The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 126

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Chapter 126: A Storm Has Disappeared In Such A Calm Way

A middle-aged man who was quite refined came out from the crowd outside of DuoYao Pharmacy.

Jiang Yun had never seen him before, but some among the crowd recognized him immediately.

"Cong Qin! One foreign minister of Luo family, a superior cultivator in ninth level of Blessing Land Realm!"

"What a dramatic situation! An foreign minister of Luo family came to prove for Gu Jiang. Haha, what will little lord Luo deal with it?!"

No one noticed that with the appearance of Cong Qin, Xia ZhongXing’s eyes flashed a strange color.

Luo LingXiao got stunned slightly. He then blurted out, "Elder Cong, how come you are here?"

Cong Qin smiled and said, "Boss Xia and I are friends. When I am free, I often come to visit him."

This sentence confused Jiang Yun. Because it was definitely a lie!

Although he only stayed in DuoYao Pharmacy for about three months, he had never seen anyone come for boss Xia.

Cong Qin continued, "My little lord, actually, I came here in the evening yesterday. I wanted to go back earlier, but the rain was too heavy. In addition, I was too happy chatting with boss Xia at that time, so I didn’t leave and talked throughout the night when the rain receded!

"Therefore, I can prove that from last night when I came until I left this morning, no one had ever left here."

Speaking of this, Cong Qin pointed at Jiang Yun and said, "Including him, he has never left!"

At this time, Jiang Yun’s brain was already like full of fog. Obviously, Cong Qin was telling a lie.

Because when he came back last night, he specially looked at the room of Xia ZhongXing, and it was dark inside. How could someone talk by candlelight all night?

It was clearly that Cong Qin was speaking for him, and it was not difficult to imagine that his identity as an foreign minister of Luo family was absolutely more effective than anyone's words.

Sure enough, after listening to Cong Qin, Luo LingXiao’s face showed hesitations. Even though he was the little lord, he would not be stupid to offend foreign ministers of his family. After all, they were all hired at a high price.

However, he was a bit unwilling if just let Jiang Yun go. Hence, after a moment of contemplating, he looked at Cong Qin and asked, "Why have I never heard of before that elder Cong and boss Xia are friends? And, why elder Cong appeared right at this moment?"

Luo LingXiao's tone was full of questions and dissatisfaction. If he had known this early, if Cong Qin had come here when he just arrived, then he would not face such an embarrassed situation.

Cong Qin surely understood Luo LingXiao’s meaning, and his face showed a bitter smile, "As everyone knows, boss Xia has always been low-key and not sociable. He specially told me not to speak out our relationship. Thus, even the lord doesn’t know it at all, not to mention little lord.

"I didn't go back to Luo’s house after I left here in the morning, but went to KongMing Mountain instead. I just came back to Luo’s house and heard that little lord brought people to DuoYao Pharmacy. So I came here in a hurry!

"However, I’m indeed late. Please don't blame me, my little Lord!"

This time, Luo LingXiao was completely speechless.

If he didn’t believe in Cong Qin’s words, it would not only offend Cong Qin, but also let other foreign ministers chill in heart.

At the same time, he also knew that today if he still insisted on taking Jiang Yun away, it would definitely cause public anger; however, watching many cultivators around him, if he just let Jiang Yun go like this, it was really embarrassing.

For a time, Luo LingXiao was caught in a dilemma. Leave or not, it became a question.

Fortunately at this moment, Cong Qin turned to Xia ZhongXing and greeted, "Brother Xia, this incident itself is a misunderstanding. Could you please just let the whole thing go for my sake?!"

Xia ZhongXing smiled slightly, "I’m also a bit rude. Forgive me, little lord Luo, if I offended you. Next time, I must take Gu Jiang together to Luo house to make amends by ourselves and apologize!"

Xia ZhongXing’s words finally gave Luo Ling a step to avoid embarrassment.

"Hum!" Luo LingXiao snorted. He glanced coldly around the crowd, "Well, since elder Cong spoke up for you, then today's things ends here. Let's go!"

After that, Luo LingXiao took the dozen cultivators and left DuoYao Pharmacy quickly.

With the departure of Luo LingXiao, nearly two thousand cultivators suddenly burst into a cheer. Jiang Yun bowed to them politely, "Thank you very much!"

“Master Gu, you don’t need to be so polite, this is what we should do!”

"That’s it! Without you, the injuries and poisons in our bodies cannot be cured. Master Gu has the life-saving grace for us, and it’s our luck to do something for you!"

Gradually, the cultivators who came to help Jiang Yun left.

Seeing the departure of everyone, Jiang Yun had always maintained bowing. He sincerely thanked them though he may not be able to name them.

While Xia ZhongXing said nothing but went back to backyard with his hands behind his back. He didn’t even greet Cong Qin.

Cong Qin did not care at all. He nodded to Jiang Yun with a smile, and then followed Xia ZhongXing.

Jiang Yun did not ask the two, but watching at the three brothers, especially the two who appeared later, "Are those cultivators called by you two?"

Jiang Yun knew very clearly that as large as South Star city was, and as the time between Luo LingXiao came to DuoYao Pharmacy to catch him and those nearly a thousand cultivators arrived was so short, it was impossible for them to spontaneously come. It must be that someone had informed them in advance, or even brought them here.

The two big men smiled and nodded, "Yeah. This morning, boss Xia told us to call these cultivators together!"

Hearing his assumptions were confirmed, Jiang Yun could not help but look at the direction of the backyard again. He could already conclude that Xia ZhongXing knew that he had killed Du GuiRong and that Luo’s people would come for him, so Xia ZhongXing made these preparations in advance.

Although Jiang Yun didn’t know what purpose Xia ZhongXing has, as he had previously thought, as long as Xia ZhongXing was not malicious to him, everything would be fine.

Anyway, a storm has disappeared in such a calm way.

Although Jiang Yun’s heart was still full of vigilance, he knew that Luo’s people and Hundred Herbs Valley should not find their troubles for at least a while.

This meant that he could safely finish the last three months before the birthday of Luo family’s Big Forefather.

Jiang Yun continued to detoxify cultivators. While in the backyard of DuoYao Pharmacy, Xia ZhongXing looked at Cong Qin interestingly, "You won’t think that I will thank for you suddenly coming here to help, will you?!"

Although the appearance of Cong Qin did do Jiang Yun's great favor, Xia ZhongXing did not appreciate it. While Cong Qin did not care about it. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't need your appreciation."

"Can I ask why?"

Cong Qin had asked Xia ZhongXing last night, but now it was Xia ZhongXing’s turn to ask.

Cong Qin smiled slightly, "You save Gu Jiang for your son; I help him naturally has my consideration. But now it’s not convenient to tell you the reason."

Xia ZhongXing nodded, "If this is the case, I will not ask you to stay any longer. Take care!"


Cong Qin then turned and left.

Seeing Cong Qin was about to disappear, Xia ZhongXing’s voice sounded again, "Whenever you want in the future, you might come to visit me!"

A smile showed on Cong Qin’s face. Although he did not look back, he nodded lightly.

With the departure of Cong Qin, Xia ZhongXing looked up at the sky, "Today, I can help you hide the truth; but I’m unable to help you when the day Luo family’s Big Forefather celebrating his birthday comes!"