The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 124

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Chapter 124: Little Lord of Luo Family

"They come really fast!"

Although Jiang Yun has guessed that people from Hundred Herbs Store would definitely come, he did not expect them to come so fast.

However, since they came, Jiang Yun naturally would not run away from it. When he stood up and was about to open the door, he suddenly heard Xia ZhongXing's voice, "Xia Shi, Gu Jiang, stay inside the house and don't come out. I will open the door!"

Not waiting for Jiang Yun to come to reply, the shop's door has been opened, and this made Jiang Yun slightly surprised. It felt like Xia ZhongXing has been waiting at the store door!

Xia ZhongXing’s voice rang again, “Ha, I have thought someone was going to rob it. It’s you, boss Wang of Hundred Herbs Store. Boss Wang, although you and I are rivals, well water and river water leave each other alone – we always only care our own business. Today you came to my store so early and knocked my door as you smash it. What do you intend to do?"

A hoarse voice replied, "Boss Xia, by the order of my Hundred Herbs Valley lord, I come to ask your shop's folk Gu Jiang to go to my Hundred Herbs Store!"

"Gui Jiang?" Xia ZhongXing raised his tone, with a bit of doubt, "Why is your lord looking for the guy in my store?"

"I have no idea as well! You know, although I am the boss of the store, I am actually a disciple in the Valley. Thus, we just act on what my lord orders!"

"Your lord is not my lord. His order is your business. There is no relationship with me. He wants to see Gu Jiang, then let him come to my DuoYao Pharmacy! Bye! And I won't send you out!"

Following this was a loud bang. Xia ZhongXing had already closed the gate immediately.

Jiang Yun had thought that boss Wang and his people would not stop knocking or may do something worse, but he did not expect that there was no slight noise outside. It seemed that they came here just to have a try.

After a while, Xia ZhongXing came to Jiang Yun’s room and nodded to Jiang Yun, "Nothing happen. Prepare to open our store!"

Looking at Xia ZhongXing's back as he left, Jiang Yun's eyes could not help but slightly squinted. He found that he could not understand more and more about Xia ZhongXing.

Since he had started to treat people and detoxify in DuoYao Pharmacy, Xia ZhongXing had never said any word.

When he was taking the Dan-making challenge from Du GuiRong, Xia ZhongXing unconditionally trusted him, and he even gave him a Tao-Build Dan Pill as a bet.

This morning, the people from Hundred Herbs Store came so early for him, and had made such a big disturbance. Logically speaking, if a boss encountered such a thing, even if he cared for his workers, he should at least ask about what was happening.

But Xia ZhongXing didn’t ask anything!

"Does he already know that I killed Du GuiRong and deliberately concealed it for me?"

This thought popped up in Jiang Yun’s mind, but immediately he shook his head, “It should not. Boss Xia doesn’t have a high cultivation level. Even if he knows, he and I are not relatives. He has no reason to offend the valley for my sake!"

After pondering for a moment, Jiang Yun suddenly laughed and said, "No matter what, at least he is kind to me and willing to protect me when I am in distress. That’s enough!"

Jiang Yun simply no longer thought about it. As usual, after opening the store, he detoxified cultivators who came to seek medical treatment, and secretly listened to their conversations.

As he had expected, last night, because of the heavy rain, no one found anything happened outside the city, and no one knew about Du GuiRong’s death.

However, Jiang Yun was very clear that it definitely was not over!

Du XinWu was already hate him into his bone. He will never let go of anyone who had the slightest suspicion. He will not give up coming for him because of Xia ZhongXing’s behavior.

This was also the reason why Jiang Yun did not leave after Du GuiRong died. If he really left, it will deepen the suspicion.

Facts have proved that Jiang Yun’s guess was correct.

Nothing happened in the morning. But in the afternoon, around a dozen cultivators lead by a young man in his twenties suddenly rushed into DuoYao Pharmacy, forcefully.

For the sudden appearance of these people, many queuing cultivators were confused, only Jiang Yun was well-informed. However, he stayed calm. He even proactively asked, "If you guys come here for detoxifying, please stand in line!”

The young man in garish clothes ignored Jiang Yun’s words, but glanced at Jiang Yun, “You are Gu Jiang!”


"Take him away!"

With the command of the young man, cultivators who followed him came forward to catch Jiang Yun.

A strong man in red robe hurriedly stood in front of Jiang Yun, glaring at the young man, "Little lord Luo, why do you want to catch master Gu?"

Hearing this, Jiang Yun naturally knew the identity of the young man, a little lord of Luo family, Luo LingXiao!

Jiang Yun had been heard of Luo LingXiao before.

Although he was not the oldest son of Luo family, he had been determined to be the next Lord because he had a Two-Free Tao Physique and was very talented. He did whatever he wanted to do and got whatever he wanted. He was very arrogant.

Luo LingXiao looked at the strong man coldly, “Here is the territory of my Luo family. I want to arrest people. Do I need a reason?”

The strong man showed a slight hesitation, but he said, "Humph! Yes, I can't compare with you. But master Gu has grace for my brothers. Today, unless you can tell me the reason for taking away master Gu. Otherwise, don’t blame me for offending you!"

"Offend me!" Luo LingXiao smirked and laughed, "Ridiculous! Do you think you’re qualified?! Bring him back together!"

The strong man was a little feared, but he still did not retreat. While Jiang Yun stood up and walked to the front of him and smiled, "Never mind. I will go with them!"

The strong man was worried, "No, master Gu, you can't go with them!"

Jiang Yun waved his hand and turned to cultivators who were still in line, "I am sorry guys. I can't help you detoxify today. Come back when I am back!"

After that, Jiang Yun walked toward the outside, without even a glance at Luo LingXiao.

Looking at the back of Jiang Yun, a murderous look flashed on Luo LingXiao's face. He did not speak, but nodded to his people, and walked outside as well.

Right at this moment, Xia ZhongXing’s voice sounded behind him, "Little lord Luo, even your Luo family can't be so arrogant and unreasonable!

"Gu Jiang is the clerk in my store. You want to take him away. Alright! But you should at least give me an explanation as I’m the shopkeeper!"

Luo LingXiao suddenly turned around. He was the Luo family, he personally came here only for catching a clerk. However, again and again, he was obstructed by people, which made him more angry, "What if I refuse?!" ”

"Refuse?" Xia ZhongXing slowly walked out and said, "Then I am sorry little lord Luo. Today, Gu Jiang will not go anywhere!"

Luo LingXiao sneered, "Xia ZhongXing, dare you! Do you believe I can ruin your DuoYao Pharmacy right now?"

Xia ZhongXing smiled lightly, "You can give it a try!"

Luo LingXiao angered with a smile, "Okay, then let me show you! You guys! Raze DuoYao Pharmacy! All unrelated people, leave!"

Ten or more cultivators immediately drove people away, while Xia ZhongXing suddenly sighed slightly.

"Today you can take Gu Jiang for no reason; maybe tomorrow you will take me for no reason, right? The day after tomorrow, you may take anyone in South Star city without any reason, anyone who is not a cultivator of your Luo family! ”

Although Xia ZhongXing spoke lightly, it was clearly heard by thousands of cultivators who was queuing outside DuoYao Pharmacy!