The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 148

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Chapter 148: The Testing Method

"All the cultivators in the Meridian Unclogged Realm regardless of their age can participate in this test. Then, we will give the final results according to the degree of your completions!"

When Xiao Zheng’s voice just fell, a cultivator immediately asked, “Master Xiao, many of us know nothing about the Medicinal Tao; but some people may have known a little. Then if we participate in this test together, will it be a little bit unfair?"

"There is no injustice!" Xiao Zheng showed a much more indifferent face, "The Medicinal Tao, in fact, does not need any talent. It’s nothing more than memorizing and remembering the characteristics of various herbs. As long as you have a strong willing and work hard, you can possibly make it!"

To be honest, most people didn’t believe in Xiao Zheng’s words. If it was really as simple as he said, then pharmacists would not have such a high status.

Only Jiang Yun nodded quietly and agreed with Xiao Zheng’s words. He had been learning all kinds of herbs for more than ten years, so he felt more touched than anyone.

After looking at the people disbelieve, Xiao Zheng continued saying, "But I’m just talking about the Medicinal Tao!

"To be a qualified pharmacist, you must have two more conditions.

"First is your state of mind.

"The most common thing when refining medicines is failures! Many people after failing to refine medicines dozens of times would lose confidence. Such people are difficult to become great!

"Be aware that any pharmacist must have experienced countless failures in the process of his growth. Failure is not a terrible thing; losing one's good state of mind would be worse! Therefore, you must always have a balanced mind, neither conceited nor rash. No matter success or failure, you can stand on your initial mind!

"If not, then everything is nothing!

"The second is to see everyone's manipulation of Spiritual Energy!

"Because when you’re refining medicines, you need to utilize Spiritual Energy to control the heat and add the right medicinal herbs at the right time. Being slow or quick for even one second would destroy the Dan pills. Therefore, this requires you manipulating the Spiritual Energy to be extremely accurate.

"Hence, the test we are going to do is to test everyone's aptitude of Spiritual Energy manipulation!"

Although Xiao Zheng looked indifferent and seemed to be hard to get close, but when it came to things that were related to medicine refining, he became totally different. He was indeed very devout to the Medicinal Tao.

His detailed explanation naturally made everyone understand. Many people had already shown excitement on their faces.

Because they were better at controlling Spiritual Energy. They were full of confidence.

Even Luo LingXiao, who had shown up secretly outside the crowd, had quickly flashed an excited look.

Originally, he had thought that he had lost to Jiang Yun in the eyes of the public; he must be over. But he hadn’t expected his Forefather to give him another chance.

Therefore, he made up his mind that he must not let his Forefather down and must do his best to become a disciple of Grand Medicine Sect.

Only in this way could he continue to sit in the position of the little lord and even be more confident than before!

Especially after hearing the requirements of the test, he was even more excited. As one of Two-Free Tao Physique, he was best at manipulating the Spiritual Energy!

Luo LingXiao suddenly glanced at Jiang Yun in the crowd, which made the excitement on his face suddenly turned into anger. He stared at Jiang Yun viciously.

"You’d better participate in this test, so that I can take revenge for my previous humiliation!"

He didn’t believe that Jiang Yun could also control the Spiritual Energy precisely. Because most people had already noticed that Jiang Yun's Spiritual Energy was much larger than others.

Otherwise, how could just a fireball defeat so many opponents?

The more Spiritual Energy, the more difficult it was to control it freely.

"Master Xiao, could you explain specifically how to test it?"

"Sure. It's very simple!"

While speaking, Xiao Zheng’s left hand suddenly appeared a bottle with a narrow bottleneck, and a pile of sesame appeared in his right hand.

After putting the two things down, Xiao Zheng pointed to those sesames and said, "Regard these sesame seeds as the materials needed for refining; and take this jade bottle as a medicine cauldron. Everyone uses Spiritual Energy to grab the sesame seeds and put them into the bottle. You can only grab one seed one time, and you only have ten seconds. Then we’ll see how many seeds everyone can put in!"

This test was really ingenious, and was greatly out of everyone's expectations!

However, Jiang Yun touched his nose, and his face once again showed a strange color. Xiao Zheng must be the person that God deliberately asks to help me!

Although Jiang Yun at first had no plan to participate in the recruitment test of Grand Medicine Sect, the last method that Xiao Zheng had told him before made he have to come!

Not only had he to participate in, but he also had to show a higher refining talent than Xiao Zheng, so that he could enter the Grand Medicine Sect.

However, although the testing method was unheard of for other cultivators, but for Jiang Yun, he was very familiar with the method!

Because previously when he had become a cultivator and entered the fifth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm, in order to be able to cast the magic arts to the extreme, after thinking about it for a day, he had come up with a way.

Turn his Spiritual Energy into a shape of finger, then pick up every piece of gravel and put it into a bowl. In the end, it had taken him for a whole month to successfully put the sesame-sized gravel into the bowl easily.

Jiang Yun’s method was exactly the same with the content of the test arranged by Xiao Zheng.

Moreover, later because of having learnt Cloud-Sky While Mist-Earth Arts from Old Hei, he had taken another two months to strengthen his control of the Spiritual Energy.

Therefore, this test was really easy for Jiang Yun; it was as easy as winking.

“Everyone can have some time to prepare. We will start testing in half an hour!”

This test method was too novel to people, so Xiao Zheng specially gave some time for everyone to practice.

Hence, many forces hurriedly let their disciples to practice with gravels.

Half an hour passed quickly. Under the urging of Xiao Zheng, cultivators who took part in the test finally came to him.

Although every force originally had only planned to let the best to participate in the test, but since Xiao Zheng had said that all cultivators of the Meridian Unclogged Realm could take part in, everyone wanted to try. Hence, the number of people who finally participated in the test was almost the same as that in the daytime.

Only Xie XiaoYong and Liu Hao didn’t participate in. of course, they didn’t need to!

Because there were too many participants, and Xiao Zheng was extremely prudent, he would worry about the results if letting others to judge it. So, he divided thousands into two groups. Xie XiaoYong was responsible for one group and himself for another group.

Jiang Yun was in Xiao Zheng's group, and Luo LingXiao was in Xie XiaoYong’s group. Intentional or not, both they chose to stand at the end of the queue.

"Now, the test begins!"