroyed, and this was agreed upon by the majority of the upper echelons of big sects.

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

However, for Jiang Yun, who witnessed the competition from the start and knew what was going to happen in due course, his heart became unsettled.

In particular, Feng WuJi’s strength was rapidly increasing, increasing the burden on his mind.

It had to be said that the amazing power of the tenth level in MCR and Tao Doppelganger formed by the power of stars had a great impact on Jiang Yun, which made him obsessively think about improving his strength.

And this obsession, three days later when Lu XiaoYu arrived, had finally reached a peak, which felt as if it was going to explode his head.

“Brother Yun, I have to leave the sects for a while to carry out a mission, and I don't know how long it will take before I return, also I don't know where I will go. But you don’t worry, this time I am going along with master, there still are a hundred of elder brothers and elder sisters to act together, so there won't be any danger.”

“Moreover, it was the master's initiative to propose it to the master of the sect, because as long as we finish the task, all of us can get rich rewards from the master after returning.”

Looking at Lu XiaoYu in front of him, Jiang Yun's heart felt as if being pierced by ten thousand swords. He wanted to cry out in pain.

Lu XiaoYu didn't know where they would go, but Jiang Yun knew!

No-Returning Road, from where one would hardly return!

As for why it was Sha JingShan who brought Lu XiaoYu and a group of disciples to go to No-Returning Road, Jiang Yun was clear.

It was because of Wei ZhengYang, or in other words, it was because of him!

Wei ZhengYang still did not dare to attack Jiang Yun, but he diverted his attention to Sha JingShan and Lu XiaoYu. He must have used some despicable means to force Sha JingShan into making such a decision.

Otherwise, as an elder, Sha JingShan must have known the dangers of No-Returning Road, and would not take the initiative to go there!

Although Jiang Yun wanted Lu to stay, he also knew that it was impossible to do so with his current identity and strength.

Even Sha JingXhan couldn't compete with Wei ZhengYang, let alone himself.

Even if he could let her stay, but without the protection of Sha JingShan, Lu XiaoYu's situation in Seeking-Tao Sect might be even more dangerous, and Sha JingShan was bound to think of this, so he had to take Lu XiaoYu with him.

“Brother Yun, I have a pen here, it's was left behind by my mother for me, I am afraid that it’ll lose out there during the mission, so I wanted to ask you to keep it safe for me.”

“Brother Yun, I shall take my leave, you take good care of your health, wait for me to come back. By that time, I’ll become stronger, the then we don't have to worry about other people humiliating us again.”

Jiang Yun never hated his weakness and his humbleness as much as he did at this moment, he hated it so much that he could not even say a word. He could only see the figure’s back, who was walking away. His hands were clenched into fists, and his nails deeply pierced into the flesh, with blood trickling down slowly.

“Wei ZhengYang, in this life, I must kill you!”

Jiang Yun rushed out of the door and came to DongFang Bo’s room. “Brother, can you take me to the lord?"

DongFang Bo looked at Jiang Yun's blood dripping from his hands. His eyes narrowed a bit and he nodded slightly. Without saying a word, he got up and went out.

Standing in front of Gu BuLao, Jiang Yun was about to kneel down as soon as he could. However, Gu BuLao who kept his eyes closed reached out his hand. While a gentle power kept Jiang Yun standing.

“Why are you kneeling to me?”

“I want to worship you as a disciple!”

“Why do you want to worship me?”

“I want to be stronger!”

“Why do you want to get stronger?”

“I want to protect the people I care about!”

After these three questions and answers, Gu BuLao finally opened his eyes, staring at Jiang Yun, he no longer spoke.

Under the gaze of Gu BuLao, Jiang Yun again had the feeling that everything in his body was seen through. However, he did not dodge, he just stood there and waited silently.

DongFang Bo, who stood by the side, several times wanted to say something, but looking at Gu BuLao, who was staring at Jiang Yun, he did not dare to speak.

Not far away, XuanYuan Xing and SiTu Jing were also standing there, looking at Gu BuLao and Jiang Yun with nervous expressions.

For a while, the whole Hidden Peak's time seemed to have come to a halt, everything turned static, with only the five silent figures.

After a long while, Gu BuLao finally opened mouth again, “My Tao is not compatible with your Tao, I can't accept you as a disciple!”

Although Jiang Yun did not completely understand what he meant, he did not even know the Tao he pursued and why it was inconsistent with the Gu BuLao’s Tao, but on hearing this, his heart went cold.

However, Gu BuLao continued, “But, since you are standing in front of me right now, you and I are brought together by fate, so, I can accept you as a disciple!”

Jiang Yun's heart, which had just cooled down, suddenly became hot with a happy face. He just wanted to kneel down again, but Gu BuLao waved his hand and said, “I have a condition. If you can accomplish it, then I will accept you as a disciple. If you can't, then...”

Jiang Yun nodded quickly and said, “I will do my best!”

“Before you enter BLR, rush through the five peaks!”

Jiang Yun was no stranger to running through the five peaks, it was a shortcut for all those who wanted to become inner disciples. That was to say, one has to choose a peak among the five peaks and run through it with their own strength.

Although Jiang Yun never tried it, he had confidence in accomplishing it, but Gu BuLao seemed to know what he was thinking. He said in a subtle way, “What I said was, make it through five peaks, not just one!”

“What!” He did not wait for Jiang Yun to speak, XuanYuan Xing already cannot help but shout aloud, “Master, five peaks, each of which is the foundation of our sect, the difficulty is too high even for the cultivators in BLR, you are asking brother Jiang to pass through all five peaks, this...”

“If he can't do it, then not to talk about being stronger, don’t even think of cultivating!”

After he said this, his eyes closed, the sleeves swung, accompanied by a gust of wind, his whole figure immediately disappeared.

On the top of Hidden Peak, Jiang Yun turned his head and looked toward DongFang Bo. He said, “Brother, what does it mean to run through five peaks?”

DongFang Bo gave a wry smile and said, “About this, I can tell you something about your third brother, in his first attempt he ran through each of five peaks, although he failed in all, he gained some experience.”

“Third brother failed in every peak?!”

Jiang Yun was stunned. Although he had no idea about the strength of his third brother, he knew that the latter didn't even care Wei ZhengYang. And yet he failed to run through five peaks during his first attempt. Then could he succeed?

XuanYuan Xing sighed, “Come with me, brother Jiang, I will tell you how hard it is to rush through five peaks!”