The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: The True Purpose

Just at the moment when Jiang Yun's figure completely disappeared, countless lights rushed out of the nothingness above Dao TianYou head, and fell back into his eyes, transforming into two runes, which flashed and died.

Having lost the yoke of runes, the black thunder appeared again.

However, the thunderbolt, which should have continued to fall, was still suspended in the air. It seemed to lose its target on Jiang Yun, and it did not know where to go.

Even the old man’s face above the sky showed a vacant look.

For a moment the whole world fell into a state of complete stillness, but the oppressive atmosphere grew heavier and heavier, and seemed ready to erupt.

Fortunately, after nearly a quarter of an hour, the black thunder and the old face began to slowly dissipate.

At the same time, Jiang Yun heard Gu BuLao's voice, “This breath of mine can cover your vibe for a year and keep you away from Tao. In addition, I send you another Thunderbolt bead, this bead is something I brought back from LeiShiTian Realm, containing the power of thunder, after you swallow and digest it with your spiritual power, the eleventh meridian should be opened!”

“However, if you can't get through the eleventh meridian within a year, the face of Tao will reappear that day, and by that time, I'm afraid no one can save you anymore! You, take care!”

As words disappeared, a palm-sized golden light appeared in front of Jiang Yun, but he did not even look at it.

What happened after he broke the barrier of Tao, whether the help from the three of DongFang Bo, or the two runes of Dao TianYou who blocked the second black thunder, and the last breath from Gu BuLao, all of which Jiang Yun could clearly see.

He knew that they were doing their best to help him, so that he could not fail to live up to their expectations. Because he had not yet broken the tenth meridian, he knew that no matter how good the bead was, at least for the moment he could not use it.

Although the breath of Gu BuLao completely covered Jiang Yun, in fact, Jiang Yun still sat on the boulder in the waterfall, and could still absorb the spiritual power into his body, to repair his increasingly weak body.

In this way, while absorbing the spiritual power belonging to the Mountain-Sea World, Jiang Yun continued to open up the tenth meridian with his physical strength in order to cross the boundary of nine.

Above the sky, Gu BuLao who back into a child waved his sleeve to take the three people back to their home, and he also forwarded a step, sat down in the top of Hidden Peak, watching Dao TianYou's coming, “In this year, unless the sect has met with a survival crisis, don't let anything or anyone bother the Hidden Peak!”

Dao TianYou's face was also extremely pale, especially his bright eyes which were quite dim. He nodded and said, “I understand.”

“Is it a pity, then, that his physical strength, plus the Thunderbolt-Bead which you have given him, will enable him to open the eleventh meridian, and still not achieve the great perfection of MCR?”

Gu BuLao said peacefully, “Do you know that, I once had a formal disciple from Evilkind?”

Dao TianYou couldn’t help but slightly startled, he did not understand why Gu BuLao would suddenly tell the story of his Evilkind disciple.

Obviously, Gu BuLao did not want to explain his reasons, he continued, “Even though I own this Thunderbolt-Bead, understand that I can't use it, but I should not be reluctant to let other people use, especially my disciple!”

“A long time ago, I gave this bead to my Evilkind disciple, I wanted to help him to open the tenth meridian!”

At this point, Dao TianYou already vaguely understood something, but did not open his mouth, just looked straight at Gu BuLao.

“As a result, the moment that that disciple digested the bead, he was exploded into ash by the thunder power the bead contains, so fast, even I had no time at all to rescue him!”

“If I remember correctly, the devil's body is the strongest of all, and my disciple is the one with the Heavenly-Evilkind body!”

Gu BuLao closed his mouth which no longer spoke, but Dao TianYou was standing there, not until a long time later did he- come back to sense, “The Heavenly-Evilkind body can be ranked in the top three of all, it is much stronger than Jiang Yun’s current body! You are not helping him, you are killing him. What are you thinking?”

By this time, of course, Dao TianYou had understood the implications of these sudden words.

Not to say that he had reached a great perfection of MCR. He was grateful that Jiang Yun was able to survive under the power of Thunderbolt-Bead.

“Nothing, I just want to verify some guess! Well, we've got another guest here. At least you, as the master, ought to meet them.”

Although Dao TianYou looked at Gu Bulao whose eyes closed tightly, and his teeth were tickled with hatred, while four powerful guys had already appeared, so he could only stomp his feet, “Gu BuLao, if there is a chance in the future, I will ask for a new Tao-caretaker!”

After saying such, the figure of Dao TianYou disappeared, and finally, Hidden Peak had been returned to a completely calm state.

At this moment the eyes of Gu BuLao slowly opened, after one by one checking his three disciples, he finally looked at Jiang Yun in the waterfall.

Jiang Yun was invisible to others, but he could see. After all, the breath that covered Jiang Yun belonged to him.

Looking at Jiang Yun, Gu BuLao said to himself, “He broke the barrier of Tao through only his physical strength, indicating that his physical strength did not come from this world.”

“But the fact that he is surrounded by the vibe of the Mountain-Sea World suggests that he has lived in this world for at least a decade, and that even if he really came from another world, the strength of his physical body is still in this world!”

“So there is only one possibility--even though he has grown up in Mountain-Sea World, his physical strength has been developed by a small seep of power from other worlds!”

“One who can direct strength like this must be a strong man, and is possibly even stronger than me!”

“And the purpose of this Strong Man is obviously to enable Jiang Yun to break down the barrier with physical strength, and to enter tenth-level of MCR!”

“Since the Strong Man has done so many things, he would not let Jiang Yun die easily. If so he should have left some power or strength that will be enough to save his life when Jiang Yun is facing a crisis of life and death!”

“As soon as he digests the bead, Jiang Yun will face a real death threat. When this threat appears, I shall be able to acquire some clue about this Strong Man, and then, perhaps, I will be able to verify my conjecture that he sent Jiang Yun to me on purpose!”

This was the real purpose of Gu BuLao, who knew that the bead was strong and powerful, and yet he still sent it to Jiang Yun to help him get through the eleventh meridian!

Dao TianYou didn't know anything about what Gu BuLao was thinking, and Jiang Yun certainly didn't know anything at all. At the moment, however, he had no time to think about anything else. All of his attention was focused on the tenth meridian.