The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 74

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Chapter 74: Friendship Is Priceless

The three of them were not too surprised by Jiang's idea, but they all shook their heads slightly because it was no less difficult than crossing the five peaks.

DongFang Bo was the first to speak, “In the Mountain-Sea World, whether we humans absorb spiritual power; or demon races absorb the moonlight energy; or dead ghosts absorb the death power, or even the power in Dan medicine, all belong to this world, so they can't break the rules, to get through the rest of the three meridians.”

“As for those things which contain the power of other worlds, they cannot be encountered casually. Even with such a huge sect like Samsara Sect, I am afraid that there is only one piece of extraterrestrial stone. If it were not for Feng WuJi's outstanding talent and precisely being the rare wind tribe among the demon tribes, they would not have used it on him.”

Hearing this, Jiang Yun could not help but be slightly shocked, “Feng WuJi, is from the demon clan; from the wind tribe?” (Feng means wind)

“Yes!” DongFang Bo said, “You don't know? He came from the Mang Mountains, and all the species that lived there were the demons.”

This sentence, made Jiang Yun's reaction become even stranger, he stood up suddenly, said in a daze, “All?”

Although Jiang Yun never said his origin, DongFang Bo and the others speculated that he was from the Mang Mountains. As for why Jiang Yun, being a human, was able to live in there, they would not ask.

Just seeing the current reaction of Jiang Yun, they felt a bit confused, XuanYuan Xing nodded and said, “It should be, because I once wanted to enter in there, but was hindered by a demon cultivator, therefore we fought so that we could enter, the former played till a draw, and told me that humans were not welcome in there. I think that demon was called...something like Liu TianRen!”

“Willow tribe, Liu TianRen!” (Liu means Willow)

Wind tribe, Feng WuJi!

They were all demons!

At this moment, Jiang Yun's mind felt as if it was going to explode, with numerous thoughts and ideas popping up, leaving him lost.

Ever since he had learned that Jiang village was a demon tribe in the library, Jiang Yun never went to read the books related to the demon race, nor to understand the situation of the Mang Mountains. Only now, did he realize that he was so foreign to the Mang Mountains and to the various ethnic groups living in there.

Although Jiang Yun had little contact with people when he was in the mountains, once he went deep into the mountains and entered the strange land, his grandpa would take him to visit the local villages, so that he could get in contact with people there.

However, the villagers in those villages, no matter how they were, either kind or overbearing, Jiang Yun would’ve never thought that they were not humans, but demons!

In particular, Liu TianRen, Jiang Yun knew clearly that he was the most powerful man in the Mang Mountains, he was the village head of Willow village, his grandpa also relied on the name of Liu TianRen, to suppressed wind village for six years.

“All villages? All the villagers in the village are demons?” Jiang Yun could not help muttering.

Jiang Yun's words let the three people looked at each other, XuanYuan went on, “There are many kinds of demon races, the most common one is the animal-like demons, next common one is the vegetation transformation demon, for example, willow tribe, In addition to these two categories, the remaining demon clans are extremely rare, such as the wind tribe, which are transformed from wind, as well as the mountains and rivers and so on, which can also be transformed into demons.”

“The rarer the tribe is, the stronger it is, because it is more difficult for them to be born intelligent and become a demon than other races. Therefore, they are all talented and gifted. Like Feng WuJi, as a demon from wind tribe, he can control the wind.”

Jiang Yun's heart gradually calmed down. Actually, there was no big difference between the demon clan and the human clan for him, but he was too shocked to hear the truth of the Mang Mountains, so he was a bit ill-mannered just now.

On hearing about the gift of the wind tribe, he nodded. As for this, Old Hei had already said that the reason why the demons were more proficient in the magic arts than the humans was that many of them were derived from the various forces of the world.

Feng WuJi is the wind demon, his control of the wind is absolutely beyond humans’ capability.

Seeing that Jiang Yun's expression had recovered to normal, DongFang Bo did not continue to talk about the issue of the demon race, but re-discussed how to break through the three meridians.

Unfortunately, in the end, it was not possible to discuss the result for this, but it was normal. If it was so easy to get through the last three meridians, then Feng WuJi, who was the tenth level in MCR, would not have become the first person in MCR.

But anyway, Jiang Yun was still very grateful to the three, and just as he was going to go back and think for himself, DongFang Bo cried out again, “Little Fish has come to say goodbye to you, right?”

Little Fish, was the nickname DongFang Bo gave to Lu XiaoYu.

Upon hearing these words, Jiang Yun's body shook slightly and nodded.

DongFang Bo continued, “You should have guessed the reason for this incident. Although you must be angry, you should not have provoked Wei ZhengYang and Fang YuXuan after all, you have to cross through Fence Peak, and the peak is controlled by the lord.”

Jiang Yun said in a moment of silence, “Rest assured, brother, I will not be impulsive.”

“Good!” DongFang Bo suddenly patted his head and said, “I almost forgot that Zheng Yuan was also asked to follow Little Fish so they went together, but before leaving, he asked me to hand over this sword to you, saying that he would retrieve it from you with his strength in the future.”

Zheng Yuan, unexpectedly, also went to No-Returning Road. Although Jiang Yun was a bit surprised by this news, he speculated that Zheng Yuan's departure was related to his voluntary death.

But Jiang Yun did not expect that the other side would give his Flame-Sword to him, and when Jiang Yun held it, he could clearly feel that the sword had no master.

In fact, there was no deep hatred between Jiang Yun and Zheng Yuan. Now Zheng Yuan gave the sword to Jiang Yun, which also improved Jiang Yun's attitude towards him.

“I’ll wait for him!”

Jiang Yun gathered up the Flame-Sword and left the DongFang Bo’s residence. He went back to his cabin and sat cross-legged and fell into meditation.

As for the ring given to him by DongFang Bo, he was not ready to touch it, because for him, the ring contained not things that could help him to cross the five peaks, but the souvenir of their friendship!

Things have value; friendship is priceless, so he was reluctant to use them!

After a day and a night of contemplation without any inspiration, Jiang simply got up and walked out of the hut, unconsciously, until he came to a cliff.

On the opposite side of the cliff is the waterfall.

As for water, Jiang Yun had no feeling at all, but after he had learned Cloud-Sky While Mist-Earth, he had a familiarity towards water.

Fog is from water!

Even in the battle between him and Zheng Yuan, he borrowed the water of the brook that twists and turns the whole Hidden Peak, thus performing the magic art, shocking everyone time and time again.

Now, looking at the waterfall splashing down in front of his eyes and listening to the deafening roar, Jiang Yun simply sat down and looked at it for a moment. Then he reached out his hand and a stream of water fell into his palm then got absorbed into his body. It then turned into a fog arrow which rushed to the tenth meridian.