The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 118

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Chapter 118: A Big Mistake

There was a dead silence! Jiang Yun’s voice left all the people, both inside and outside of DuoYao Pharmacy, speechless.

Everyone was staring at the two Dan pills held in the hand of Jiang Yun with shock.

Although most people didn’t know how to distinguish the class of Dan, they could tell which one was better by comparing its appearance.

Dan pills produced by Jiang Yun were pretty smooth, while the surface of the Dan made by Du GuiRong had a few granular bulges.

What's more, Jiang Yun had refined two pieces successfully!

No matter the quantity or quality, Jiang Yun’s pill was better than that of Du GuiRong!

"Impossible! You liar! You must have played a certain trick."

Du GuiRong suddenly shouted and tried to grab Jiang Yun. He got so mad that he was about to fight Jiang Yun.

The man in red robe stepped out and right in front of Jiang Yun. He said in a rude voice, "Master Du, please have some dignity. You know it is forbidden to fight in the South Star city!"

Du GuiRong had to stop his behavior.

At this time, Jiang Yun stepped in front of the man and threw those two Dan pills to Du GuiRong, "Master Du, thanks for letting me win again. I will take this medicine cauldron!"

Following this words, Jiang Yun waved his sleeve and stuffed the Sanhua Cauldron into his Space Ring.

Seeing his medicine cauldron being taken away by Jiang Yun, Du GuiRong's heart was almost bleeding!

However, when he saw the Dan that Jiang Yun refined, although he was extremely reluctant, he had to admit that these Dan were truly on the Heaven Level!

Suddenly, Jiang Yun once again looked at Du GuiRong with a little embarrassment, "Master Du, maybe, do you want to have one more competition?"

Du GuiRong was slightly stunned, then he gnashed his teeth and said: "Do you dare to fight! Let’s compete again! This time we need to refine Dan on the Second Level!"

Jiang Yun responded slowly, "No problem. But as before, you must have something whose value is equal to my Lucky Talisman! Otherwise, it would be totally unfair!"


Du GuiRong was speechless. Although he was a Two-Class Pharmacist and had a lot of rare things, none of them could be compared with the Lucky Talisman. Even the Sanhua Cauldron he just lost could not match it.

Looking at Du GuiRong's expression, Jiang Yun suddenly said with a poker face, "If you don't have one, Master Du, then please enjoy your back trip!"

After staring at Jiang Yun for a while, Du GuiRong, despite being very angry, could only turn around and leave without saying a word.

Then, Jiang Yun turned to the middle-aged man who was overwhelmed, "You’d better go in hurry and chase him? The poison of Corpse Grass can relapse any time!"

Hearing this, this middle-aged person suddenly lowered his head and sneaked out of the crowd.

Apparently, everyone knew that he and Du GuiRong were actually a group. The poisoning incident was programmed by them. Their original purpose was to teach Jiang Yun a lesson, but they got a self-inflicted back.

With the leave of these two men, the crowd suddenly shouted, “Well done!”

They clearly knew that Du GuiRong deliberately framed Jiang Yun. They wanted to stand up and speak for Jiang Yun, but considering the background of Hundred Herbs Store, especially the Luo Family behind it, they dared not to speak.

Most of them were Scattered Cultivators[1] and had no sect or family to support them. Therefore, they dared not to offend Luo Family, especially in South Star city!

Now that Jiang Yun had successfully driven Du GuiRong away, they felt happy for Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun held his fist with another palm and said, "Folks, about my medical skills, if you still believe me, you can continue to visit; if not, just go for other doctors please!"

Everyone said in a hurry, "Of course we believe you, master Gu!"

"Okay, then let's continue!"

After the store closed, Jiang Yun found Xia ZhongXing and handed Sanhua Cauldron to him.

This was the reason why Jiang Yun asked to compete with Du GuiRong once again. He wanted to send this cauldron as a gift to Xia ZhongXing, for his care during this period, especially for his support today.

Looking at Sanhua Cauldron in front of him, Xia ZhongXing was quite surprised. But he shook his head and said, "Sanhua Cauldron is useless to me. You should keep it yourself. It’s much better than a pot!"

Jiang Yun scratched his head and said, "I am used to using a pot!"

Xia ZhongXing smiled, “It’s not bad to use a pot, but a medicine cauldron is much better. I think you should also find out which is better. Keep it. This is your spoil!”

Finally, Jiang Yun could only get Sanhua Cauldron back.


Du GuiRong never imagined that things went in such a way. He had originally prepared to take this opportunity to humiliate and frame DuoYao Pharmacy. However, today's events actually helped to build Jiang Yun's good reputation.

Now Jiang Yun was not only a high-skilled doctor in many cultivators’ eyes, but also a pharmacist who could refine the Heaven-Level Dan pills!

In the next couple of days, people had thought that Hundred Herbs Store and Du GuiRong would have retaliated. However, nothing had happened in the following days, in addition to the increasing number of cultivators who came to line up for treatment. No one had ever come to make any trouble.

Three calm days have passed since then.

This evening, a heavy rain was about to fall, as the sky was covered with dark clouds and thunder.

Inside DuoYao Pharmacy, Jiang Yun and Xia Shi just sent a cultivator off and was about to close the store. Suddenly, a series of shouting came in the distance, "Master Gu, wait, wait!"

Two middle-aged cultivators rushed in with anxious look. After running up to Jiang Yun, they bowed to him deeply and said with pant, "Master Gu, please help us! Please save our younger brother!"

Looking at these two people, Jiang Yun felt a little familiar. He then remembered that they were the two who had been cured by him several days before.

Hurriedly, he reached his hands out and stopped these two from bowing, "Take your time, and tell me in detail. What happened to your younger brother?"

"Our younger brother was seriously injured by a Demonic Beast outside the city. We didn't dare to move him, so we came here. Could you please help us and save him, master Gu?"

Jiang Yun thought for seconds then nodded, "Well, okay. Guide me there please."

Hearing this, these two cultivators excitedly bowed to Jiang Yun, "Thank you, master Gu! Thank you very much!"

"Xia Shi, I will be back soon!" Jiang Yun said to Xia Shi, then he followed these two cultivators and walked towards the outside of the city.

"It should be too late to go out for treatment now. Brother Gu is so kind!” Xia Shi shook his head while muttering.

As his voice just fell, a voice sounded behind him suddenly, "He is really kind. However, if they think that kind people are easy to be bullied, they are indeed making a big mistake!"

"Who’s there?!" Xia Shi looked back in a flash and saw his father standing behind him. He patted his chest and said, "You scared me, dad! How do you act like a ghost, no sound at all! Oh, hmm… what did you just said? Who is going to bully who?"

Xia ZhongXing looked at his son, then he smiled slightly, "Nothing. I also have to go out to do something. Close the door and go to bed early!"

After that, Xia ZhongXing also stepped out of the store. He left in the same direction as Jiang Yun had done.

"Dad, it’s going to rain! Should you bring an umbrella?!"

"No, thanks!"

"It’s so weird! What’s going on tonight? Why did they run out one by one?!”


A thunder suddenly came. Xia Shi was slightly shocked. The next moment, the raindrops as big as beans were falling from the sky. It started to rain.