The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 121

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Chapter 121: The Suffering of Not-Getting

What Du GuiRong did not know was that although it looked like Jiang Yun was on par with his medicinal puppet, Jiang Yun had used only his pure Physique Strength right now. It was still quite far from Jiang Yun’s real power; he had not even used his Physical Tao Doppelganger yet.

However, Jiang Yun's face had become much graver because he could feel that the strength of this medicinal puppet could also be improved!


Suddenly, this medicinal puppet opened his mouth and spit a long dragon-like fire, which surprised Jiang Yun.

He had thought that this medicinal puppet was only as good at Physique Strength as he was. He had never thought that it could also cast Taoist magic arts.

Du GuiRong smiled coldly and said, "This is its prior strength. Although it has been turned into a medicinal puppet, it won’t forget the magic arts that it had cultivated before."

Seeing that the dragon-like fire was approaching, Jiang Yun reached his hands out and grabbed. The rain falling around him immediately turned into a water dragon, rushing from his hand towards that fire dragon.

Then, Jiang Yun flapped his big sleeves, and the fog behind him that was like a cloak suddenly widened which swallowed the medicinal puppet in a flash.

During these four months, though Jiang Yun hadn’t fought with others, he had never even relaxed slightly in his cultivation.

Especially as now he was unable to unblock his twelfth meridian, there was no need to think about his Tao cultivation. Therefore, all his energy had been placed on cultivating magic arts and refining demons.

The Cloud-Sky While Mist-Earth Arts had become the most powerful magic art that Jiang Yun had cultivated. Now he could release twice as much power as before.

Coupled with the current heavy rain, the power of his Cloud-Sky While Mist-Earth Arts that had been released was even stronger.

In the fog, Jiang Yun’s strength had been further improved.

A figure flashed; Jiang Yun had also rushed into the fog!

Under the mist, the medicinal puppet suddenly tore off the white bandage wrapping around its body. It pulled so hard that the bandage suddenly exploded and looking from afar, it seemed like a long white snake that was shooting in all directions. It seemed that it wanted to destroy this boundless fog and find Jiang Yun in the fog.

In fact, Jiang Yun was right in front of the medicinal puppet, wrapped in a thicker fog. Watching a few white bandages being shot towards him, Jiang Yun raised his hand and made a grabbing motion towards the sky.


A bolt of lightning fell from the sky directly into Jiang Yun’s hand. It condensed into a palm-sized thunderbolt ball which hit the medicinal puppet heavily.


The thunderbolt ball blew up and turned into countless tiny golden thunderbolts. They spread all over the body of the medicinal puppet, squeaking. After the thunderbolts disappeared, the body of the medicinal puppet scorched up, with white smoke out of its mouth.

However, under such a heavy hit, the medicinal puppet looked at Jiang Yun and its eyes seemed to show that it had recovered from being a puppet.

Du GuiRong, who was outside the fog, couldn't see the situation inside. He could only hear the roaring sounds coming from inside and he was so anxious that he kept turning around.

After a while, Du GuiRong suddenly looked up. Staring at the tumbling fog in front of him, he was shocked, "The medicinal puppet has recovered its mind! How come! Noo!"

Du GuiRong stomped his foot, and a small jade appeared on his hand. He suddenly bit the tip of his tongue, and sprayed his blood on it.

The jade was then blood-stained when suddenly a scream was heard from the fog again. It was from the medicinal puppet!

Its eyes, which seemed to have renewed its sight before, began to lose it again. Its facial features as well as its body were horribly distorted. But its strength and power was finally ignited at this moment.

At least in Jiang Yun's view, if he didn’t summon his Physical Tao Doppelganger, he was probably not a match for it.

However, for the medicinal puppet, it was suffering in great pain!

As its mental aura had been reaching an extreme, the medicinal puppet had also been struggling to recover as well, for its eyes finally were a little clear and showed desire. It stared at Jiang Yun and with a blurred voice, it said, “Kill, me, let me, die! Please, please, I beg you!"

Its words and its distorted figure reminded Jiang Yun of that mantis previously.

If that mantis could speak, Jiang Yun believed that it would say the same thing as the medicinal puppet.

That mantis was a demon, while this medicinal puppet had been a human but both of them were controlled by similar methods, losing their freedom, becoming a murderous tool and working for Du GuiRong; in the meantime, however, they all also retained their last clear sense, which was a longing for freedom and liberation.

Although they were still alive, such a method of living was simply not as good as death. However, they could not even end their own lives...

Thinking of this, Jiang Yun was very touched in his heart. It moved him so deeply that the magic art Human Being Tao was called out, slowly and uncontrollably.

At this moment, Jiang Yun got a sudden enlightenment, and he blurted out, “The Suffering of Not-Getting!”

The Suffering of Not-Getting, one of the eight sufferings in the world!

The magic arts of Eight Sufferings were contained in The Human Tao. No one could teach you; you could only learn it by self-sense. Therefore, the skills that each person perceived would be different.

Gu BuLao had asked Jiang Yun to learn it himself. But Jiang Yun had no clue, and didn’t know where to start from.

Now, looking at the medicinal puppet in front of him and thinking of that previous mantis, Jiang Yun finally got a hint of insight.

Cannot survive nor die!

So bitter the life!


The last trace of clarity and longing in the eyes of the medicinal puppet finally disappeared completely. It burst out in a beast-like roar, with its arms spread, and rushed towards Jiang Yun in a flash!


Looking at the medicinal puppet that was getting closer and closer to him, Jiang Yun was chanting these three words, slowly raising his hand and pointing out with one finger!

At his fingertip, there was a palm-sized vortex and inside the whirlpool, there was a faint flash of people’s figures and images.

Although it was hard to see clearly, if a third person was present at this moment, the person would feel clearly that there was a special energy within this little whirlpool that would awaken what was most desired deep in the heart.

You are eager for it, but not able to get it!

This was ‘Not-Getting-Suffering’!

"Let me help you!"

Following these words, the vortex at Jiang Yun's fingertip suddenly flew out and gently hit the body of the medicinal puppet. The vortex then turned into a bubble and wrapped the medicinal puppet.

Jiang Yun could clearly see that the medicinal puppet within the whirlpool gradually showed a peaceful and calm face although its body gradually disappeared silently.

When there was only its head left, it suddenly turned its head and smiled at Jiang Yun.

It was filled with gratitude!