The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Without Extra Effort

The experience of seeing the inside of your body with your own eyes was amazing. And it was the first time for Jiang Yun to experience such a thing.

After enjoying the experience of using the art, he turned his eyes to his twelve meridians.

The twelve meridians inside one’s body from end to end were connected to the DanTian, which ran through the entire body like a circle.

Therefore, the first step to Tao cultivation was to unblock these meridians as many as you could so that the Spiritual Energy could circulate inside your body through these meridians endlessly.

While looking at the twelve meridians in his body, Jiang Yun was stunned.

Though he didn’t know how others’ meridians looked like, he had an intense feeling that his meridians should be much stronger and bigger than others. what was more, the three unblocked meridians, which were kind of transparent and see-through, were full of Spiritual Energy that were raging like rivers that were flowing together.

He was moved. Because this reminded him of his grandfather and the countless medicinal baths he had taken, “Maybe my strong meridians are just stimulated by those medicinal herbs?”

Then, when he looked carefully at the rest nine meridians which were still blocked, he not only knew that his guess was right; he even found the reason why he could cultivate so quickly!

Though there were all kinds of impurities full of the nine meridians, it could be found carefully that those impurities among six of them were pretty tiny, and even a little bit of Spiritual Energy was flowing among them!

It was just like a huge stone in a stream would prevent the stream from flowing while smaller stones in the same volume of that stone might slow the stream’s flowing speed but wouldn’t block it.

And Jiang Yun’s meridians were just like the stream. Those impurities should have been like huge stones in one’s body, but within Jiang Yun’s body, they were in much smaller sizes. Once the Spiritual Energy ran through quickly enough, they could easily wash those impurities away.

At this moment, Jiang Yun obviously knew that it was his grandfather’s long-term medicinal baths that allowed him to have different meridians and cultivation speed from others.

Though he had been unable to cultivate in Jiang village’s cultivation way, his grandfather had tried his best to lay down the groundwork for his later cultivation. Those medicinal herbs had been stimulating Jiang Yun’s meridians, which in result made them bigger and stronger and caused the impurities to be smashed bit by bit.

As a result, once the Spiritual Energy had come in, the meridians would be cleared without extra effort!

That was one of the reasons why he as a mortal could beat Feng WuJi easily.

If he wanted, he could even reach the ninth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm in a few days!


Jiang Yun murmured. He hadn’t understood his grandfather’s good intentions thoroughly until now. He was much firmer to reach a higher cultivation level as earlier as he could and then go back to the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains.

Looking at these six meridians quietly for a long time, Jiang Yun then turned to another three blocked meridians.

The impurities in these three meridians were still clotted. It seemed that even those medicinal herbs could hardly break them up.

However, what Jiang Yun didn’t know was that Jiang WanLi was a Medical Taoist of high attainments. It would be a tiny thing for him to smash impurities in these three meridians.

Whereas, Tao cultivation itself was in defiance of nature; meanwhile, the number nine was the biggest single digit which often means completeness. As a result, all realms of Tao cultivation no matter the Meridians Unclogged Realm or the Blessing Land Realm ended with the ninth level. This was a limit setting by the law of nature.

Once one went beyond this limit in Tao cultivation, it would result in punishments from the nature Tao. Even Jiang WanLi dared not break it up easily. Hence, he had intended not to exert an impact on these three meridians when helping Jiang Yun with beefing up his meridians through those medicinal baths.

After Jiang Yun finished scanning his body, he took a shower. Then instead of keeping cultivating, he decided to steady his present cultivation level.

In the next morning, DongFang Bo showed up. He looked Jiang Yun up and down, then said in surprise, “Bro Jiang, you definitely widen my horizon. You are exactly the evidence of what I have said before. The so-called three tests are showy and trustless at all!”

Not waiting for Jiang Yun’s response, DongFang Bo continued, “You must have some secrets. Or you won’t be so unusual during the three tests!

“Well, you can trust me that no matter what secrets you have, people of the Hidden Peak including me won’t ask about it. But you’d better be careful when you’re outside our peak. Don’t let others find out anything!”

Jiang Yun believed that his secret was only about the meridians. He knew that DongFang Bo said this with good intentions. He nodded seriously, “Thank you for your warning, Big Brother. I will bear this in mind.”

DongFang Bo waved his hand and said, “It’s not a warning but only a reminder. Alright, bro Jiang, since now you’re in the third level of Meridians Unclogged Realm, you’re able to learn some Taoist magic arts. Have you had any thoughts? Which Taoist magic arts do you want to cultivate?”

“Urgh…” Jiang Yun smiled bitterly with head shook, “I am afraid that I have to bother you. Because I know nothing about Taoist magic arts as well.”

“Haha! No sweat! No problem!” DongFang Bo’s eyes became shiny again. He sat in front of Jiang Yun promptly and said, “Since you need some days to stabilize your realm, I will make use of this period to explain the knowledge of Taoist magic arts in detail.

“The Taoist magic arts are rich and abundant. Hence, there is a rank there, which related to Tao cultivation fast. Let me teach you from the most fundamental one the Five Elements Arts!”


Another whole day and night over as DongFang Bo having given another almost endless speech, Jiang Yun finally made his decision to learn the Fire-related Arts!

Fire was one of the five elements, and also the one that could be mastered easily. Basically, most cultivators would make the Fire-related Arts their first choice.

Furthermore, according to DongFang Bo, the Fire-related Arts was not only a kind of attack arts, but also the one who did medicinal refinement or material refinement must master.

Though Jiang Yun now was able to cultivate, he had been working on medicinal refinement for sixteen years. He surely wouldn’t give it up. Thus, to cultivate the Fire-related Arts was like to kill two birds with one stone.

In addition, with DongFang Bo’s suggestion, Jiang Yun chose to cultivate swordsmanship as well.

The swordsmanship was also a kind of Taoist magic arts. Throughout the ages, cultivators cultivating in the Tao of swordsmanship were always said to be the strongest in aggressiveness. Especially, even the Seeking-Tao Sect master’s peak was mainly doing the Fence Tao. Hence, cultivating swordsmanship was not bad a choice.

“According to our sect’s rules, only outer disciples and over can go to our Book Storage Pavilion to seek for instructions and scriptures. But it doesn’t matter. I will go for you!”

Leaving this sentence behind, DongFang Bo went away in a hurry, which made Jiang Yun moved and appreciate him again.

Though Jiang Yun had been doubtful that why DongFang Bo was so kind to him, he somehow felt familiar to him. In addition, he had nothing to be stolen. Hence, he had decided to trust DongFang Bo. While after getting along with him these days, Jiang Yun knew that he made the right decision.

Quickly, DongFang Bo came back. He gave Jiang Yun an Interspatial Ring.

“Now that you have the Spiritual Energy inside your body, you can use the Space Ring. Though the space in this ring isn’t too big, it’s enough for you at present. There are a fundamental Fire-related Arts instruction and a basic swordsmanship instruction as well as a normal iron sword inside.

“By the way, I’m unable to teach you how to cultivate Taoist magic arts. However, your Second Sister specializes in this. If you can ask her to teach you, you will learn a lot!”