The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: The Face Of Tao

The last three meridians in the body were covered by an invisible barrier formed by the force of the Sky-Tao. No force could get close to them. However, just now Jiang Yun's fingers had even touched the impurities in the meridians. All this, coupled with the sound of a previous rupture, proved that he had succeeded in breaking the barrier!

“Physical strength!”

Seeing this scene, exactly the same words was spouted from the four mouths almost simultaneously.

Although Jiang Yun had cut his chest with a sword and torn the flesh with his hands, they were all still quite confused. But now, they realized it all. How could they have not seen that the strength Jiang Yun had used to break through the barrier and open the tenth meridian was physical strength!

“But...” Dao TianYou frowned again, and said in a low voice, “People eat grains and other things, so that the strength of their bodies can be enhanced, then according to this point, the strength of the body should also belong to this world, and thus, it should not be able to break the barrier of Tao!”

“Indeed!” Gu BuLao nodded, “Although the child's behavior looked appalling, through the ages, many cultivators had been struggling to break the barriers of this world, including extremely brilliant people, so there must have been someone who did it like Jiang Yun, but was apparently not successful, otherwise, this kind of method would not have come down.”

This made Dao TianYou even more puzzled; he looked at Jiang Yun and said, “Then why can he break the barrier with physical power?”

“Unless,” said Gu BuLao, “His physical strength does not come from this Mountain-Sea World.”

Dao TianYou frowned tighter, apparently for a moment he could not understand the meaning of this sentence, but just as he wanted to continue asking,


Suddenly there was a sound of thunder, but the sky was originally cloudless, clear and bright. Suddenly the wind rose and rose the clouds. Huge clouds emerged from nothingness to cover the sky.

Even more shocking was the image of an old face, vague but angry, in the midst of the black cloud that covered the endless sky.

This old face did not appear just above Hidden Peak, but above the whole Seeking-Tao Sect. It also appeared in South Mountain, Five-Mountain Island, and even in the entire sky across the Mountain-Sea World, so that all the creatures could see it clearly!

With the appearance of the old face, it felt like a great majesty had appeared between the earth and the sky, and a terror that made the living creatures shudder deep in their bones.

At this moment, most of the creatures did not dare to look up at the old face, but all of them bowed to the ground themselves.

Even the grass and trees fell down, the mountains shook violently, and the river stopped flowing.

Looking across the whole Realm, it seemed as if all souls had surrendered!

“What is this?”

“Whose face is this? Why is it so scary?”

“Is the end coming?”

Countless jittery sounds came from the Realm from all directions, and some bold cultivators directly flew to the sky, wanting to look closer at the face, but didn’t get a chance to stand, as they would immediately fall from the sky due to the pressure that came from the old face in the clouds, all dying a bloody death with a full face of terror.

In Samsara Sect in the West Mountain, a dwarfish man, less than three feet tall, appeared by a closed stone door with a height up to thousands of meters, and mumbled as he stared at that old face in the sky, “This is the face of the World, the face of World! Tao has been enraged, there must be something that violated the World! But what could have made it so angry? Even if Feng WuJi stepped into the tenth-level of MCR, there were only a few thunders, but compared to this, it is simply nothing to mention!”

In the East Mountain, an endless jungle, there was a place filled with endless black fog, and at the moment under the surge of black fog, it impressively also condensed into a fuzzy face, and as it looked at the old face, it sneered, “Just a face of Tao which was sleeping, what's to be so arrogant about, sooner or later, I will rule instead of you!”

Similar situations appeared everywhere among Mountain-Sea World. Although these people all knew the meaning of appearance of the World's face, they could not know exactly why it appeared or which person caused it to appear.

Only people on the top of Hidden Peak knew the reason of the appearance the face of the World, indeed, because Jiang Yun had broken the barrier of Tao and crossed the limit prescribed by the world!

And this kind of behavior was absolutely not allowed by Tao, so it would appear to stop Jiang Yun, or to even wipe out Jiang Yun completely!

But Gu BuLao looked at Jiang Yun and said doubtfully, “Did this kid commit some towering crimes in his last life? Just how did he manage to break the barrier and make Tao as angry as it is? If he really opened all the 12 meridians and connected the territory of great completeness into BLR, would it lead to the whole awakening of the World? No, something must be done!”

After being shocked, the three of DongFang Bo immediately came back to their senses. Their figures flashed and they came to Jiang Yun's side. They stood in a zigzag shape like when they had faced Wei ZhengYang at the beginning, blocking Jiang Yun in the middle.

As for Jiang Yun, he also saw the old face, and he felt more clearly than any other creatures the anger under the old face and the strong death crisis.

This crisis was so strong that even Jiang Yun felt that as long as he dared to extend his finger even a little further, he would be in a position of great destruction.

But Jiang Yun was not afraid, especially when he saw that he was surrounded by them, like three big mountains, a smile appeared on his face.

With the appearance of the smile, Jiang Yun's fingers, which contained all the physical strength, dripping with blood, pointed fiercely at the impurities in his tenth meridian.


A crisp cracking sound signified that the solidified impurities had been cracked by the force of a finger.


The thunder roared again, and the whole sky, like a thick layer of ink, had completely turned black, and the old face suddenly opened its mouth, as if it was about to utter a word.

As a single word exited, the sky changed into a pail of thick black thunder. It fell from the sky, and mercilessly split onto Jiang Yun!

It didn't look much, but as it fell, it passed through an infinite black hole of the same thickness.

From a distance, it seemed like an endless black waterfall had appeared between heaven and earth.