The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 76

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Chapter 76: He Has Found His Way

The flash of light in Jiang Yun's eyes, which made the mist around him drift as slowly as the veil curtain, stopped abruptly at that moment, followed by the loud thunder-like “Crash' sound, which was heard over the whole Hidden Peak.

All the mist, in an instant, turned back into water; becoming a waterfall, it poured down from a height of hundred feet.

However, when the water of the waterfall was about to fall on Jiang Yun, it in an extremely weird manner came around by itself. It seemed that Jiang Yun, at the moment, made them lose all their courage to touch him at all. So thus, they could see clearly that there was a crack in the original intact waterfall, which was like a white ribbon.

In the crack, to the shock and understanding of others was the face of Jiang Yun!

Because when he was young, he saw that others didn't need to take the bath, while only he did, so he would ask a few questions every time he was bathing, until he became six years old.

Originally, he thought from the beginning that, his grandpa's words were only to comfort him who couldn't cultivate. But when he thought of it now, the last words that grandpa had said, unexpectedly sedulously mentioned his physical strength, which was meant to break all!

Did this mean that his physical strength could also break down the barriers of Tao in this world?

Jiang Yun made such a big movement, which made the three people, who were always paying attention here, feel refreshed one by one. Although they did not appear, their spiritual impression had magnified to the extreme, and it was firmly focused on Jiang Yun.

The top of Hidden Peak, Gu BuLao, who always closed eyes and sat there, although did not open his eyes, but a look of expectation flashed on that young face.

At the same time, Gu BuLao put out a finger and gently touched the peak under him. With a loud roar that could not be heard by others, Hidden Peak gave a slight trembling, as if it could not bear the force of Gu BuLao and was about to collapse.

And in this trembling, an invisible wind rose from the center of the mountainside, and suddenly burst out silently, and then gradually began to subside.


Just before this invisible wave was about to completely dissipate, a figure suddenly appeared at the side of Gu BuLao, it was Dao TianYou.

Dao TianYou slightly dissatisfied about Gu's action and said, “Why didn’t you tell me you were gonna open the seal of Tao. I know you don't want others to see it, does that even include me?”

With the finish of the words, that wind finally dissipated completely, and through the whole circumference of Hidden Peak looked like nothing had changed, no matter be it anyone's vision or anyone's spiritual impression, at this moment, if they looked on Hidden Peak, they could only see a distorted nothingness!

Gu didn't pay attention to the complaint of Dao TianYou, even without opening his eyes, only lightly said, “Sit down if you want!”

Dao TianYou lifted up his robe and sat down, while his mouth was still busy saying, “Hey, he found the way? I don't know what way he found, but can he get through the tenth meridian?”

The corners of Gu's mouth slightly twitched, then he said finally, “Maybe, I should let DongFang Bo come over to chat with you?”

“No!” said Dao TianYou, quickly shaking his head. After being in a daze, said something silently before he closed his mouth, then focused on the waterfall and Jiang Yun.

The fog had turned back into a waterfall, and the dazzling light in Jiang Yun's eyes made them realize that the entire half month of meditation had made Jiang Yun find and understand something and he had comprehended it.

But they didn't know what Jiang Yun had found or understood, so they all wanted to see it.

About what happened in the outside world, Jiang Yun had no idea at all. At this moment, he kept echoing the words of grandpa in his mind, “More than breaking a big stone, one day you will find that your physical strength can help you break everything!”

“Grandpa, whether you had said it by accident or by design, your kid is going to try his hand today to see if he can break the barrier of Tao and the rules of the Mountain-Sea World!”

After the soft whisper, the Flame-Sword appeared in Jiang Yun's hand. After gazing at it for a moment, Jiang Yun suddenly grasped the hilt and stabbed it to his right chest.


The sharp blade went directly into Jiang Yun's chest. Even with a sharp shot of blood, Jiang Yun's palm, which held the hilt of the sword, did not hesitate to pull it down and he cut a huge wound from top to bottom on his chest. His blood spouted, fell into the water, and stained the waterfall.


Such a bloody scene, made SiTu Jing unable to stop giving an exclamation, then immediately put her hand to cover her mouth.

XuanYuan Xing also frowned, “What does he want to do?”

The talkative DongFang Bo, at this moment, did not open his mouth, and even his teeth were closed. But there was a deep concern in his eyes that stared at Jiang Yun.

He was the one who led Jiang Yun to Hidden Peak and brought him to Gu BuLao. Although he hoped that Jiang Yun could become his brother, he did not want Jiang Yun to do anything extreme for that.

DongFang Bo even had an impulse to rush to Jiang Yun to stop him.

But after all, he still held back, because he could clearly see the light in Jiang Yun's eyes and the toughness on his face.

His chest was cut open, and the pain was unimaginable, but Jiang Yun's body was not trembling at all, because such pain was so common for him that it was nothing at all.

Under the gaze of all the people, Jiang Yun slowly drew the sword from his own body, then kept it into the storage ring, and reached his hands out, grabbed the skin and flesh that had been slightly warped on his chest, and tore it with great force, revealing the inner part of his body, revealing the tenth blocked meridian!

This time, even XuanYuan Xing also could not help but breathe in deeply, like sympathizing with the feeling, with a thumbs up on Jiang Yun.

Dao TianYou's eyebrows had been tightly twisted together. Up until now, he could not have guessed that what exactly he wanted to go through this series of self-harming behavior.

Besides him, however, Gu's eyes were still closed. He seemed to pay no attention to what had happened to Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun looked at the tenth meridian that had been exposed. After taking a deep breath, he finally raised a finger, reached out for the tenth meridian very slowly but very smoothly.

Over his fingers, Jiang Yun did not use spiritual power. Even the power coming from the environment was firmly blocked outside, only the purest physical strength remained.

Seeing that his fingers were getting closer and closer to the tenth meridian, Jiang Yun's expression got calmer and calmer. Until suddenly, there was a loud crack in his ear that no one could hear. Something seemed to have broken under his fingers.

With the sound of breaking, Jiang Yun's fingers finally touched the tenth meridian without any hindrance, and even his fingertips touched the condensed impurities!

This scene left them with their eyes wide open, and as Dao TianYou leaped from the ground, two strange runes suddenly appeared in his eyes, with a flash and died, but the face showed an incredible color.

Even Gu's eyes, which were always closed, finally opened. Looking deeply at Jiang Yun, he said softly, “He has found his way.”