The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 114

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Chapter 114: The Second Class Dan Jade

Although Jiang Yun couldn’t cure everyone and help them to get rid of their diseases immediately, he could at least tell their medical symptoms!

Even with the deep-seated injuries and residual poison, Jiang Yun could find them out easily!

In others’ eyes, Jiang Yun who was able to do this must be a well-skilled medical master. However, Jiang Yun knew that this was not his merit but another gift from his grandpa.

This gift, again, was related to the numerous medicinal baths he had taken in the past 16 years.

When he was in Jiang village, he actually had known that he had such ability. The large amount of medicinal properties contained in the bath was just like his Physique Strength before which his body couldn’t completely absorb and therefore hide everywhere inside his body.

These medicinal properties not only strengthened Jiang Yun's body subtly, but could also help him to find out the injuries and poisons in one’s body, via the reinforced and counteractive relationships between each other.

For example, the poison of Fall-gone Herb was actually not distinguished by Jiang Yun at the first glance, but indeed the medicinal property of the Seven-Leaf Bitter Chrysanthemum in his body helped him to perceive it.

For a certain injury or poison that was hard to perceived, as long as he released his own Spiritual Energy into others’ bodies, he would find it out as well; because his Spiritual Energy also contained various medicinal properties now.

For why there was such a situation, Jiang Yun had asked his grandpa before. His grandpa gave a very interesting explanation which Jiang Yun always kept in mind.

Natural nemesis!

Nothing would be invincible in this world. Everything would inevitably have its natural nemesis that restrain it.

Like cats and mice, the Seven-Leaf Bitter Chrysanthemum and Fall-gone Herb, they were natural enemies for each other.

There were no exception in all kinds of injuries and poisons. They had their corresponding natural nemesis as well. The natural nemesis, to make it specifically, should be all kinds of medicinal properties!

Everything had its own spirituality. Medicinal properties had their own spirituality. Thus, they could detect their natural nemesis.

If their spirituality was strong enough, they could even actively attack their natural nemesis.

Of course, for present Jiang Yun, this was still unimaginable. But if he could reach it one day, he would be equivalent to the most powerful Dan Pills in the world at that time!

Even a drop of his blood, a stream of his Spiritual Energy, could cure everything!

In short, with the gift his grandpa gave him, it was enough for him to easily cope with the current situation, and also let many cultivators see hopes.


When the boss of DuoYao Pharmacy Xia ZhongXing, the father of Xia Shi, came back, looking at the long queue with at least forty or fifty people in front of him, he was wiping his eyes hard and wondering: was it still his own little drugstore which had always been ignored before?

Not until he walked into the store seeing Jiang Yun who was treating people and Xia Shi who was happily rolling in the spiritual stone pile, was he sure that he was in the right place.

"The poison in your body is called Purple-Evil Flower poison. Although it has been in your body for a long time, a little Yunxiao Powder can heal it!"

Jiang Yun just finished diagnosing a patient. Seeing Xia ZhongXing coming in, he was a little embarrassed. He was about to explain a little, but Xia Shi has already rushed to the front of Xia ZhongXing with excitement, “Dad! We are rich now! Look! So many spiritual stones!"

Although there was no charge for detoxification, Jiang Yun’s previous rule was strictly observed by every cultivator.

Everyone would buy one or several kinds of medical pills in the store when they left; even most of them would buy expensive one deliberately.

Many a little makes a mickle; without doubt, the store's income rose.

However, Xia ZhongXing didn’t look at Xia Shi nor those spiritual stones but waved to Jiang Yun, "Never mind. Keep treating!"

Then Xia ZhongXing just stood by. Obviously, he wanted to test Jiang Yun’s medical skills.

Jiang Yun did not think too much. Hearing Xia ZhongXing’s words, he nodded slightly and continually paid his attention on those cultivators.

As cultivators left one by one, the day passed quickly and Jiang Yun felt a little exhausted.

However, Xia ZhongXing, who was watching all the way, became excited, with imperceptible light brighten in his eyes!

"Okay, that’s all for time today. You can come tomorrow!"

Seeing the moon in the sky, Jiang Yun had to bow to the cultivators who was still waiting as an apology.

Although no one wanted to leave, they knew that Jiang Yun was really tired. So they decided to leave.

At this moment, Xia ZhongXing said to Jiang Yun, "Brother Gu, go take a rest. Tomorrow you will definitely be more tired than today!"

After leaving this sentence, Xia ZhongXing went to the backyard.

Looking at Xia ZhongXing's back, Jiang Yun was a bit puzzled. Because Xia ZhongXing's reaction was very strange. He was too calm for the whole thing.

However, Jiang Yun did not have the extra energy to consider these problems. After returning to his room, he fell asleep immediately.

Just as Xia ZhongXing had said, from the second day onwards, there were more and more cultivators lined up outside DuoYao Pharmacy.

Three days later, there were almost hundreds of people, and the queue was very long as if it was endless.

After being healed by Jiang Yun, cultivators praised Jiang Yun everywhere and every moment.

News traveled so fast, and almost the entire South Star city knew that there was a highly skilled doctor in DuoYao Pharmacy.

In addition, the birthday of the Luos’s Big Forefather was approaching, and there were more and more cultivators gathering in South Star city. Therefore, Jiang Yun’s name and fame was known by many people.

Time passed by, and another half-month passed.

One day, Jiang Yun was treating cultivators as usual. When he checked the man’s body who was middle-aged with a yellow face and a weak body, he frowned, "Hey dude, your body is good. What’s more, your Spiritual Energy is sufficient. Obviously, you take various kinds of healing Dan pills everyday. There is no need for you to come here!"

Upon hearing this, the middle-aged man suddenly screamed, "A master?! You?! Look at my face. Look at my figure. My body obviously has poison, but you say no?! Are you truly a doctor? You must be a fake, aren’t you?!"

Before Jiang Yun said something, the man in the red robe answered, "Master Gu has been here for more than half a month, and cultivators cured by him are countless. How could he be a fake! You must be looking for trouble deliberately!"

Since Jiang Yun healed him and his two brothers, they volunteered to maintain the order and came every day.

They did it not only for paying a debt of gratitude, they also wanted to have a good relationship with Jiang Yun. After all, being able to have a highly-skilled doctor as a friend was definitely not a bad thing.

Therefore, seeing that there was someone who dared to doubt Jiang Yun, they stood up and spoke for Jiang Yun immediately.

Jiang Yun stopped this man and said to that middle-aged man calmly, "I never call myself a god doctor, and I have not forced you to come here! Since you think that I am a fake, you can find another ‘real master’! ”

However, the man kept saying, "How can I do it? I came from a long distance just due to hearing your name and thing. You want to send me away with such a sentence? No, you must treat me!"

The man in the red robe stunned. He was about to speak again, but at this moment, a gray-haired old man suddenly came out from the crowd. He spoke to the middle-aged man, "If you trust me, how about me to help you!" ”

"Who are you?"

The old man patted a piece of white jade hanging on his waist and said, "Can you recognize this piece of jade?"

The jade was white, with two round beads engraved on it, sparkling.

The middle-aged man stared at that jade and shook his head. However, someone in the crowd exclaimed, "The Two-Class Dan Jade! This is the identity of a Second Class Pharmacist!"

The old man smiled proudly, "Yes, I am Du GuiRong, a Second Class Pharmacist in Hundred Herbs Store!"