The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 113

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Chapter 113: Queuing For Medical Treatment

Instead of coming in with their arrogance before, these three men bent over with respect, and walked backwards out of the door of DuoYao Pharmacy step by step.

After they left, Xia Shi rushed into the backyard immediately. He grabbed the arm of Jiang Yun who was washing the big cauldron, with his eyes shining, "Brother Gu, were you telling the truth just then? The poison thing?"

"Of course!"

"Awesome, Brother Gu! My dad have said that if one can diagnose ones illness by looking directly, he must be a true master!"

"Have you seen any master who need to wash a cauldron?"

"Uh..." Xia Shi suddenly grabbed the brush from Jiang Yun, “Brother Gu, how can people like you do that kind of work?! Just have a rest, and I will take it!"

"Stop it. I am not a master. The fact is that I have seen some real masters who were dealing with the same problem. That’s why I can tell it today. If it’s not the poison of the Fall-Gone Herb but another poison, how come I can tell it?!"

This is not a fake, although the Seven-Leaf Bitter Chrysanthemum was rare, but there were some in Mang Mountains. People in Jiang village had ever been poisoned by the Fall-Gone Herb. Jiang Yun had seen his grandfather curing them and remembered in his mind.

However, Jiang Yun’s high accomplishment in medical treatment was also a fact. Physicians might not know how to refine medicinal herbs, but pharmacists must know medicine!

Moreover, even a pharmacist might not give people a medical treatment; however, when Jiang Yun was in Mang Mountains, the first thing for him to study was medicine and medical skills; then he was slowly transformed from medicine maker to medicine refiner.

The reason why he said like this now was just to get rid of Xia Shi’s entanglement as soon as possible.

After being asked by Xia Shi for a long time, Jiang Yun finally persuaded Xia Shi to believe him. However, Jiang Yun never imagined that this was just a beginning!

Two calm days passed. On the morning of the third day, when Xia Shi yawned and opened the store’s door, his big open mouth couldn’t be closed any longer.

Generally, hardly would one visit this store. However, there was a large group of people gathering around at the moment. Those three big men who had been there three days ago were standing in front of them.

At this moment, the red robe man suddenly pointed to Xia Shi and said, "The master Gu is in this store. He saved the our three brothers lives!"

Following the man’s voice, "Hua", a group of people suddenly came in to the store.

When Xia Shi finally came back into his sense, the small shop was already full of people. Everyone was shouting, "Master Gu! Master Gu! Coming out please!"

Xia Shi rushed back to the counter and shouted, "Stop shouting! Don't make a noise, what are you doing!"

The red robe man pushed his way to the front of the crowd, waved his hands and said, "OK, OK. Be quiet, everyone! You guys are coming to seek for doctor’s help, not to make trouble. Behave yourselves!"

Making everyone quiet, the man turned around and held his fist politely to Xia Shi, "Little brothers, these people are just like us. They are somewhat uncomfortable, so they come here. They hope master Gu can treat them."

The fact was that after these men went back, they treated themselves as Jiang Yun had advised before; and they had detoxified themselves. This made them grateful and admired Jiang Yun.

Considering that Jiang Yun was responsible for brushing cauldrons in a small shop, they decided to do something for him. Therefore, they were spreading how excellent Jiang Yun’s medical skills were, which resulted this situation now.

Xia Shi now understood. However, looking at the crowd in front of him, at least twenty or thirty people, his eyes widened, "All you guys are not poisoned, are you?"

Of course, it would be impossible. However, as a cultivator, it was a common thing to get poisoned and injured. Every cultivator would take several kinds of medicinal pills with them, just in case.

However, unless it was core disciples of the big sects or cultivators with a great background, most cultivators only had pills that couldn’t be able to completely cure their injuries or completely eliminate the poison in their bodies. This meant that their injuries and residual of the poisons would harm them more and more deeply as time passed.

Though they wanted to ask those senior doctors or pharmacists to treat them, the cost was extremely expensive. Therefore, these cultivators knew that their injuries had not healed and that their bodies were poisoned, but as long as the injury was not as serious as making them die, they would just let it go.

However, since they heard that there was a master who would like to treat people for free but only required others to abandon the evil, they were willing to have a try even if they were not sure whether it was true yet.

Xia Shi was a little overwhelmed. If these people came to buy medicinal pills, he may still cope with it. But these people now came for seeking Jiang Yun to cure their diseases and poisons in their bodies.

Jiang Yun had said that he just happened to solve the poison of those three big men. If he couldn't cure these people, smashing his store’s sign was not as serious as to cause the public anger!

"Saving you guys was not difficult!"

However, when Xia Shi was still in his thoughts, Jiang Yun’s voice suddenly sounded. He slowly moved forward and appeared in front of the crowd. Upon hearing this, people were all staring at Jiang Yun, with their eyes full of hope.

Jiang Yun has already known the ins and outs of things when he has been staying in the backyard. Looking at these people, he was reminded of factotum disciples of the Seeking-Tao Sect.

Factotum disciples were the lowest level in the seeking-Tao Sect, while these cultivators were the lowest group in the entire cultivator world!

Jiang Yun was actually not a very kind person. However, when he was in Mang Mountains, as long as he found someone who got injured, he and his grandfather would definitely offer a help.

His grandfather had once told him that in the eyes of doctors or pharmacists, there should be no good people or bad people, only patients!

Therefore, seeing so many people come to seek medical treatment, Jiang Yun could not refuse.

However, considering that he was only a man whose daily duty was to wash cauldrons and he was impossible to open a special shop to treat them, he set a condition. "If I can cure your injuries and solve your poison, then you must buy any kinds of medicinal pills in this DuoYao Pharmacy. As for which pill, cheaper or expensive, you can decide it!

"In addition, if your illness needs any medicinal herb or pill, I can’t refine or make it for you. You need to buy it yourself."

After a period of silence, people looked at each other, then shouted, "No problem! Sure!"

"Okay, then queue in line please and come one by one!"

After that, Jiang Yun sat behind the counter, and the previous three big men came to the front to maintain the order spontaneously, arranging people to accept Jiang Yun's treatment.

At first, these people did come with some hope, but to be honest, when they saw Jiang Yun, their hope was almost immediately replaced by disappointment.

The only reason was that Jiang Yun looked so young that the people were really hard to believe that Jiang Yun would have such a profound medical skills.

However, as Jiang Yun treated them one by one, the light in the everyone eyes were getting brighter and brighter. They showed more and more grateful!