The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 149

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Chapter 149: A Nearly Medium Talent

With the falling of Xiao Zheng’s words, all the participants went forward and took the test in sequence.

For those spectators at this moment, they didn’t even dare to breathe. After all, they were cultivators. Even a tiny action they took could be possible to blow away those sesame seeds.

Although the number of people taking the test was nearly a thousand, since each person had only ten seconds, so the test went very fast.

One after another, the Meridian Unclogged Realm cultivators had completed the test; but their grades were terrible.

The best one could pick up three sesame seeds; while most people could not even put one sesame into the bottle.

After all, ten seconds were too short, and they had never done such training before. Even though they had practiced for a short moment, it was not too useful.

What's more, these sesame seeds could hardly be picked up even by hand, let alone to pick it up one by one by their Spiritual Energy.

Although Xiao Zheng always had a cold face, it was not difficult to find out that he was getting more and more disappointed due to the results.

This time they really wanted to find a few good disciples for their sect, so the recruitment news had been spread out long ago, which led so many cultivators coming to Luo family.

However, there were more and more cultivators who completed the test while none of them could meet the requirement. How could he not be disappointed!

Some cultivators couldn't help but ask, "Master Xiao, can you tell us what the specific criteria for passing the test are? We are really curious about it!"

"Yeah, we really want to know how many sesame seeds we should put into the bottle to pass the test!"

Listening to the inquiries, Xiao Zheng as if he did not hear it and paid no attention to it. Instead, Xie XiaoYong explained it kindly.

"For you guys, if you could pick up five sesame seeds, then you passed; if you pick up six sesame seeds, then you can be ranked to almost the middle; seven to a little higher than the middle; eight seeds can rank in the middle of excellent; nine to be very excellent, and if you can pick up ten seeds, then you have a perfect talent!"

As knowing that Xie XiaoYong was kind, people hurriedly continued asking, "Then, was there anyone in your sect can pass such a test?"

"Of course!" Xie XiaoYong grinned and said, "Every one of us had participated in such a test. Although our talents are poor, we can still do six or seven, and Brother Xiao can put eight seeds in the bottle."

"Is there anyone who can be able to put ten seeds into the bottle?"

"Sure!" Xie XiaoYong's face showed a bit of admiration, "Of course, every elder in our sect can do it. While among my peers, Brother Guan can do it as well!"

Put the ten sesame seeds into the jade bottle within ten seconds!

These words made most people a little doubtful of the truth!

Xie XiaoYong obviously had found that everyone did not believe what she said. Therefore, with her voice fell, she raised her hand and grabbed in the air. A sesame seed had been easily picked up by the Spiritual Energy shot from her fingertip and put into the bottle.

Then, one by one, the sesame seeds fell into the bottle. After ten seconds, there were a total of seven sesame seeds in the bottle.

Looking at these seven sesame seeds, Xie XiaoYong’s face showed a little helplessness, “My master said that my control of the Spiritual Energy has reached my limit. Unless there is a big opportunity, there is no way to improve myself.”

Everyone had been dumbfounded after seeing Xie XiaoYong’s personal demonstration. They had no doubt now; instead, they were extremely shocked.

Even some cultivators in the Blessing Land Realm had shaken their heads. Because they realized that even they could hardly do it, while Xie XiaoYong still felt dissatisfied.

After the demonstration, Xie XiaoYong smiled at the remaining participants and said, "Okay, let us continue testing!"

Her smile, like a flower bloom, immediately gave the cultivators a lot of confidence. They hurriedly stepped forward and continued to test.

It was unknown whether Xie XiaoYong's demonstration had worked, or there were other reasons, finally a cultivator who could grab five sesame seeds appeared!

"You passed, stand aside!"

When hearing Xiao Zheng saying this, the cultivator was so excited that he could hardly take a breath, and the family he belonged to was also very happy.

This meant that this person had become a disciple of Grand Medicine Sect.

Although he only had the lowest qualified qualification, and he could possibly become a Second Class Pharmacist at most, it was already a great help for his family.

More importantly, since now, they could have a relationship with Grand Medicine Sect.

Time passed, and when almost everyone had completed the test, only three people qualified, and they all picked up five sesame seeds only.

This result made Xiao Zheng very dissatisfied, but when he looked up and saw Jiang Yun standing in front of him, his face showed a smile, "Tao friend Jiang, I hope you can bring me a surprise, can you?!"


Before Jiang Yun replied, Luo LingXiao, who stood side by side with him, couldn't help but make a cold hum.

Although he did not dare to ridicule Jiang Yun anymore, he still showed a hostility to Jiang Yun publicly.

Jiang Yun did not mind at all. Instead, he stepped back and said, "Oh, little Lord Luo, you’re also here. I have not noticed you before. Since we are on your family site, you could be the first!"

In fact, everyone else present had already seen Luo LingXiao, but they felt too embarrassed to say hello to him.

Because they were afraid that Luo LingXiao would think that they were deliberately mocking him.

However, everyone was quite curious how many seeds he would pick up.

Hearing Jiang Yun’s words, Luo LingXiao no longer spoke. Instead, he calmed himself down, then reached his palm out. A stream of Spiritual Energy coming out from his fingers and grabbed the sesame seeds in front.

After ten seconds, Luo LingXiao took a sigh of relief, and his face finally showed an excited smile.

Six seeds!

With a Two-Free Tao Physique, he was better than others in the control of the Spiritual Energy, and successfully captured six sesame seeds.

And this achievement showed that he had a nearly medium talent and was qualified to obtain the qualification to enter the Grand Medicine Sect and become a disciple of it.

More importantly, with the identity of the Grand Medicine Sect’s disciple, he could keep being the little Lord Luo in his family. He was a little closer to become the Lord of the Luo family!

Hearing the exclamation and seeing the envy of the people around him, Luo LingXiao finally swept away the humiliation that he had suffered from the previous test.

At this moment, he was no longer silent. He realized that he had completely restored his identity as the little Lord Luo. Therefore, he raised his head with a smug color on his face and said to Jiang Yun, "Tao friend Jiang, now it’s your turn! You are an excellent disciple of the Seeking-Tao Sect. Don't let us down!"

Jiang Yun didn’t care about Luo LingXiao’s arrogant attitude and words at all. He went to the front of Xiao Zheng and just wanted to reach out his hand to release the Spiritual Energy. However, Luo LingXiao suddenly spoke again: “Wait a moment, Tao friend Jiang!”

Jiang Yun’s palm hung in the air. He turned around and looked at Luo LingXiao, “Little Lord Luo, anything else?”