The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 125

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Chapter 125: Fulfill Me, Little Lord Luo

Nearly a thousand cultivators were angry at Luo LingXiao for he was about to take Jiang Yun away with no reason; but they dared not to speak up for Jiang Yun.

Because, as Luo LingXiao had said, South Star city belonged to Luo’s!

They all were cultivators who left their hometown for South Star city and didn’t serve Luo family. A powerful dragon cannot crush a snake in its dwelling. Anyone knew it. Not to mention, they were not strong dragons. They were only at the bottom of the world of Tao cultivation.

However, now, Xia ZhongXing’s words reminded them.

Since Luo family could take Gu Jiang without a reason today, it was equally possible to take all the cultivators who didn’t serve Luo’s family for no reason!

"Since little lord Luo has already grasped master Gu and our elder brother, it is better to take us two together!"

At this moment, two voices sounded almost simultaneously; two angry men appeared in front of the crowd.

They were naturally the strong man in the red robe’s brothers.

"Wow! Are the love among your brothers deep?" Luo LingXiao laughed with irony. He then said coldly, "This little lord will fulfill you! Take them away!"

Not waiting for Luo’s people to catch the two men, the earth suddenly shook slightly, as if an earthquake occurred, so that everyone could not help but follow the direction of the voice.

It was seen that there were a large number of cultivators running at a very fast speed from two directions of XiuYuan Street, probably over thousands.

These cultivators though had not yet arrived, their voices had been heard one step ahead.

"Since little lord Luo has already taken master Gu and Song brothers, it is better to take us as well!"

"And me, I am not a Luo person. It’s better to take me away now than always in fear. Take me with master Gu together, at least we can accompany each other!"

"Yes, may little lord Luo also fulfill us and take us away!"

One after another voice from thousands of cultivators sounded over the sky above XiuYuan Street, above the whole South Star, and surely in the ears of Luo LingXiao.

Looking at these cultivators, even Jiang Yun got stunned. However, when his eyes swept through the faces of these cultivators one by one, his face gradually showed a smile.

Because, he knew them all!

Because these thousands of cultivators were cultivators who had been treated by him during this time!

Although he didn’t know why they showed up at this moment, their purpose was very clear, to protect him!

Thousands of voices sounded, which finally crushed all hesitations of thousands of cultivators who were queuing in line.

They had been still thinking about whether they should stand up and support Jiang Yun, but now they didn’t need to think more!

"I am not serving Luo. Take me away then!"

"Just take us way!"

At this moment, those more than ten cultivators of Luo’s family were pale and their faces were horrified. As for Luo LingXiao, his face was already extremely gloomy.

He did not think that today's incident would be like this.

When he got this task, he had felt that the Lord underestimated him. It was no need to catch a little shop buddy by himself.

But now, he totally understood!

He underestimated Gu Jiang and Xia ZhongXing, as well as all the cultivators who gathered here and who did not belong to his Luo family.

Although he really wanted to snatch all the cultivators in front of him, he also knew that it was impossible.

Because there were nearly two thousands cultivators here!

Two thousand! Even if they were all in Meridians Unclooged Realm, even if they were groups at the bottom of the cultivation world, when gathering together, they were also a force that any sects dared not to underestimate.

If Luo LingXiao really did as he wanted, he might even shake the roots of his Luo family and all his family's business over the years.

Although South Star city was ruled by his Luo family, but the fundamentals of the South Star city development, were still these cultivators!

Once everyone knew that Luo family arbitrarily snatched cultivators in South Star city, who would be willing to come to this city?

"Now, little lord Luo, you have two ways to choose!" Xia ZhongXing slowly said, "The first is to take all of us away; the second is to tell us the reason. Why do you have to take Gu Jiang away?!

"I can guarantee with you that as long as you give us a reasonable explanation, then I will not stop you, but will bring him to your hand!"

Luo LingXiao was silent!

Given his character and identity, he certainly didn’t want to answer. Because once he answered, it was like slapping himself in his face.

After all, he just said that South Star City was his Luo family, and he didn’t need a reason to arrest people.

However, even the Lord of Luo family may not bearing being gazed from nearly two thousand eyes, not to mention him.

After a long silence, Luo LingXiao finally opened his mouth coldly, "Master Du GuiRong of Hundred Herbs Store died outside South Star city last night. At present, no one know who the murderer is. However, Gu Jiang is suspected as he had competed with Du GuiRong several days before. So I want to bring him back!"

Hearing Luo LingXiao’s explanation, everyone was shocked, including Xia ZhongXing. He asked in surprise, “Master Duo GuiRong is dead! How come?”

After saying this, Xia ZhongXing suddenly understood. He said one word by another, "Are you guys suspecting that Gu Jiang killed master Du?"

Luo LingXiao did not answer, just looking at Xia ZhongXing coldly. Xia ZhongXing could not help but smile and shook his head, "Little lord Luo, let’s put aside whether Gu Jiang has the ability to kill master Du. If master Du died last night, then I can prove that the murderer is definitely not Gu Jiang!

"Because Gu Jiang didn't leave DuoYao Pharmacy for even half a step last night!"

Jiang Yun suddenly lifted up his head and looked deeply into Xia ZhongXing and Xia Shi who was always silent by side!

"How can your proof be an evidence?!" Luo LingXiao sneered, "You are the shopkeeper of DuoYao Pharmacy, the boss of Gu Jiang. It is not impossible if you are lying. "

Xia ZhongXing replied with both hands extended, "Then whose proof can be useful?"

"None would be useful! I will bring Gu Jiang back to Luo family. If he really didn't kill Du GuiRong, I will naturally let him go!" Luo LingXiao said one word by another, "Now, I told you reason, should you let us go?!"

"Still not!" However, Xia ZhongXing shook his head.

"You!" Luo LingXiao's eyes were almost spurting out fire. He just wanted to give Xia ZhongXing a deadly shoot.

Xia ZhongXing did not care about it, "Who knows that after you bring Gu Jiang back to Luo family, will you torture him and force him to admit it!"

"Xia ZhongXing, don't be too much!"

Luo LingXiao suddenly took a big step, screaming loudly, with vein on his neck standing out. Obviously, he had almost exploded from anger.

However, at this moment, a voice suddenly came from afar, "Calm down, calm down, everyone! My little lord, if you do not believe boss Xia, do you believe my words?!"