The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: The Thunderbolt Bead

The Thunderbolt Bead was lustrous like gold and was formed by an unknown material. There was a strip of golden thunderbolt in it, which was wriggling like a worm.

It looked as if there was nothing strange with the thunderbolt which was as thick as hair. But Jiang Yun, who held the bead, had a feeling of ceaseless tingling sensation in his palm.

Even though Jiang Yun's physical body was much stronger than before, the bead could still make him feel tingling pain. Therefore, it could be imagined if the thunderbolt was to be released from the bead, how powerful it could be!

After staring at the bead for a while, Jiang Yun put the bead into his mouth without hesitation. At the same time, Gu Bulao’s expression became dignified. A series of runes appeared from his right hand which had already been put on the ground of the Hidden Peak, then sunk into the ground and disappeared without a trace.

Even though he was sure he could protect Jiang Yun, Gu Bulao still felt a bit uneasy. After all, he was never successful before.

Besides being a little nervous, he was a little expectant as well. Because he believed that once the thunderbolt was released from the bead, Jiang Yun's physical body should be broken, and the protective force left inside Jiang Yun’s body by the “mysterious strongman” would be activated immediately to protect Jiang Yun.

To be honest, he was extremely curious about that “strongman”!

The Thunderbolt Bead had gotten into Jiang Yun's body. It went directly to his DanTian as if it had done hundreds of times before. Jiang Yun remembered Gu Bulao’s advice. He transferred a mass of Spiritual Energy from his Spiritual Lake inside his body. The Spiritual Energy then rushed to the Thunderbolt Bead and firmly wrapped it up.

Curiously the bead, though was strong enough to block the golden thunderbolt, began to melt as soon as it was wrapped by Jiang Yun’s Spiritual Energy, just like when the snowball meets the fire.

It did not melt quickly. However, when a hole as small as a sesame had appeared on the bead, the golden thunderbolt in it was just like a cat that caught a scent of a fishy smell, it suddenly rushed towards the hole, exiting the bead in a flash and entering Jiang Yun’s body.


As the golden thunderbolt left the bead, with a loud explosion sound, the bead suddenly burst. It turned into countless thunderbolts as thin as hair and rushed into Jiang Yun’s body overbearingly.

Seeing this, though Jiang Yun was always bold, he could not help being scared and began to tremble slightly.

He had always thought that the Thunderbolt Bead was just a container to carry that golden thunderbolt; he had never known that the Thunderbolt Bead was indeed composed of golden thunderbolts!

Now the Thunderbolt Bead was burst into thousands of thunderbolts. Every strip of them contained huge power as strong as that of the single strip of golden thunderbolt earlier!

Jiang Yun didn’t have time to think how to react; due to years living experiences in Mang Mountains, he instinctively used his Physique Strength he had just obtained to face the countless thunderbolts.

“Bang bang bang!”

Almost in under a second, two different kinds of power met each other, resulting in a huge explosion which made Jiang Yun’s body become a terrible battlefield.

The destructive power of the explosion made Jiang Yun's body, which had just restored to its original state, suddenly became battered again. Even the internal organs, which were closer to the explosion site, were instantly wiped out with no time to bleed.

No words could describe how painful it was. Strong as Jiang Yun was, he could even not withstand it but cry out at this moment.

However, Jiang Yun did not know that when the first wound appeared on his body, Gu Bulao was so surprised and excited that the countless tadpole-like runes around Jiang Yun were paused for a second.

“His body didn’t perish!”

Though Jiang Yun had brought too much surprise to people who met him, Gu Bulao was not one of them.

He had seen too many amazing people and too many wonders that others could not imagine in their lives. Long before, he had been accustomed to such kind of things. But this moment, Gu Bulao was deeply shocked!

Even the Sky-Demon Body[1] of the Demon race could not contend the strength inside the Thunderbolt Bead and would perish in a flash. However, Jiang Yun’s body made it through!

“Did the protective energy left by that strongman activate while I didn’t realize at all?”

Such a thought flashed in Gu Bulao’s mind. But whatever the fact was, he knew that it was time for him to do something, otherwise Jiang Yun’s life would definitely end in the same way as the Demon disciple, no matter how strong his body was.


Gu Bulao slapped his right hand hard on the ground of the Hidden Peak, making a loud noise. The horn-like noise guided those countless runes to enter Jiang Yun’s body rapidly. Each of them seemed to contain spirituality, as they rushed directly to every thunderbolt without hesitation.

Although many thunderbolts had been already suppressed by Jiang Yun’s Physique Strength, there were still a considerable number of thunderbolts which were rampaging his body.

When these runes were wrapped around each thunderbolt accurately, though these thunderbolts struggled and wriggled as hard as they could, they couldn’t break these runes and flee.


At this moment, Gu Bulao’s surprised voice sounded near Jiang's ear. Although Jiang Yun did not know exactly what Gu Bulao was surprised about, looking at these mysterious runes appearing from nowhere, Jiang Yun knew that Gu Bulao was helping him. Without being reminded, enduring the pain, he quickly began to lead these thunderbolts, which had been bound to his 11th meridian.

As the power of these thunderbolts was too strong, Jiang Yun dared not to take any risk so he led them strip by strip.

When the first strip of thunderbolt rushed into his meridian, Jiang Yun was very happy, though the power generated as the thunderbolt hit on his physical impurities made him tremble.

Then, Jiang Yun devoted himself to unblock that meridian. And the rest of his Physique Strength which had lost their attacking target began to repair Jiang Yun's battered body.

At the same time, Gu Bulao murmured, “How strange! When my Tao Runes enter his body, they lose connection with me!”

And this was the reason why Gu Bulao was surprised just now. He had thought that after his runes had entered Jiang Yun’s body, he could scan everything inside Jiang Yun’s body. But, things didn’t go as he had thought.

Now he had thoroughly lost the chance to find that “mysterious strongman”. But on the other hand, he realized that the “mysterious strongman” was much stronger than him!

After a moment of silence, Gu Bulao said, “Whether you are sent here intentionally or not, what I can do for you has already been done. As long as you can successfully cross the Five Peaks, I will not only accept you as my disciple, but also meet your expectations and make you stronger!”

[1] It’s a kind of physique among the Demon race. If a demon has a Sky Demon Body, it would be much easier for him to cultivate than other Demons.