The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 80

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Chapter 80: A Gift

In a flash, three months had passed. Although the strange sight of that old face that occupied the whole sky was still fresh in the memory of all the disciples in Seeking-Tao Sect, as time went on, the sect had completely recovered its peace.

However, Hidden Peak, which was originally banned, had become even more rigid. Not only did Dao TianYou once again order not to step on Hidden Peak, but even several disciples watched day and night under Hidden Peak.

For this reason, many disciples speculated that Jiang Yun, who became famous in the fight, should be in seclusion and working for into the BLR. However, the terror speed of the cultivation he broke out finally made him be valued by the sect, and they strengthened the guard in order to avoid the occurrence of similar situations like what happened with Zheng Yuan.

Above Hidden Peak, at the cliff opposite the waterfall, the three of DongFang Bo would take turns to sit for several days and nights. Although they could not see or feel any vibe from Jiang Yun, they knew that he was in the waterfall.

As for Gu BuLao, he always sat at the top of Hidden Peak, with eyes closed, it seems that he doesn't care about the condition that Jiang Yun is in.

Today, however, the closed eyes of Gu BuLao suddenly opened. He looked down into the waterfall and saw Jiang Yun, who was invisible to the others.

At this moment, Jiang Yun was covered with a layer of black dirt. If one was closer, he could even smell the foul smell.

But Jiang Yun did not smell, and his face was radiant with joy. After a long breath, a faint mist rose around him, rolled up a little, and immediately washed away all the grime, revealing the terrible wound that covered almost the whole upper part of his chest.

Three months, despite the continuous flow of spiritual power into Jiang Yun's body, Jiang Yun had to use his physical strength to open the tenth meridian, he didn't heal his wound, and when he noticed the wound was about to heal, he had to tear it open again by force.

It is unimaginable how much he suffered during this period.

Fortunately, the pain was worth it, at this moment, only the last of the impurities were left of the tenth meridian of his body.

“One last time!”

Jiang Yun slowly raised his finger, which was covered with no flesh; only white bones.

Because the impurities in the meridian were so hard even Jiang Yun's strong body was rubbed off after three months of constant friction.

He closed his eyes hard. While when he opened his eyes, Jiang Yun's fingers, which were only white bones, stabbed the last impurity in the tenth meridian sharply.


With a loud noise only he could hear, the tenth meridian was suddenly opened!

And this also meant that from this moment on, Jiang Yun became the second person crossing the boundary of nine in Mountain-Sea World.

Ten-level in MCR!

However, before he could feel the joy of success, there was a sudden cascade of warmth from all parts of his body, including internal organs, muscles, skin, bones and even blood.

These warm currents appeared without any sign: more, and more, and more, and more. Thick, viscous heat flowed continuously in the body of Jiang Yun, until finally it all poured into the tenth meridian that he had just opened!

When these warm currents flowed back out of the tenth meridian, Jiang Yun's eyes were suddenly wider and his face showed a strong shock.

For he could perceive clearly that these currents were physical forces, and that when they came out again after a turn in the tenth meridian, each was at least twice as powerful.

In particular, this tenth meridian was completely filled with physical power.

“This is...Grandpa!”

After the shock, Jiang Yun suddenly understood.

These physical powers, in fact, are from each time he bathed, his body generated under the stimulation of various herbs.

But he could only use a small part of these power, and the rest were hidden in various parts of his body, however, with the opening of the tenth meridian, it seemed as if they had found a home.

Because the ninth meridian is the limit allowed by Tao, the tenth meridian is naturally not allowed by Tao. Therefore, the force from Mountain-Sea World that cannot exist there, it can only be used by external forces when opening up.

As for the physical strength, it was a gift prepared by Jiang WanLi for Jiang Yun. Maybe Jiang Yun would never find it, but once he got it, his physical strength would be strengthened to an incredible degree.

With the passage of physical force, the great wound in Jiang Yun's chest and the tip of his fingers with only white bones left began to heal slowly and visibly.

In Jiang Yun's body, these physical powers kept relapsing just like spiritual power, thus providing him with almost endless physical powers.

In addition, during each cycle, they slightly enhance the toughness and strength of various parts of Jiang Yun's body.

In short, from now on, Jiang Yun's body will always be in a state of training!

As for Gu BuLao, who was always looking at Jiang Yun. Although he could see Jiang Yun, he could not see the inner part of Jiang Yun's body. Therefore, he did not know that a dramatic change was taking place in his body.

However, Gu BuLao was satisfied with the speed at which he was able to get through the tenth meridian within three months.

“By this speed, if he can make good use of the bead, then a year is enough to open up the eleventh meridian. Now, I am really looking forward to...Yi?”

Gu BuLao's voice suddenly cracked, for he saw that Jiang Yun had already taken out the bead and was looking carefully at it.

“The tenth meridian has just been opened, and is not yet stable, does he want to open the next meridian? It is not good to rush such an absolutely important decision!”

Gu BuLao even opened his mouth, wanting to remind Jiang Yun, before the words could come to his mouth he shook his head and said, “Let him try it, it's not a bad thing.”

While he was speaking, he quietly placed his right hand on the tip of Hidden Peak. If Jiang Yun was in danger of the bead absorbing him, he would save him immediately.

Even Dao TianYou did not know that, although the attitude shown by Gu BuLao was completely apathetic regardless of whether Jiang Yun would live or die, however, Gu BuLao was quite fond of Jiang Yun subconsciously.

As he once said, he trusted his disciples. Since Jiang Yun was brought into Hidden Peak by DongFang Bo, he would not bear malice to Jiang Yun.

What's more, the whole process of Jiang Yun getting through the tenth meridian made him even more satisfied. Therefore, even though the Thunderbolt Bead may try to destroy Jiang Yun, using his experience with his Evilkind disciple, Gu BuLao had already prepared all the measures he needed to at least keep Jiang Yun safe.

Therefore, seeing that Jiang Yun had just gained some achievements, which made him get carried away which made Gu BuLao a little unhappy, so he decided to teach Jiang Yun a lesson.

In fact, he did misunderstand Jiang Yun, if it were anyone else, it would have taken a considerable amount of time to consolidate the tenth meridian, however, Jiang Yun did not need this time at all.

The so-called stability of the meridian means that the body adapts to the growth of cultivation and spiritual power, while Jiang Yun's increases was caused by his enormous physical strength, and the emergence of the physical strength hidden throughout his body, as well as his already intense amount of strength that he already had led to the tenth meridian of his body being stabilized the moment the connection between his body and the tenth meridian was made.

Therefore, as long as his physical body was strong enough to keep up with each subsequent increase of his realm, there was hardly any need to deliberately spend more time stabilizing said realm.

Therefore, he had decided to absorb the Thunderbolt-bead, trying to open the eleventh meridian once again.