The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 127

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Chapter 127: Shape-Changing Magic

After Luo LingXiao and his people left, Jiang Yun’s life completely restored the calm as before.

It seemed that Hundred Herbs Store and Luo family had completely ruled out his suspicion and no longer asked people to DuoYao Pharmacy to make trouble.

Time slowly went by, and the birthday of Luo family’s Big Forefather was coming in three days. As a result, the number of cultivators in South Star city began to reduce; they successively went to Luo family through the Teleportation Formation.

Looking at DuoYao Pharmacy which had less and less guests as if returning to three months ago, Jiang Yun realized that he should go.

Although he only lived here for half a year, but for boss Xia and his son, he had already had feelings for DuoYao Pharmacy as well as boss Xia and his son. He did not know how to say goodbye to them.

However, there is no never-ending feast in the world, and the coming will still come!

Another day had passed, and Jiang Yun had to go anyway.

This night, Jiang Yun did not go to cultivate nor sleep, but spent a whole night and used SanHua Cauldron from Du GuiRong refining three Unclogged-Meridians Pills in Heaven level!

The materials were naturally from Du GuiRong as well!

Although Du GuiRong was only a Second Class Pharmacist, he was the grandson of an Elder of Hundred Herbs Valley. Hence, there were many good things in his Space Tool, and refining materials were especially rich.

These Unclogged-Meridians Pills were gifts from Jiang Yun to boss Xia and his son for taking care of him.

Although these Unclogged-Meridians Pills had reached the Heaven level, Jiang Yun was still not satisfied. He made his stone become water and throw these three Dan pills in it.

After taking it out, looking at the brands that was gradually disappearing on pills, he murmured, "The brand is the word Tao. Does that mean that this brand is the Taoist Seal? Then what are the stone and the water truly are?"

Shaking his head, Jiang Yun no longer thought about this never-having-answer question. He put the three pills of extreme effect into a jade bottle and gently put it on the table.

There was already a piece of paper on the table, with only five words on it – Seeking-Tao Sect, Jiang Yun!

After doing all of this, Jiang Yun stood up and slowly looked around this small cabin that he had lived for nearly half a year. Smiling, he opened the door and walked away quietly.

He had no idea about how to say goodbye, so he decided not to say anything but leave DuoYao Pharmacy secretly.

However, he just took a step before Xia ZhongXing’s word suddenly voiced, "Is it proper to leave without saying goodbye?!"

"Boss Xia!"

Although Jiang Yun was a little surprised, he was not too shocked. Turning around, he looked at Xia ZhongXing coming out of the shadows and showing a bitter smile.

Xia ZhongXing glanced at Jiang Yun, "Would you like to go to Luo’s house in the way you are now?"

"Of course not!" Jiang Yun shook his head and replied, "I will dress up a little."

Nowadays, it was well known that Jiang Yun was master Gu Jiang, a clerk in DuoYao Pharmacy. If he really went to Luo’s house with such an identity, he would get difficult to get out from there.

Xia ZhongXing did not speak any more. Instead, he reached out his hand, and with a hissing sound, the jade bottle and paper that Jiang Yun had placed inside the house automatically flew out and fell into the hands of Xia ZhongXing.

This scene made Jiang Yun's eyes slightly squinted, but he did not say anything.

After sweeping the words on the paper, Xia ZhongXing smiled slightly and shook his hand; the paper was turned into ashes. Then he opened the jade bottle and poured out an Unclogged-Meridians Pill.

At first glance, Xia ZhongXing’s eyes suddenly burst into two cold lights. He suddenly looked up at Jiang Yun and asked, "Are these refined within a night?"

"Yes!" Jiang Yun touched his nose. He was feeling a little guilty.

Although Xia ZhongXing treated him well, he could not tell him the black stone secret. So he could only admit it.

Xia ZhongXing looked at the Unclogged-Meridians Pill in his hand, with light flashed in his eyes clearly. It seemed that he was thinking about something.

