The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 117

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Chapter 117: Let’s Compete Again

Looking at these two Dan pills in the hand of Jiang Yun, the crowd were suddenly in an uproar!

Du GuiRong was stunned as well. He stared his eyes as big as he could, which showed his unbelievability. How come this young man in front of him, who seemed to be only 17 or 18 years old, had really succeeded in refining two Inhalation Pills in Class One of the Dust-Level!

Although he really wanted to deny the quality of these two Dan, he would totally lose his face and identity as a pharmacist if he did do it in front of all these people.

Jiang Yun did not give any glance at Du GuiRong. He turned to the middle-aged man directly. He threw these two Dan pills into his hands and said, "For my misdiagnosis!"

Xia ZhongXing came to Du GuiRong. He smiled and said: "Master Du, thanks. I feel lucky. Goodbye and take care!"

"Humph!" Right now, Du GuiRong won’t stay here any longer because of losing his face. He turned and was about to leave.

While looking at Du GuiRong’s back, Jiang Yun suddenly spoke, "Master Du, do you have any interest to compete with me again?"

This words made the crowd suddenly quiet!

Compete again!

In the eyes of most people, Jiang Yun did refine successfully and beat Du GuiRong; but this was because Du GuiRong had made a concession.

If they really made a fair competition, the huge gap between the Dust-Level Class and the Man-Level Class will decide the result directly.

However, since now Jiang Yun was asking for competing with Du GuiRong again, people not only got shocked, but also felt confused.

"May master Gu be another Two-Class Pharmacist?"

Suddenly a subtle voice came from the crowd, but this voice was immediately vetoed by everyone.

"The class of a pharmacist is not self-explanatory, but needs to be recognized by the Grand Medicine Sect. Only one who successfully refined specified Dan pills to the face of the Grand Medicine Sect could be awarded Dan Jade by the sect!

"Moreover, master Gu looks so young. He should be around seventeen or eighteen. Although his skills in medical treatment are extraordinary, he could at most be a pharmacist in the Primary Class at such an age.”

"Yeah, that’s right! Xia ZhongXing is only a One-Class Pharmacist. It’s more like a joke if his stuff is a Second-Class Pharmacist."

With such discussions, Du GuiRong, who was just about to leave, suddenly stopped and looked at Xia ZhongXing, without a glance at Jiang Yun.

Obviously, what he cared about was actually the Tao-Build Dan Pill that Xia ZhongXing owned. Therefore, as long as Xia ZhongXing agreed to still make that Tao-Build Dan as a bet, he was very happy to compete with Jiang Yun again.

To be honest, Xia ZhongXing was a little surprised for Jiang Yun’s active provocation. But after hestating for a moment, he slightly nodded and said, "As long as master Du is willing to, I have no disagreement."

Xia ZhongXing even took out a jade bottle and stuffed it into Jiang Yun’s hands directly, "Inside it is the Tao-Build Dan Pill!"

Holding this jade bottle, Jiang Yun’s heart was filled with warmth. Xia ZhongXing trusted him so much that he even not hesitated to hand over Tao-Build Dan Pill to him as a bet.

Smiling slightly, Jiang Yun handed the jade bottle back to Xia ZhongXing, "I don't need your Tao-Build Dan, boss. I’ll use this thing as a bet."

While talking, a piece of golden talisman appeared in Jiang Yun’s hand!

Seeing this talisman, even Du GuiRong’s eyes got brighten. He could help murmuring, “The Lucky Talisman!”

The so-called Lucky Talisman, as its name suggested, was able to increase one’s luck. It seemed to be useless, but in fact it had a great function.

Whether cultivators’ cultivation or pharmacists and alchemists’ refining needed some fortune blessing to increase their success. However, it was impossible to control luck.

However, owning Luck Talismans meant to have some fortune.

When refining medicines or magic tools, if one used a Lucky Talisman, the probability of success would be increased by at least 50%.

Even when one was about to enter another cultivating realm, using a Lucky Talisman could increase the chance of successful advancement as well.

However, to draw a Lucky Talisman was extremely hard. Because it needed to introduce the luck contained in the heaven and earth into this talisman-making paper. Since its making process was too difficult, it was hard to get one.

Seeing this Lucky Talisman, the crowd bubbled again!

In this little DuoYao Pharmacy, its boss had a Five-Class Dan pill Tao-Build Dan, and its little stuff had a Lucky Talisman!

This Lucky Talisman was a teacher's gift from Lan HuaZhao, the Peak Master of Sky Rune Peak.

Jiang Yun didn't know its value until he came to South Star city. He saw that someone purchased it at a high price in a rune-selling store, which made him realize the importance of this talisman.

"Good!" Du GuiRong's eyes showed his greed unabashedly. He spoke to Jiang Yun, "Young man, I should admit that I looked down on you just now. Okay, let’s compete again."

Jiang Yun waved his hand, "Master Du, don't count your chickens before they're hatched. There is no problem to compete with you again; but if you lose again, should you also give something to me?"

Du GuiRong sneered, "What bet do you want?!"

Jiang Yun pointed at Sanhua Cauldron and said, "That’s it. If you lose, leave this cauldron!"

"You want my Sanhua Cauldron!" Du GuiRong taunted, then burst into great laughter, "Okay. Well, I won’t let you win this time!"

"Which Dan pill would you like to refine this time, master Du? Oh, there is a precondition. It can only be a One-Class Dan; and the same, you need to provide all the materials."

Jiang Yun’s request proved everyone’s supposition. If Jiang Yun was indeed a pharmacist, he at most was in the Primary Class!

Du GuiRong did not respond, but fell into meditation. Obviously, he had to think about which one he was good at the best.

After a while, Du GuiRong answered, "This time, we refine Fasting Pills!"

Fasting Pills!

Hearing this, most people showed a confusing expression. Because Fasting Pills were really not a kind of high-end Dan.

Jiang Yun didn’t care about it, "Okay! Master Du, you first please!"

Actually, although Fasting Pills had little value, it was the most refined Dan for Du GuiRong. Over time, he had concluded his unique way of refining Fasting Pills, through which he could refine it of strong efficacy. He had even ever refined one in the Earth-Level.

Therefore, he proposed refining Fasting Pills.

Since Jiang Yun agreed, Du GuiRong took out two piles of herbs, one for Jiang Yun and one for himself.

The process of refining was not complicated. Jiang Yun found out that Du GuiRong was really good at refining Fasting Pills, because this time there were fewer flaws exposed.

Just half an hour later, with the fragrant smell, Du GuiRong finished his refining. When the lid was opened and only one medicinal herb was taken out, Du GuiRong’s palm was shaking slightly.

After a long time, he suddenly spread his palm and shouted in a nearly hoarse voice, "The Earth Level!"

The Earth Level!

These two words immediately brought a heavy pressure and deep shock to everyone around!

Because there were not many people who had ever seen Dan pills in the Earth Level, not to mention to witness someone refining it successfully.

Even Jiang Yun nodded and admitted, "Master Du is really brilliant!"

"Do not talk nonsense. Now, it's your turn! Or, you can admit defeat directly!" Holding this Earth-Level Fasting Pill in hand, Du GuiRong’s face again showed full of pride. He believed that he was about to win.

"I will try first!"

Jiang Yun started refining. He looked a bit awkward like before; he still used the stone pot as his medicine cauldron; and he completed his refining in half an hour as well.

Taking two Fasting Pills out from the stone pot, Jiang Yun handed it to Du GuiRong with a little embarrassment, "Two grains of Fasting Pills, in the Heaven Level!"