The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 116

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Chapter 116: I Will Compete With You

Dan-making challenge referred to a competition of medicinal herbs refining.

This was the most common way to resolve disputes between pharmacists. After all, most pharmacists' Tao Cultivation were not high, and they rarely fought or tussled with each other like other cultivators.

What Du GuiRong said had made everyone around them interested. It was a extremely a precious chance to witness the competition between two pharmacists.

However, the winner of this competition, in most people’s mind, must be Du GuiRong. After all, Du GuiRong was in the Second Class, while Xia ZhongXing only in the Primary Class.

Xia ZhongXing raised his eyebrow. He was about to speak something, but Du GuiRong kept saying, "If you win, I will forget all the things that happened today; but if you lose, you should not only close the DuoYao Pharmacy immediately and let this boy break his finger and make an oath, but also give me your Tao-Build Dan Pill!"

Tao-Build Dan!

The crowd gave an exclamation.

Tao-Build Dan was a Five-Class Dan medicine, for the use of struggling to enter the Tao Spirit Realm from the late Sky Reaching Realm, whose value could no longer be measured with spiritual stones. And Xia ZhongXing had one!

Xia ZhongXing suddenly laughed, "It turns out that Master Du is taking a fancy to my Tao-Build Dan Pill."

Now everyone clearly knew what was happening now. Although Du GuiRong came here to suppress Jiang Yun, his real purpose should be this Tao-Build Dan Pill.

"Ah-huh, don't you dare?" Du GuiRong said proudly, "Well, though I am a Two-Class Pharmacist, we can refine a One-Class Dan Pill as our competition. What do you think?"

It sounded like Du GuiRong was kind of self-effacing. However, a Second Class Pharmacist would have a much easier time making a One-Class Dan Pill successfully compared to a Primary Pharmacist.

Right now, everyone's eyes were concentrated on Xia ZhongXing. They wanted to see how he would deal with it.

However, before Xia ZhongXing responded, another voice has already sounded, "How about…letting me compete with you?!"

It was Jiang Yun!

Almost everyone has forgotten Jiang Yun’s existence, but now he stepped forward bravely, trying to replace Xia ZhongXing and take this challenge!

Even Xia ZhongXing turned his head suddenly. he stared at Jiang Yun and asked, "Will you know how to refine the medicine?"

"Just a little!"

"Ha ha ha!" Du GuiRong bursted into laughter and said, "Hey quack! As young as you, how dare you say that you can refine Dan medicine?! What an uppity and arrogant guy! If it’s you who take part in this competition, then as long as the efficacy of medicine you refine is equal to half of mine, you win!"

Obviously, Du GuiRong was more willing to compete with Jiang Yun. Because comparing to compete with Jiang Yun, he would have a greater chance to win.

Jiang Yun didn’t give any reaction to Du GuiRong, but looked at Xia ZhongXing still. After only several seconds, Xia ZhongXing nodded and said, "Okay, then brother Gu, please do!"

Everyone around who heard this was totally surprised!

Although Jiang Yun was extremely good at treating people, at the beginning, he had informed that he could help to treat and do detoxification, but those who needed refined medicines should get it by themselves.

As a result, it was not difficult to speculate that he really knew only a little about refining. However, he asked to replace Xia ZhongXing to compete with Du GuiRong, while Xia ZhongXing dared to agree to his action.

"Good!" Du GuiRong was afraid that Xia ZhongXing would go back on his words; he said in a hurry, "He can do it for you, but my requirements can't be changed."

"No problem!"

Xia ZhongXing looked calm and seemed to have great confidence in Jiang Yun.

Du GuiRong showed a smug in his eyes, "Then hurry up! Let's get started!"

“Before starting, I have two small requests.” Jiang Yun touched his nose and said, “First, I need a pot. Any is ok, a stone pot or a wok!”


Everyone was stunned. Du GuiRong frowned and asked, "What do you want the pot to do?"

"Refining medicine!"

After a silence, Du GuiRong suddenly burst into laughter. Other people did not laugh, but their face more or less showed their confusion.

No one has ever heard of a pharmacist who used a pot to refine medicine. It sounds like a joke.

