The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 128

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Chapter 128: A Special Treatment

Although Luo family was an aristocratic cultivating family, it located on a cliff above a mountain, just like a sect.

Seeing from a distance, the whole Luo’s house was like a large-scale castle with strong barriers.

However, the most attracting thing was a huge statue of hundreds of feet.

The statue was engraved with a long-haired, middle-aged handsome man. With sharp eyes, people who were looking at him was standing in awe.

The man's left hand was behind him, his right hand was stretched forward, and under his feet was a mass of cloud. Out of the clouds was a huge head like a dragon’s.

Around the castle was a cliff, as if it was on the brink of an abyss. Once stepping into the air, you would fall into the bog below which had existed for tens of thousands of years. The bog not only had a poisonous biogas, but it was said that there was a big demon.

The opposite of the mountain where Luo’s house was located was an equally tall mountain.

The gate of the castle right face to that mountain. Between them was more than a thousand feet distance. Only a black bridge crossed in the air, becoming the only entrance to Luo’s house.

Naturally, this black bridge was the Against-Demon Bridge.

At this moment, a young man of a mediocre appearance and a thin figure was standing at the welcome place. The welcome place was at the foot of the opposite mountain to Luo’s house. The young man was looking up at Luo’s castle and thinking.

Old Hei had told him that Luo family’s strength was not very good. It relied entirely on its ancestral fame and prestige. However, now the family had been built into the present size and maintained its high reputation. Luo family was indeed good at sociality and business.

No wonder so many cultivators from all directions came here to celebrate the birthday of Luo family’s Big Forefather.

"Hey, man. Sign your name and where you come from here, please."

A Luo’s person who was responsible for welcoming guests smiled and handed a roster, interrupting the man's thinking.

This man, naturally, was Jiang Yun. After learning the Shape-Changing Magic from Xia ZhongXing, he changed himself into the present appearance.

Taking over the roster, Jiang Yun did not hesitate to write his name and his sect’s name – Seeking-Tao Sect, Jiang Yun!

At the moment when he stopped writing, the Luo’ person who had just smiled suddenly showed a poker face. He then sneered, "Seeking-Tao Sect!"

Jiang Yun was not surprised by the man’s different attitudes. Although his master Gu BuLao didn’t tell him anything when he was in Seeking-Tao Sect, within the half year in South Star city, he had known that the demon-refining Luo family which Old Hei had referred to was precisely the Luo family that Gu BuLao had asked him to go to!

Naturally, he had also known that the relationship between Luo family and Seeking-Tao Sect was very bad. However, even so, he could change his appearance, but he will never tell the lie about where he came from.

He had no good feeling with Luo family!

The mantis whose head was cut by him serving under Luo family; and Luo family's little master Luo LingXiao was as arrogant as Fang YuXuan.

He knew clearly that he came here not actually for the birthday celebration; the real purpose was to find people from the Grand Medicine Sect and ask for antidote for his Third Brother.

When hearing the Luo’s person saying “Seeking-Tao Sect”, nearly a hundred cultivators who came for celebration all turned around and looked at Jiang Yun.

Some showed a confused look; some were shocked; but most of them showed sympathy.

They did not know why Seeking-Tao Sect would send someone to attend this birthday celebration. They admired the courage of Seeking-Tao Sect; at the same time, they felt deeply sympathetic to Jiang Yun.

Needless to say, Luo’s people would definitely do their best to create difficulties for this Taoist disciple, and even let him stay in Luo’s house forever.

Under the gaze of everyone, Jiang Yun nodded in a calm face, "Yes, I’m a disciple from Seeking-Tao Sect. I was ordered to come for the birthday celebration this time. Don’t your Luo’s people welcome me?"

"Surely welcome!" That Luo‘s people sneered again, "All the visitors are guests. We are not so stingy! But since you are from Seeking-Tao Sect, I have no right to decide what to do next. Please wait for a moment, and I’m going to ask how to treat you well!"


Jiang Yun nodded and did not care. He turned his head to look at the castle, with two hands on his back.

Taking things as they come. He wanted to see how Luo’s people would treat him. Would it be like Xia ZhongXing’s saying that they would open the restriction seal on the Against-Demon Bridge and ask him go through this thousand-foot bridge?!

At this moment, the voice of Bai Ze suddenly sounded in Jiang Yun’s mind, "The Hearing-Tao Demon!"

These four words made Jiang Yun's brow slightly wrinkled. He was reminded that Bai Ze had said that he had a smell from the Hearing-Tao Demon, and he guessed that it might be his grandfather.

Now Bai Ze again felt the smell. Was there a Hearing-Tao Demon in Luo family?

Seemed to know what Jiang Yun as thinking, Bai Ze continued saying, "I feel the smell of a Hearing-Tao Demon. Although it is extremely weak, I would definitely not be wrong. And the smell should come from this bridge! ”

"The Against-Demon Bridge?" Jiang Yun’s eyes squinted. Staring at the thousand-foot black bridge, he was a little hard to figure it out. How could such a bridge be associated with a Hearing-Tao Demon?

Bai Ze voiced again, "I don't feel it clearly, because there is a restriction seal on the bridge. After you step on the bridge, I may figure it out."

Jiang Yun knew that there was a restriction seal on the bridge, so he nodded quietly.

After a while, that Luo’s people came towards Jiang Yun and said with an artificial smile, "Thanks for waiting so long!"

"That’s ok. So how will you be going to welcome me?"

"Of course we will welcome you to enter our castle. However, because of your special identity, I have specially arranged you to be the last to enter. It’s a special treatment. After all the guests have entered, you can enter!"

Hearing this, Jiang Yun could almost conclude that Xia ZhongXing was right!

Luo family would open all the restriction seals on the Against-Demon Bridge!

Several Luo’s people immediately said to other cultivators around, "My guests, please come across the Against-Demon Bridge right now!"

Everyone naturally understood Luo’s plan. Although some people sympathized with Jiang Yun, everyone was silent. After all, this was the Luo family’s place.

Being compassionate to Jiang Yun, you would offend Luo family!

Under the guidance of Luo’s people, cultivators first entered a small Teleportation Array, and soon appeared at the top of the cliff. Then, leading by Luo’s people, they stepped on the Against-Demon Bridge and walked toward the gate of Luo’s castle.

Jiang Yun firmly watched the movements of these people, and wanted to learn about the Against-Demon Bridge. But he soon found that he could not.

Because those cultivators did not show any strange reaction at all, even Bai Ze did not notice anything.

Finally, all of them entered the Luo’s gate, but none of them continued to go inside. Even, there were more people coming out from the castle. They all gathered at the gate.

Obviously, these people were very curious and wanted to see whether Jiang Yun could successfully walk through the Against-Demon Bridge when all its restriction seals were open.