The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: The Third Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm

Once the Inhalation Pill was swallowed, it became a warm stream of gas. The gas flowed circularly in Jiang Yun’s body quickly and blended in with his four limbs then the entire body, which made him feel pretty comfortable and improved the acuity of his hearing and vision.

Jiang Yun began his meditation, murmuring the scriptures in The Meridians Unclogged Instructions.

Gradually, Jiang Yun’s breathing became long and slow; he felt that his body became much lighter. He seemed to fly to another world, forgetting everything including himself.

Not knowing how long it took, he clearly sensed that there was a stream of cool air which came into his body via his mouth and nose when he was breathing. It flowed around his body inside then immersed itself in his DanTian slowly.

“The Spiritual Energy!”

Jiang Yun was shocked. At once, he realized that such cool air was the Spiritual Energy which were the essential thing to Tao cultivation!

Feeling that the Spiritual Energy had already been inside his body; Jiang Yun knew that he had made the first step of Tao cultivation successfully. The next step was to lead much more Spiritual Energy into his body so that he could unblock his meridians one by one.

Such a self-perception made Jiang Yun happy. However, he was in doubt at the same time.

Because his grandfather had said that his physique was different from Jiang people and didn’t suit their cultivating method. Thus, Jiang Yun had always believed that the cultivation instruction that he could follow should be an extremely unique one which could hardly be found in the world.

However, DongFang Bo had made it clear that no matter The Meridians Unclogged Instructions or the Inhalation Pill was quite a normal thing, which would even not cost too much if one not belonging to any sect wanted to buy one from the market.

How come could such a common thing help him to cultivate?

Though confused, Jiang Yun knew that it was not a good time to think such kind of things. He adjusted himself quickly and kept paying attention to absorbing the Spiritual Energy.

While at the same time, DongFang Bo who was sitting cross-legged with eyes closed in a small cottage on the mountaintop of the Hidden Peak opened his eyes suddenly. He looked to Jiang Yun’s direction and murmured, “It’s the first time he has cultivated. How come he can succeed in leading gases into his body so quickly! Maybe I find a genius this time?”

Following DongFang Bo’s voice was a woman’s words sounding near his ear, “Big Brother, is this guy our Fourth Brother? He doesn’t look as odd as I thought he would be!”

DongFang Bo expressed no surprise to this sudden voice. He smiled and said, “No Tao Heart, Tao Spirituality nor unblocked Tao Physique, aren’t these odd enough? As for whether this boy can be our Fourth Brother, it depends on whether he is the one our master likes!”

After a short silence, the woman’s voice sounded again, “According to what you just said, this guy is really weird! Whatever, if his talent in Tao cultivation reaches my requirement, I don’t mind giving him some instructions even if he can’t be our Fourth Brother!”

DongFang Bo nodded, “I hold no disagreement since seldom can one be your favorite! However, this guy knows nothing about Tao cultivation. Hence, I will explain it to him in detail these days. My Second Sister, you can take a seat as well if you’re interested. You can’t always retreat for cultivating. It’s not good for you. Second Sister? Second Sister? Why are you silent?”

Waiting for a moment, no voice sounded again, which made DongFang Bo kindly dissatisfied. He said with head shook, “Well, you guys think I’m verbose. However, it’s really for your own good! It seems that bro Jiang is the only one who understands me. Ho?”

DongFang Bo’s tone shifted suddenly. At the same time, that woman’s voice sounded again, full of surprise as well, “He has already unblocked the first meridian! How come! It’s impossible!”


Jiang Yun just felt that a big sound came through from his inside body. Then he found that one of his meridians has been unblocked by the Spiritual Energy.

“I manage to be in the first level of Meridians Unclogged Realm successfully?!”

Jiang Yun was stunned as well. Because DongFang Bo had told him that even one could lead the Spiritual Energy inside the body successfully, it still needed quite a long time before unblocking one of the meridians.

After all, meridians were blocked at birth. There would be more and more impurities inside them with age, which would result in a more serious block and hence it was much more difficult to unblock them.

Only if you tried your best to absorb the Spiritual Energy and send them into one meridian can the meridian become unblocked bit by bit, just like to dredge it. While such a process could cost as long as several years or at least a few days.

However, mostly, ones who could unblock their meridians within a few days were children in an age under eight. Because they were young enough, and relatively impurities in their meridians were much less.

Whereas, it had only cost Jiang Yun one hour or less to unblock his first meridian since he had swallowed the Inhalation Pill!

As quick as that, Jiang Yun was so confused that he had to end his cultivation and opened his eyes.

Because this was his first time to cultivate. He had no idea whether it was good or bad. Thus, he was afraid to continue.

But he guessed that it should not be a bad thing as his body was covered by the dirt coming out from his pores and he felt pretty relaxed after that.

Having thought for a while, Jiang Yun shook his head and murmured, “It's better to ask big brother about this, just in case!”

Actually, DongFang Bo had no idea as well. Hence, DongFang Bo only confirmed that he had already been in the first level of Meridians Unclogged Realm. He told Jiang Yun, “After you manage to be in the third level of Meridians Unclogged Realm, you will have the ability to inspect the inside of your body. You may find the answer at that time.”

Though he didn’t get an exact answer, Jiang Yun was excited to know his success. The thing that had troubled him for sixteen years was solved now.

He was a real cultivator now!

“Grandpa, I will surely come back in five years!”

After speaking this in his heart, Jiang Yun didn’t mean to take a rest. Instead, he sat cross-legged and continued cultivating regardless of the dirt on his body.



Around two hours later, two sounds were heard in Jiang Yun’s body. That meant that he unblocked three meridians in total!

While watching the whole process, DongFang Bo and his Second Sister were totally speechless.

Jiang Yun who had been an ordinary people used only three hours to become a cultivator of the third level of Meridians Unclogged Realm. It would surprise the whole world if such a piece of news was spread.

Because no matter how remarkable a genius was, reaching the third level of Meridians Unclogged Realm should cost no less than months.

“Bro Jiang, you’d better stop cultivating to a higher level. Your cultivation speed is rapid. You need to spend several days consolidating it. Another thing, you can cast the Inside Inspection now. So check your inside body first!”

Hearing DongFang Bo’s voice, Jiang Yun nodded slightly. Though he was new to Tao cultivation, he understood that haste didn’t bring success. As a result, Jiang Yun ended absorbing the Spiritual Energy. Instead, he closed his eyes and scanned his entire body.