The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: Thick Mist

The fog arrow, though sharp, was no longer able to penetrate the invisible barrier formed by the force of the Sky-Tao when it was an inch away from the tenth meridian.

Jiang Yun was not surprised by this situation, and he had no false illusions that he could break through the barrier with the force of mist. It was just an unconscious attempt by him.

As the fog arrow dissipated, Jiang Yun did not try again. Instead, he stared at the waterfall in front of him and, once again, he lost himself in meditation.

He didn't know that at this moment, on the small Hidden Peak, along with Gu BuLao, four other people were quietly watching him.

Even the master, Dao TianYou, was monitoring him.

Only they knew what Jiang Yun was thinking, and they all wanted to see if he could find a way to break through the boundary.

Time passed slowly in Jiang Yun's meditation, and he was as motionless as a stone statue, even his eyes were as fixed at a piece of stone protruding from under the waterfall.

Although Hidden Peak was not high, the waterfall which fell from a height of three hundred meters, made a strong impact on the rock, as it fell onto it, while splashing countless water droplets.

It was not known how long the rock had been in existence in this waterfall, but it was certain that it was there from the day of the waterfall was born, it had borne the force of the falling fall of the waterfall, and at every moment, it is brought on a humongous force, which made the surface of its contact with the flow of the waterfall have a distinct pit.

Jiang Yun's gaze was rooted on the pit, one day, two days, three days...On the sixth day, his eyes suddenly lit up.

“This rock is like the unbreakable barrier, although it is very solid, but the continuous impact of the waterfall, still formed a pit. If dripping water can pierce the stone, then can I do it the same way, to break the barrier?”

At this thought, Jiang Yun suddenly stood up and took a step, which made all the people observing him watch attentively.

Jiang Yun was sitting on the edge of the cliff, but he did not fall. At the same time, the water in the waterfall had turned into a mist cloud, which hung at his feet and carried him to the rock.

At this scene, XuanYuan Xing couldn’t help but sigh gently, “His skill of controlling the spiritual power has already reached the level of transcendence!”

DongFang Bo and SiTu Jing agreed with a nod, Jiang Yun could transform water into mist easily, which was impossible for them to do in their past.

After touching the pit, Jiang Yun sat on his knees, on the stone, to bear the impact of the falling waterfall instead of the stone.

“What is he trying to do?” XuanYuan Xing slightly scowled, “He should not be wanting to use the method of dripping water wears a stone, right?”

“If he thinks so, he's dead wrong!” DongFang Bo shook his head and said, “Put aside, that it will take quite a long time to break the barriers formed by the forces of the world, only the forces that do not belong to this realm can do it, it wouldn't work even if he sits here for ten thousand years.”

“Perhaps,” said SiTu Jing, “He has other ideas.”

Jiang Yun had no other idea. He really wanted to break the barrier with the help of dropping water. However, he also knew it would take a long time, and he could not really sit there all the time.

As a result, after a while, the water falling on his body gradually began to evaporate, just as if he had become a furnace with high temperature. Once the water drops touched him, they would turn into mist, and then rush into his body.

At first, only the water touching his body would turn into fog, but as time passed, the water around his body began to turn into fog.

More and more fog filled the sky which covered the sun, also covering Jiang Yun's motionless figure little by little until he was completely swallowed in it.

In a blink of an eye, ten days had passed, and as time passed, the waterfall, that originally fell straight down and was as long as 300 hundred meters, had disappeared, while what replaced it was an endless fog, making this place look like a fairyland.

The three people's eyes had already shown their sympathy. Although they were shocked by the power of Jiang Yun's technique, it was impossible to break through the barrier with this method.

In fact, Jiang Yun was aware of this at the moment, but he couldn't think of any other way, so he was reluctant to stop and give up.

Furthermore, he was not without gain.

During these ten days without sleep, his manipulation of spiritual power to use magic arts increased, and his cultivation had been completely stabilized. The nine meridians were inter connected, and spiritual power moved through them, which then gathered again in DanTian, forming a lake of spiritual power surrounded by the same fog.

Even he had a vague feeling of the pressure from Tao, which oppressed his body and the spiritual lake in his DanTian, and he knew it was a sign that he was about to breakthrough into BLR.

Ninth level is the threshold, which cannot be crossed over easily, but one can only train diligently to break through the threshold.

If he knows how to enter BLR, and if he was willing to, then he could start trying to enter this realm now.

But, of course, he wouldn't do it now!

Whether it was the for the request of Gu BuLao, or the strength of Feng WuJi, or especially the existence of the threat of Wei ZhengYang, he must open the tenth meridian at the least.

After another five days, Jiang Yun finally opened his eyes. Although there was no expression on his calm face, he knew it was time for him to give up.

Half a month has gone by and the force of the fog in his DanTian did not loosen the barrier even by a bit, and there was no point to continue trying.

Looking at the surrounding which still permeated by the thick fog, a smile slowly appeared on Jiang Yun's calm face, and a memory flashed in his eyes.

The hazy image of the memory reminded him of times where he took a bath in his grandfather's cabin.

Every time he took a bath, the mist from the hot water filled the whole house. In the mist, he could see nothing but his grandpa's kind face.

Jiang Yun closed his eyes again, but in his mind, he clearly saw his grandfather, the small house full of fog, the big barrel and his young self in it.

Even now, he remembered a conversation he had with his grandfather every time he took a bath before he was six years old.

“Grandpa, why is it just me taking a bath?”

“Because you’re weak!”

“Does that bubble bath make me stronger?”

“Right, it can make your body stronger, and it can increase your strength!”

“Then can I break a big stone with a single blow like brother Jiang Lei?”

“More than breaking a big stone, you will discover someday that your physical strength will enable you to break everything!”

Break everything!

Jiang Yun's eyes suddenly opened, his eyes shot out two dazzling lights!