The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: Road Under His Feet

“As I have just said, the five peaks in Seeking-Tao Sect, each of which is the foundation of the sect, and this foundation is the most powerful force we have.”

“While each peak owns a special magic tool, like the Chop-Sky Sword in Fence Peak. On challenging to rush through the peak, one has to walk through this sword, don't underestimate this sword, it is said that the ancestors of the sect had literally used it to cut the sky, the meaning of sword is still surging inside it. In my first attempt, I walked nine-tenths through the sword.”

“And Beasts Peak owns a drawing called “Unreal-Beast Map”, the requirement of nature, that is, in this drawing, there is a whole world inside, with numerous fierce beasts, and few monster beasts, having strength higher than that of the normal beasts, and equivalent to that of cultivators in BLR. Although the monster beasts' strength will be suppressed when you enter it, it is still dangerous.”

“The magic tool of Rune Peak is a Celestial Rune, and there is a celestial soldier in it. Its cultivation realm will remain the same as your realm, but the celestial soldier is said to be a strong person from another world with strong fighting capability.”


While XuanYuan Xing gave a detailed explanation of the five peaks to Jian Yun, Dao TianYou was looking at Gu BuLao and said, “Are you really so optimistic about this boy?”

“It is not that I appreciate him, but the timing of his presence is too coincidental. I'm afraid we don't have much time. While he's got something we both cannot see through, so let him give it a try.”

Dao TianYou nodded thoughtfully and said, “It is probable that he may fail. But if he does, we don't know whether it is his fate or a disaster for him!”

“Fortune or misfortune, is his own choice, you and I do not have to worry about it.”

“That's also a point, but...” Dao TianYou looked Gu BuLao sideways, “With his present strength, it is impossible for him to break through the five peaks. Aren't you going to help him?”

Gu BuLao did not answer, but with a turn of the wrist, a palm-size golden ball suddenly appeared in his hand, Dao TianYou’s gaze immediately fixed onto the ball, slight envy displaying in his eyes.

Gu BuLao did not pay any attention to his gaze, and after playing with the ball of light for a while, he opened his mouth, “It took me a long time to get this Thunderbolt-Ball, but I couldn’t use it. It is a pity that it's just gathering dust!”

“But!” He closed his palm, then spread out, it was empty, the golden ball has disappeared, “It is on the premise that he can take his first step!”

“You’re still forcing it!” Dao TianYou took back his gaze with reluctance. “With his current level, if there is no help from others, not to mention taking the first step, he wouldn’t even know where the road is!”

Gu BuLao closed his eyes, “Road is at his feet!”


Jiang Yun returned to his house, which had been rebuilt. Instead of practicing or lying down, he just sat quietly on the ground.

From XuanYuan Xing, he had already known about each of the five peaks, and also the difficulty to clear it. f he wanted to rush through all the five peaks, even if he had the strength that far surpassed the strength of the cultivators in the same realm, it would still be impossible to accomplish it.

Although they put forward some suggestions, like the simplest one was to look for runes, magic tools, and pet beasts. In simple words, to bring all possible kind of things that can help one to improve one’s strength, even by a little.

But where could he go to find these things?

Things such as rune, magic tools, pet beast, and so on, are all valuables, let alone himself, even most of the inner disciples could hardly have any of them.

“The only thing I could look for is to refine some pills and, with the help of the black stone, I can increase the effect of pills to the extreme.”

“I would need materials to make pills. Even if brother Hei can supply me, I can't ask him, for it, forever!”

“So there is only one way!”

Jiang Yun thought of the Tao Doppelganger of Feng WuJi that was emitting a bit of starlight, with his both fists clenched he said, “The tenth level of MCR!”

“If I could get through the tenth meridian, or even the eleventh or twelfth, then I might be able to do it. After all, the master's condition for me is to cross the five peaks before I reach BLR.”

Thinking of this, Jiang Yun got up, pushed open the door and went out. He wanted to ask DongFang Bo whether he could find the power that does not belong to this world.

When he came to DongFang Bo's residence, he was surprised to find that XuanYuan Xing and second sister were already present.

They were not even surprised on his arrival, they had apparently guessed he would come.

Just when Jiang Yun greeted them one by one, and was about to speak, DongFang Bo smiled and said, “Jiang Yun, sit down first. We have something to say to you.”

Waiting until Jiang Yun sat down, DongFang Bo took out a ring and handed it to him and said, “Jiang brother, I am ashamed to say that the three of us don't care much about the worldly possessions, especially me and your second sister, so there are not many valuables from us, most of the contents of this ring, belong to your third brother, take it!”

“The things inside although are not valuable, but they can be somewhat helpful for your test.”

As he heard these words, Jiang Yun was dazed, looking at this storage ring before him, warmth rose from the bottom of his heart, he sniffed, as his eyes turned blurry.

It had nothing to do with them, except for being a little closer to DongFang Bo, and spoke a few words with SiTu Jing, there was no interaction between him and XuanYuan Xing, yet they were so good to him.

Although Gu BuLao had yet to accept him as a disciple, they were treating him as a brother; as a family.

Therefore, they were trying their best to help him cross the five peaks.

Things in this ring may not worth much, but it must be all they could afford.

After rubbing his nose, Jiang took a deep breath and said, “Brother, sister, I appreciate your kindness, but I can't accept these things!”

SiTu Jing walked up to him, grabbed the ring, and pushed it directly into Jiang's hand. “Just take it, don’t speak nonsense.”

XuanYuan Xing also said, “If you can successfully cross five peaks, and become our junior brother, then these are nothing.”

With the ring in his hand, Jiang Yun did not dare to speak or even thank them, as he was afraid that tears would fall out.

But he knew that since then, apart from Jiang village and Lu XiaoYu, his heart now had three more people that he would care about.

“All right!” DongFang Bo smiled and patted Jiang Yun lightly on his shoulder. “What do you think about the test?”

Jiang Yun took a deep breath. He carefully put the ring away and calmed his emotions for a while before opening his mouth to speak out his thoughts, “I want to get through the last three meridians!”