After a long while, Xia ZhongXing finally put that Unclogged-Meridians Pill back to the jade bottle. He faintly said, "You are my folk, I should protect you. Not to mention, you have brought me a lot of income, so I can’t take these three Unclogged-Meridians Pills without paying. In exchange, I teach you a small magic arts!"

"No, no need. Thanks!" Jiang Yun hurriedly shook his head, "These Unclogged-Meridians Pills are given to Xia Shi. His body seems to be a little weak, but I can't tell where and why specifically. However, with these Unclogged-Meridians Pills, at least the hope of getting him into the Blessing Land Realm can be increased a little."

However, he did not expect that once his sentence was just finished, Xia ZhongXing suddenly took a step forward, standing in front of him and staring at him deeply, “You find it out?”

At this moment, Jiang Yun clearly felt that a powerful mental aura instantly enveloped his body, and he could hardly bear it even with his physically strong body.

"Find what?"

"Nothing!" Xia ZhongXing suddenly shook his head and recalled his mental aura. He took three steps back and bowed to Jiang Yun solemnly, "Brother Jiang, could you do me a favor, please!"

Jiang Yun had never seen Xia ZhongXing like this. He even gave him a bow. He hurriedly avoided it and said, "Boss Xia, as long as I can do it, I will go all out."

"Well, if one day you can become a Seventh Class Pharmacist, I hope you can come here for once!"

Hearing this and considering Xia ZhongXing's previous words, Jiang Yun seemed to understand something. He looked at Xia Shi’s room and replied, "OK, I know, boss Xia. Just rest assured. If I can become a Seventh Class Pharmacist, I will definitely come to visit you again!"

"Good!" Xia ZhongXing laughed and said, "I have nothing else to give you except that magic arts. I can only promise you that whenever you are in danger, you can come here. As long as you are in DuoYao Pharmacy, no one can harm you!"

His words were really too overbearing. If it is heard by outsiders, they would absolutely believe that Xia ZhongXing was bragging.

How could a small Primary Pharmacist who was also a cultivator of the seventh level of Meridians Unclogged Realm dare to give such a promise.

But Jiang Yun believed!

"Well, now I will teach you that small magic arts. It is called Shape-Changing Magic. You can change your appearance with your Spiritual Energy. I think this should be very useful for you!"

Knowing what the magic arts was, Jiang Yun no longer reject. Because this was what he needed most now. Hence, he nodded, "Thank you, boss Xia!"

This magic was not complicated. Just a moment, Jiang Yun had learned it.

Looking at the color of the sky, Jiang Yun said, "Boss Xia, it’s getting late. I have to go. Tell Xia Shi, I will definitely come again in the future!"

"OK!" Xia ZhongXing nodded. "Although I don't know what you go to Luo’s house for, your trip in Luo’s house must not go smoothly since you come from Seeking-Tao Sect. I don't know too much about Luo family, but I guess they should ask you to go through the Against-Demon Bridge. Be careful!"

Jiang Yun asked inexplicably, "What is the Against-Demon Bridge?"

"I don't know much about this either. I only know that through the Luo’s history, there had been a person who cultivated to be a Demon Forgemaster successfully. And the Against-Demon Bridge was built by him. Only crossing this bridge can you enter the Luo’s house.

"There is a restriction seal on the Against-Demon Bridge. Normally, Luo family will not open it. But once it is opened, the Against-Demon Bridge will release a strange power, and all the people who step on it will be transformed into demons and be hard to pass the bridge because of the restriction seal."

Although Xia ZhongXing had explained in detail, Jiang Yun still didn’t understand it, but he was a little embarrassed to ask too much.

Xia ZhongXing continued, "The foreign minister Cong Qin can be trusted. If there is a danger, you can ask him for help. Alright, brother Jiang, hope you have a safe trip and see you again in the future!"

"It won’t be too long!"

Jiang Yun looked at Xia ZhongXing, bowed deeply, then turned and left!