The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Long For Saying More

Watching DongFang Bo leave, Jiang Yun showed a warm smile gradually.

Though he seldom got along with people outside Jiang village and knew little about Tao cultivation, he was not a simpleton. Rather, he was quite attentive and penetrating.

When he and DongFang Bo had been walking on the mountain, he had noticed that many of those cottages were full of sundries inside. Therefore, he had vaguely speculated that the so-called Sixth Peak should probably be a mountain for just placing sundries.

Considering that there were only five persons living in this peak besides himself, Jiang Yun could even guess that they to a large extent were the sundries keepers. And now he was another keeper.

But he didn’t care about it. He only knew that it was DongFang Bo who gave him a hand when he was almost at the end of his rope and brought hope to him!

Just like the day when he had been abandoned and been left alone, his grandfather had appeared and brought him up.

“Big Brother!”

Jiang Yun muttered this new but warming appellation. He turned and moved on to the mountaintop.

Jiang Yun didn’t hang out randomly, after all, he was new here and not a real core member. Hence, he went to the small cottage with a yard near the peak directly.

After sitting on a stone stool in the yard, Jiang Yun finally took a long breath.

“I am now in the Seeking-Tao Sect! Though only as a factotum disciple, it’s the first step towards my Tao cultivation!”

Jiang Yun was digesting the information DongFang Bo had shared before when waiting patiently for DongFang Bo.

Around half an hour later, DongFang Bo came back hurriedly. Smiled, he gave Jiang Yun a suit of grey clothes, a jade bottle, and a thin book and said, “This is your uniform; inside the bottle are three Inhalation Pills and three Improvement pills; and this is a fundamental book for cultivation, The Meridians Unclogged Instructions.”

Jiang Yun took them over and put the clothes and the jade bottle aside. Then he held the book in both hands, with fingers trembling slightly.

“I have been waiting for this day for sixteen years! According to grandfather’s words, I couldn’t cultivate together with Jiang people due to my different physique; and now this book, The Meridians Unclogged Instructions, should be the one that grandfather had mentioned, through which I can find a cultivating method that suits me!”

Jiang Yun’s behavior confused DongFang Bo. Although this cultivating book was delivered by the Seeking-Tao Sect, in fact, it was only a common book even outside the sect. It wasn’t valuable at all. Thus, he didn’t understand why Jiang Yun was so excited.

Touching it for a while, Jiang Yun put the book aside carefully. He stood up, made a deep bow to DongFang Bo with hands folded in front and said, “Big Brother, may I know why you would like to accept me as a factotum disciple?”

This was always Jiang Yun’s confusion.

He knew clearly that he should have had no qualification to enter the Seeking-Tao Sect because he hadn’t passed any test. However, DongFang Bo brought him into the Hidden Peak.

It was absolutely not because DongFang Bo was kind-hearted. Because too many people didn’t go through the three tests. Why did DongFang Bo choose him?

DongFang Bo smiled slightly, “Because you are pretty odd!”

Jiang Yun was stunned, “What?”

Such an answer was really beyond his expectation and made him more confused.

“That’s it! People in the Hidden Peak are all odds. And you are odd as well. That’s why I recruit you as a factotum disciple.”

Though still confused, Jiang Yun stopped asking.

At any rate, DongFang Bo gave him a chance, and all he needed to do was to catch it. He would repay him for his kindness in the future.

Then Jiang Yun changed the topic, “Big Brother, I know nothing about cultivation. I’m afraid I will always ask you for help!”

“Know nothing? That’s great!” Hearing this, DongFang Bo’s eyes became shiny, and his expression showed that he was very excited.

DongFang Bo’s reaction scared Jiang Yun. It somehow reminded him of those fierce beasts in Mang Mountains who had been hungry for a long time.

“Since I’m not busy now, and since you’re new here, let me tell you detailedly what Tao cultivation is! Come on bro Jiang, take a seat and listen to me!

