The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 123

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Chapter 123: Burn The Corpses To Destroy The Evidence

The elegant man suddenly closed his mouth and stopped talking. He just looked at Xia ZhongXing for a long time. He’s dangerous. He was thinking.

Though he knew that Xia ZhongXing must not be a normal person since DuoYao Pharmacy has survived for so many years on XiuYuan Street where most of the stores were owned by sects. No one would believe that Xia ZhongXing was only a nobody.

But till this moment, he realized that he had been underestimating Xia ZhongXing from the very beginning. Xia ZhongXing must be a well-connected people, so powerful that he didn’t take Hundred Herbs Store, Luo family or Du XinWu seriously.

While he himself was only a foreign minister of Luo family. He just happened to catch up with this fight tonight, there was really no need to offend Xia ZhongXing for this matter!

The most important thing was that he couldn't be the opponent of Xia ZhongXing!

The elegant man did not speak, and Xia ZhongXing was also silent. Both of them were just like two statues, quietly standing in this heavy rain.

After a while, Xia ZhongXing suddenly greeted to the elegant man, "I’m leaving now!"

After he finished speaking, Xia ZhongXing turned around and left immediately. While that elegant man, looking at Jiang Yun who was ten miles away and was raising his hand towards Du GuiRong’s head, after a little hesitation, sighed and left as well!

Because, Jiang Yun has finally made his own decision.

He did have fears to Du GuiRong threat. But since he had already burnt the bodies of those six cultivators and that mantis into ashes. Coupled with the good weather today; the heavy rain would wash away all traces. As long as Du GuiRong was dead, no one would know what was going on today.

Therefore, Jiang Yun raised his hand and slapped Du GuiRong hard on the top of the skull.


As his palm was touching Du GuiRong’s head, Jiang Yun’s eyes suddenly burst into a cold light. He felt a fierce crisis of death, so he hurriedly took back his palm with his body immediately rushed backwards.

Even so, Jiang Yun's action was still late. An illusory palm appeared from the top of Du GuiRong's head, and was about to grab Jiang Yun.

An old voice was sounding at the same time, "I am Du XinWu. How dare you to kill my grandson?! Are you looking for death?!"

Although this illusory palm was not big, even its moving speed was not fast, in the eyes of Jiang Yun, it was like the sky was collapsing that he cannot escape it anyway. He was finally caught in this palm tightly.

"Haha, Grandpa, you finally appeared. Be quick! Kill this guy, kill him!" Du GuiRong, who escaped from the dead, suddenly regained his face full of excitement and laughed out loud.

Tightly grasped by the illusory palm, Jiang Yun only felt that his body was crushed by countless big mountains.

At this crucial moment, he couldn’t hide his cultivation level anymore. He tried his best to reach out a finger and pointed between his eyebrows.


Along with the appearance of the mark between his eyebrows, a huge figure as big as thirty meters appeared in the back of Jiang Yun. Though being covered in the illusory palm, it prevented the palm from closing.

"Open it!"

Jiang Yun and the huge figure spit out these two words at the same time, and streams of Physique Strength were suddenly burst out from the huge figure.

"Tao Doppelganger!"

At the same time, the old voice sounded again, but with a little more shock, "You have entered the tenth level of Meridians Unclooged Realm, how come?! Are you Feng WuJi? No, your Tao Doppelganger was full of Physique Strength, totally different from that of Feng WuJi. Who are you?!"

"Open it!"

Jiang Yun had no time to answer anything. He gathered all the power in his body, without any reservation at this moment; he opened the grip palm little by little and finally escaped from the palm’s control.

After getting out of the trap, Jiang Yun did not turn and fled; instead, together with his Physical Tao Doppelganger, he clenched his fists and slammed into the illusory palm.

Jiang Yun guessed that this palm must be a kind of life-saving magic arts left by Du GuiRong's grandfather.

It seemed to be powerful, but it couldn’t last for too long. Hence, he needed to attack it at all costs.

"How dare you!" Du XinWu's voice sounded again, full of anger. He clearly knew that once his palm disappeared, his grandson would die.

But he had no other way now!

As for Du GuiRong, he has also been stunned. This little guy, who was standing in front of him and who was only responsible for washing cauldrons, was not only a proficient pharmacist, but also a powerful cultivator in the tenth level of Meridians Unclooged Realm!

Now, he finally understood why his medicinal puppet could be killed by Jiang Yun.

For the first time in his life, Du GuiRong was in deep remorse. If he was given another chance, he would never provoke Jiang Yun.

No matter where Jiang Yun came from, with such a qualification in his age, he definitely had a strong backing behind him.

Even if Jiang Yun had no backers, as long as he revealed all his strength, there will be countless powerful people who will win him at all costs.

At that time, even my grandfather may be hard to avenge me!

Finally, under the mad attack from Jiang Yun, the original illusory palm gradually became more blurred. Just as it was about to be completely dissipated, Du XinWu’s voice once again sounded, "You kill my grandson. You can't run away! Even going through the whole Five-Mountain Island, I will let you be buried with my grandson, and all your loved ones, all your friends, all die!"

"Grandpa, revenge for me!"


With Du GuiRong's fierce screams, this illusory palm finally exploded and disappeared, and Jiang Yun who was out of breath had no intent to rest. Looking at Du GuiRong who was in fear, he raised his hand again. Then he smashed Du GuiRong's head into meat paste.


Fully exhausted, Jiang Yun was sitting on the floor, looking at Du GuiRong's body, recalling everything that has just happened!

"Du XinWu has reached the top Sky Reaching Realm, and is about to breed his Tao Spirituality and enter the Tao-Spirituality Realm. And this must be the reason why Du GuiRong asked boss Xia for Tao-Build Dan Pill. It is for Du XinWu!

"Although Du XinWu will never let me off the hook, it is not easy for him to find me in a short time even he has high power and status, as long as I do not expose my Physical Tao Doppelganger.

"Fortunately, I still have another Tao Doppelganger, Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger!"

After having recovered a little, Jiang Yun took away Du GuiRong's storage tool and then threw a fireball to completely burn Du GuiRong's body into ashes.

Then he returned to the place where he had killed the six cultivators. He turned around carefully and made sure that no traces had left, then he returned to the South Star quietly.

There was still a period of time before dawn. Jiang Yun was crossing his knees and absorbing Spiritual Energy to recover himself, while recalling what happened tonight.

He didn’t open his eyes until the sky was faintly light with the dawn. Taking a long breath, he murmured, "Although I did not leave any traces, I have once fought with Du GuiRong and won his SanHua Cauldron. Too many people know this!

"People from the Hundred Herbs Valley will definitely come and investigate me. They should come soon!"

"Bang bang bang!"

Right at this moment, a loud knock sounded on the door!