The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 122

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Chapter 122: Have You Ever Hunted


Just as the medicinal puppet disappeared, Du GuiRong, who was outside the fog, spurted out of the blood.

However, he did not even care to wipe the blood on his mouth. With a horror on his face, he turned and rushed in the direction of the South Star City frantically.

The death of his medicinal puppet made him have no backing now. As for his own strength, he was even more vulnerable. He knew that Jiang Yun would never let him go, and only by entering the South Star City can save his life!

Even though Du GuiRong’s reaction as well as his speed were almost at the best, he horribly found that Jiang Yun’s voice sounded near his ear, extremely clear.

"Master Du, have you ever hunted? I guess not. But I did, a lot!"

"As long as I desired, no prey has ever escaped!"

"You may not believe me, so I will give you enough time to run away, run faster, and hurry up to see if you can escape from my hands!"

At this moment, for Du GuiRong, Jiang Yun’s words were just like a King Yama. He dared not to speak, but rushed to South Star as fast as he could and used all his power.

While less than ten feet away behind him followed Jiang Yun with a murderous but calm look!

The killing intent in Jiang Yun’s heart has never been as blazing as this moment. Even when the time he faced Fang RuoLin, it was far from now.

All of this was naturally because he has witnessed the pains of mantis and that medicinal puppet. He could hardly imagine how vicious ones heart was to do such an annihilation act against humanity!

The heavy rain was getting bigger and bigger. Through the dense rain curtain, Du GuiRong finally saw the gate of South Star city, his hope of life.

Although he was exhausted at the moment, looking at the gate that was close at hand, he seemed to have another force, which accelerated his speed.

"Gonna do it! I can survive!"

Just as Du GuiRong kept chanting these three words, a golden thunderbolt crossed over his body directly, rubbing his ears and falling right in front of the gate.

The thunderbolt landed, but it was condensed and not scattered, so that it became a golden power grid; and the network port opened wide, waiting for Du GuiRong who was soon arriving.

"Either you get into this thunderbolt net! Or, you change direction and keep running!"

Hearing Jiang Yun’s words and seeing the sudden appearance of the power grid in front of him, Du GuiRong with fear hurriedly stopped his body, turned around without hesitation, and fled again in another direction.

Behind him, Jiang Yun was still following slowly. Not only he wanted to kill Du GuiRong, but also wanted to torture him to beg for death!

During the rainy night, two figures, one after another, kept rushing outside the South Star city.

After more than two hours, Du GuiRong run out of all his medicinal Dan pills he has carried, exhausted all his Spiritual Energy, and finally could no longer continue running. He was squatting at the foot and fell to the ground.

Jiang Yun’s figure like a ghost appeared in front of him. He looked at him, “Don’t you keep running? Stand up and continue running!”

Du GuiRong was thoroughly soaked with mouth gasping, just like a fish jumping to the shore. Very embarrassed.

Taking a deep breath, Du GuiRong kneeled on the ground in front of Jiang Yun and pleaded, "Gu Jiang, master Gu! I beg you! I am totally wrong to offend you. So generous you are, let me go please! As long as you let me go, I can to do anything you ask!"

Jiang Yun was not moved, “If you just offended me, I would have already killed you! Now, I am helping that mantis and medicinal puppet to vent their sufferings!"

"Master Gu, you can't kill me. I am a man of Hundred Herbs Valley. I am a Second Class Pharmacist. If you kill me, neither Hundred Herbs Valley nor Luo Family would let you go safely. And DuoYao Pharmacy would suffer more!"

It had to say that Du GuiRong’s words really made Jiang Yun hesitate. He didn’t care if anyone would chase him, but he had to take DuoYao Pharmacy, Luo ZhongXing and his son into account.

Seeing that Jiang Yun was silent, Du GuiRong suddenly found a little hope. With a sneer on his face, he said, "i'm telling you, master Gu. I am a member of Hundred Herbs Valley; meanwhile, my grandfather Du XinWu is the only Supreme Elder of Hundred Herbs Valley. He is a Sky Reaching Realm cultivator. Even he is about to give birth to the virtual Tao Spirituality!

"If you kill me, as vindictive as my grandfather, he will surely hunt you down and anyone who has any relationship with you!"

Although Jiang Yun exactly had no idea about who Du GuiRong was, it was not difficult to deduce from these things that he possessed. He must have a not low status.

The SanHua Cauldron, A Primacy Demonic Beast, and the medicinal puppet. How could a normal Second Class Pharmacist own these things?!

Therefore, he believed that Du GuiRong’s words were true.

However, with the lesson drawn from his previous mistake about Feng WuJi’s thing, he now was more aware that if he really let Du GuiRong go, what Du GuiRong was threatening him now would still come true!

Just as Jiang Yun was thinking about how to avoid the aftermath, he did not know that there were two people standing quietly in the heavy rain about ten miles away from him.

However, though the dense raindrops fell on the two, they were very strangely penetrating the two; just like these two people were ghosts.

One of the two was Xia ZhongXing, and the one standing opposite him was a middle-aged man who looks quite gentle and refined.

At this moment, this elegant man faintly said, "Xia ZhongXing, even if you stopped me today, you can hardly stop Du XinWu's revenge in the future. After all, Du GuiRong is his only grandson!"

Xia ZhongXing answered calmly, "That’s none of my business!"

"I don't know what your true identity is. But you offend Hundred Herbs Valley, the Luo family, and even a Sky-Reaching Realm cultivator just for this kid, is it worth it?"


"Can I know the reason?"

"Because all that you said are never as important as my son’s life!"

"Your son's life?" The elegant man couldn't help but frown. He naturally knew Xia ZhongXing's son Xia Shi, but he did not understand Xia ZhongXing’s words.

Xia ZhongXing was obviously not prepared to explain. He just continued, "As long as you don't attack, I won't attack. You and I leave separately after Du GuiRong's death and pretend that we have never met!"

The elegant man raised his eyebrow, "Will you let me go? After I leave, I will definitely kill Gu Jiang! Even if I don’t kill Gu Jiang, I will definitely tell Du XinWu about today!"

"I may believe you will kill Gu Jiang. But will you tell Du XinWu..." Xia ZhongXing suddenly smiled, "Du XinWu is someone who seeks revenge for the smallest grievance. If he knew that you just watched Du GuiRong being killed by others without helping, he will never let you go even if you kill Gu Jiang!"

"I can tell him that it’s you who stopped me!"

"Me? Will anyone believe?" The smile on Xia ZhongXing’s face deepened. He said slowly, "I am just the little boss of DuoYao Pharmacy, a little primary pharmacist!"