“Tao cultivation is a long story. Since you have no idea about it, we will start from the most basic knowledge, the Spiritual Energy……”

When one day passed, Jiang Yun finally understood why DongFang Bo’s eyes had been so shiny before.

Because DongFang Bo was actually a chatterbox!

DongFang Bo had almost kept speaking for the whole day and night. Even now he showed no tiredness and was still saying with no stop.

Although Jiang Yun did have been seeking the way to cultivate Tao with eagerness, he really needed some time to digest those knowledge well. He could do nothing but interrupt DongFang Bo’s sentence, “Big Brother, could you tell me the rest tomorrow? I’m a little tired. I want to have a rest!”

“You feel tired?” DongFang Bo gazed blankly for a short while. Though longing for saying more, he said, “Alright, have a good rest. I will come to see you tomorrow! I live on the mountaintop. Feel free to come for me if anything troubles you!”

“Got it!”

“Oh, there’s one more thing. Though I asked for making an exception to accept you, and you don’t need to do any miscellaneous affair, you must pass the retest six months later; or you will still be expelled. The requirement to go through the retest is to lift your motivation level to at least a level.”

“Got it!”

Finally, DongFang Bo went away. Jiang Yun lay on the ground directly. He smiled bitterly and murmured, “May other three people be afraid of listening to Big Brother’s speaking so that they keep away from him?” Because there were four people in the Hidden Peak except Jiang Yun. They were one master and three disciples. There was no difference between them, no the so-called inner or outer difference. DongFang Bo was the only one Jiang Yun had ever seen till now.

According to DongFang Bo, the Hidden Peak Master and the Third Brother had been traveling outside; and the Second Sister had been retreating for cultivating. Jiang Yun did have believed it, but now he thought that they should probably take these as excuses to elude DongFang Bo such a chatterbox……

Lying on the ground and closing his eyes for a while, Jiang Yun jumped up suddenly. His eyes were shiny, revealing no tiredness at all.

For him who had been always living in the deep Mang Mountains, it was usual not to sleep for several days. What was more, he was too excited to be sleepy.

Jiang Yun again took that book, The Meridians Unclogged Instructions. He took a long breath to calm himself down, then he opened it carefully.

Though DongFang Bo liked to chatter, Jiang Yun had to admit that DongFang Bo was quite knowledgeable in cultivation. He even had explained The Meridians Unclogged Instructions almost word by word to him. As a result, Jiang Yun didn’t feel much difficult to understand its content when he was reading this book.

“The first step to cultivate is to feel the spirituality in the heaven and earth. Then one should lead the spirituality into the body to unblock all the meridians in the body. And that’s why the first big realm is called the Meridians Unclogged Realm.

“Although one can open up a piece of blessing land inside the body after having reached the ninth level of the Meridians Unclogged Realm, one actually has twelve meridians inside the body and the highest level in the Meridians Unclogged Realm is the twelfth level.

“However, it’s as hard as to reach the sky to unblock any of the rest meridians after having unblocked nine meridians. One who manages it successfully not only has power but also has a bit of good luck.

“And the Meridians Unclogged Realm can be divided into three stages as every three levels a stage, standing for the Initial Success, the Great Success, and the Completeness respectively. As for the twelfth level, it’s called the Great Completeness. While the sixth level of the Meridians Unclogged Realm is a watershed in cultivation. Only one who reaches the seventh level can be considered as having made great progress and being qualified to be an outer disciple.

“The Heart of Tao, the Spirituality of Tao and the Physique of Tao though can evaluate whether one is able to cultivate, they aren’t the only assessment criterion. The three tests are just one testing method. It can’t decide everything. After all, the world is large that nothing is too strange in the world!

“Alright, no more to think about those things. Now I need to try and see whether I can lead the spirituality in the heaven and earth into my body to start my cultivation!”

Thinking of this, Jiang Yun closed the book and sat cross-legged. He dropped one Inhalation Pill out from the jade bottle. After having a look of it for a long time, he swallowed it quickly.