The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 115

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Chapter 115: Swindling

Hearing the words ‘Hundred Herbs Store’, all the people including Jiang Yun understood what was going on.

The long queue in front of DuoYao Pharmacy had already attracted the attention of other shops on the Xiuyuan Street, especially the pharmacy called Hundred Herbs Store.

There were not many pharmacies on Xiuyuan Street. Apart from DuoYao Pharmacy, there were only two pharmacies, which were much larger than DuoYao Pharmacy.

The biggest one called The Grand Medicine Store belonged to Grand Medicine Sect.

Jiang Yun’s first plan was to join the The Grand Medicine Store as a little staff. After all, his master had said that the Grand Medicine Sect could detoxify his Third Brother. If he could join its pharmacy, he might be able to know how to make the antidote. However, he was failed to be recruited.

Another pharmacy was the Hundred Herbs Store, which was opened by a sect called Hundred Herbs Valley.

Although neither the sect’s strength nor its skills in pharmacy were as good as those of Grand Medicine Sect, the relationship between Hundred Herbs Valley and Luo Family was very good.

Generally speaking, the competition between these two pharmacies should be very fierce, but Hundred Herbs Store was very smart. They mainly sold medicinal herbs, most of which were not available for The Grand Medicine Store. Plus, Luo family, which was the “local king”, provided shelter to Hundred Herbs Store. Hence, the relationship between these two pharmacies were pretty harmonious.

The Grand Medicine Store had noticed Jiang Yun who treated people almost free, but it didn’t care about it. Being the most powerful medicinal sect all over the Five-Mountain Island, it was never worried about that, as how could a small DuoYao Pharmacy take away its business.

However, for Hundred Herbs Store, the mindset was totally different. After all, it couldn’t be compared with The Grand Medicine Store at all. More or less, DuoYao Pharmacy’s popularity was affecting its business. This current event was happening right for this reason.

Although people knew what the hell was going on here, Du GuiRong’s identity indeed shocked a lot of people.

Because pharmacists were extremely noble people, and they seldom show up in public. However, now there came a Two-Class Pharmacist.

The middle-aged man suddenly smiled and said, "Wow! A Two-Class Pharmacist from Hundred Herbs Store! What a pleasure! Master Du!"

But then, the middle-aged man shook his head and kept saying, "But I don't have enough spiritual stones with me, I am afraid that I can't afford your help!"

Du GuiRong said coldly, "I am not here for spiritual stones! I heard that there is a god-like doctor here, so I came to see if he is worth his name. I am just worried that some fakes pretend to be skilled doctors and therefore ruined a real doctor’s reputation!

"Reach out your hand!"

While talking, Du GuiRong was staring at Jiang Yun.

Xia Shi who was staying behind the counter all the time almost couldn't help rushing forward, but he was firmly held by Xia ZhongXing.

Xia Shi was extremely anxious, "Dad! Won’t you go help brother Gu?"

Xia ZhongXing answered calmly, "Don't worry. Just wait and look!"

Right now, Jiang Yun totally understood everything, but he had no plan to argue for himself. He just stood there watching these two.

Du GuiRong has already grasped the middle-aged man's wrist. Only a few seconds later, he turned his head, glared at Jiang Yun and said angrily, "What a terrible doctor! This person has the poison of Corpse Grass in his body, but you said that he is okay?!"

With his words ended, all the people around were shocked again. The middle-aged man’s countenance changed greatly, "I insisted that my body has poison inside, and I have sought many doctors. However, nobody can tell it. I never thought that it will be the poison of Corpse Grass! How fortunate that I meet you Master Du! Master Du, could you help me?”

"Of course since you meet me!"

Jiang Yun was slightly stunned. He knew Corpse Grass and also knew that it was difficult to tell its poison. However, if this man really got this poison in his body, he would find it.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yun grabbed the middle-aged man's wrist again, and input a stream of Spiritual Energy into his body. Then, he couldn’t help frowning.

There indeed existed a little poison of Corpse Grass inside this man’s body, very slightly.

Although Jiang Yun did not think that he deserved the so-called god-like doctor, he was confident in his special ability. He believed that he hasn’t made mistakes, definitely.

No poison before but now the man’s body did have. Only one explanation was there. The poison of Corpse Grass was produced just now!

Thinking of this, Jiang Yun suddenly looked up at Du GuiRong and the middle-aged man. His eyes flashed a cold light, but he released the man’s wrist and retreated to the side, "There is indeed the Corpse Grass poison in his body. It’s my mistake; I didn’t find it before. Since Master Du can take it easily, could you guys please find a place for detoxifying?”

There were less than three months before the birthday of Luo family’s Big Forefather. Jiang Yun would leave DuoYao Pharmacy at that time. Although Jiang Yun knew exactly what the whole thing was, he didn’t want to make any trouble for not only himself but more for DuoYao Pharmacy before he left.

"Change a place!" Du GuiRong sneered, "It’s too simple for you! How can I, a Two-Class Pharmacist, see a quack like you here swindling but doing nothing!

"I don't know who taught you medicine, dabbler. How dare you to pretend to be a skilled doctor! Such a behavior is a wicked thing; or even more seriously, you’re killing people!

"Hey, unless you give us a satisfactory explanation today, there is no need for DuoYao Pharmacy to continue existing in South Star City!"

Looking at Du GuiRong who was aggressive in front of him, Jiang Yun knew exactly what Du GuiRong was planning. Although he didn’t want to cause any trouble, it didn’t mean that he was afraid of causing trouble.

What's more, it was not only a thing about him, but also a matter involving DuoYao Pharmacy; in addition, Du’s words offended his grandfather. Therefore, Jiang Yun squinted his eyes slightly, with a fierce light emerging from them, "Alright. Then, what do you suppose me to do?"

"Return all the spiritual stones that you have defrauded these days, break one of your fingers and make a vow that you will not do medicine again in your life; then, get out of the South Star City and never enter it again."

People around frowned and shook their heads when hearing these words. Because such punishments were too heavy. Even if Jiang Yun was really a liar, he should not be so severely punished.

Jiang Yun, after listening these words, was almost about to laugh loudly. How Du GuiRong, a little Two-Class Pharmacist, dared to punish him!

Jiang Yun was about to say something. However, right at this moment, Xia ZhongXing, who had never spoken before, suddenly came out and held his fists towards Du GuiRong, "Master Du, brother Gu is young, and it is normal to make some mistakes. Could you do me a favor and just let it go? We really feel sorry for the whole thing."

Du GuiRong answered coldly: "For your sake? Xia ZhongXing, you are a One-Class Pharmacist; however, seeing this guy swindling, you not only did nothing, but allowed him to treat people in your store. It’s clear that you’re a team! You have lost our pharmacists’ face! And now you even mention doing you a favor and letting it go?!”

Xia ZhongXing showed a little anger with Du GuiRong’s accusation, “Then, how will Master Du end the whole thing?”

After looking at Xia ZhongXing up and down, Du GuiRong suddenly grinned, "Since you want to help him, I will give you a chance then. We are pharmacists; let’s give it an end in a pharmacist’s way – Dan-making challenge!"