Only Xis Shi asked, "Brother Gu, can the stone pot used for cooking in our kitchen work? I will fetch it for you!"

These words of course caused a burst of laughter again, but Jiang Yun nodded calmly, "Em!"

No matter how others thought, Xia Shi rushed to the backyard. After a while, he came in with a stone pot.

“Thank you!” Jiang Yun nodded to Xia Shi, then he looked at Du GuiRong, “Second, I don’t have any medicine. I need you to provide it.”

"I will give!" Du GuiRong smiled and waved his big sleeves. Then a pile of herbs suddenly appeared in front of Jiang Yun.

Just with a glance at these herbs, Jiang Yun has already known that Du GuiRong was going to refine Inhalation Pills!

As expected, Du GuiRong said, "Let’s refine the most commonly used Dan pill, Inhalation Pills. In order to be fair and in case others say that I am bullying you, I will refine first. You can refine after me."


Du GuiRong smiled coldly. After waving his sleeves, a medicine cauldron that was half-man high appeared in front of him with a loud bang.

The medicine cauldron was black. It had four vents, which looked like a flower with four petals in full bloom. It was covered with some colored lines around it. Although Jiang Yun didn’t understand, he knew that it was a kind of formation!

Engraving a variety of formations on medicine cauldrons, such as Fire Controlling Formation, Spirit Gathering Formation, etc., can increase the success rate of medicine refining as well as Dan’s efficacy.

Most of the people around did not know this medicine cauldron. While a voice from Xia ZhongXing suddenly sounded near Jiang Yun’s ear, “Sanhua Cauldron, Third Class!”

Jiang Yun nodded to Xia ZhongXing and did not speak. He knew that the tools for refining medicine were divided into two types: cauldrons and tripods. They could be in different classes. The third Class was not very high, but normally Second Class Pharmacists could hardly get one.

Hence, Du GuiRong must not be a simple person.

Du GuiRong fired a flame under his Sanhua Cauldron. Then, medicinal herbs were thrown into the cauldron one by one.

During the whole process, Jiang Yun has been watching seriously. Because this was the first time he had seen someone using a medicine cauldron to refine medicine.

Although sometimes Xia ZhongXing needed to refine medicine, he never allowed others including Xia Shi to enter the room.

While watching, Jiang Yun nodded slightly. Since he was a pharmacist, even if he had never used a medicine cauldron, he could see good or bad at a glance.

He had to admit that using medicine cauldrons, especially such one with formations, was really much more convenient than using pots to refine medicines.

However, Jiang Yun did not compliment Du GuiRong's refining method. Although it seemed that Du GuiRong was refining in order, there actually were great flaws at several refining steps.

If they didn’t refine Inhalation Pills but the Second Class Dan Pills, Du GuiRong would have already failed several times.

After half an hour, accompanied by a medicinal fragrance floating out of the medicine cauldron, Du GuiRong suddenly screamed, "Cauldron opens!"


The Sanhua Cauldron violently vibrated, and then two white Dan pills flew out from the cauldron and fell on his hands. He let his fingers open and showed the Dan pills to everyone, with an arrogant face, "Both these two are Class One in the Men-Level!"

Hearing that they were in the Men-Level, though previously many people were dissatisfied with Du GuiRong’s attitude, they had to admit that this Second Class Pharmacist was doing good work.

"Hey bloke, I don’t expect that the Dan's effectiveness you refine can be half that of me. As long as you can refine one in the Dust-Level, then you win!"

Jiang Yun didn’t respond but nodded lightly. Then he began his refining.

Although everyone had a good impression on Jiang Yun, at this time, no one believed that he could win. Especially when they saw his clumsy behaviors and the way of using a stone pot to refine, they shook their heads with bitter smiles.

Except Xia ZhongXing, who looked at Jiang Yun’s busyness with several lights flashing in his eyes from time to time.

Similarly, around half an hour later, Jiang Yun also completed his refining. He opened the lid of the stone pot, and there were two Inhalation Pills laying in it.

Taking the pills out, Jiang Yun handed it to Du GuiRong, "Sorry, two pieces of pills, Class One in the Dust-Level as well!"