The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 119

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Chapter 119: What A Good Weather

Just as the heavy rain fell, Jiang Yun following these two cultivators had already been out of the South Star city.

The rain was so big, as if the sky had been poked a hole. Looking far away, heavy rain was like a fog, as dense raindrops fell on the ground, leading to countless splashes, which then slowly rose into a faint fog.

Three people were rushing in the rain and fog. They were Jiang Yun and another two. All of them have been soaked. A cultivator turned his head back, wiped the rainwater on his face and said, "Master Gu, my younger brother is not far from us. We are approaching. "

Jiang Yun gently nodded and said, "How much benefit did Du GuiRong give you?"

Upon hearing this, these two cultivators who were rushing suddenly stopped with shock. They stared at Jiang Yun sternly.


At this moment, a dragon-like lightning broke through the sky. The lightning was so strong that the world was almost shining. Therefore, these two men could see the calmness of Jiang Yun clearly.

One of them barely squeezed a smile from his face and said, "M…master Gu, this joke is not funny at all!"

Jiang Yun said faintly, "Besides being able to detect injuries and poisons, I am also very sensitive to murderous intent! Although you hide it very well, I can still feel it!"

"I am sorry, master Gu!"

At this moment, the two knew that it was useless to say anything more. They retreated backwards and wanted to open the distance between them and Jiang Yun. However, they suddenly found that they could not move at all! There has been streams of mist winding their bodies like ropes.

These two men were so scared that their faces changed drastically. They yelled hurriedly, "What are you doing, men! Come out quickly!"

Five figures appeared far away in the rain and fog!

Jiang Yun did not give any glance at these five figures. He just watched these two cultivators, "I can cure you; I can also kill you!"

While talking, Jiang Yun opened his right hand, then hooked his fingers slowly.

As Jiang Yun was slowly clenching his fist, these two cultivators felt themselves being squeezing. Because the numerous fog ropes that were entangling themselves with them began to tighten them as well. Their bones cracked due to tightness. They wanted to ask for mercy, but they could not even make a voice. Their faces turned into a purple color.

When Jiang Yun’s right hand was completely clenched, these two men falling to the ground were already dead with their eyes wide open.

After glancing at these two bodies on the ground, Jiang Yun looked up at the heavy rain and the lightning from time to time. "What a good weather! However, you are actually wrong to challenge me in such a day!" He said lightly.

Hardly has Jiang Yun’s voice faded away, those five figures have already come up to Jiang Yun.

Among them, Du GuiRong was right in the middle. Right now, his face was full of hatreds. He stared at Jiang Yun and grinned, "Dude, how brave you are that you even dare to take my things away. Today I will let you pay everything back."

Jiang Yun was quite famous in South Star city. However, people only knew him as a pharmacist who was proficient in medical treatment.

In addition, the black stone inside Jiang Yun’s body helped to hide Jiang Yun’s cultivation realm so that others could not detect it.

Therefore, no one has ever thought about how powerful Jiang Yun was in cultivation!

Therefore, though Du GuiRong couldn’t take the shame of the deprivation of Sanhua Cauldron, and hence he bribed two cultivators to draw Jiang Yun out of South Star city where there was an ambush, the strongest among attackers including himself was just on the eighth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm.

In Du GuiRong’s view, this was totally enough to kill Jiang Yun.

"Kill him!"

Du GuiRong shouted. Then, the four figures who were always by his side have already flashed and rushed toward Jiang Yun.

Looking at these people rushing at him, Jiang Yun showed no expression. He just murmured, “Last time I fought with people was four months ago! I am wondering how the number of people killed by me will increase after tonight!"

Following the voice was a strong feeling spread from Jiang Yun. He just spoke two words out, “Fog comes!”

All the falling raindrops and water stains on Jiang Yun’s body exploded at this moment, which then turned into countless smaller particles and became a thick mist. Immediately, those four people who were rushing were overwhelmingly covered with the fog.

As soon as the fog came, everyone suddenly lost sight of others’ figures. Every attacker couldn’t find his partners or Jiang Yun through the fog. It seemed he was the only one in this fog.

One of them stopped rushing. He looked around and did not notice that there was finger formed by mist in front of him. Silently, this finger was pointing to the middle of his eyebrows.


The fog-finger pierced that person in the center of his forehead. Then, Jiang Yun's voice sounded, "The fourth!"

"What happened?"

"What the hell is the fourth!?"

The other three people in the fog cried out in alarm; and every time when an exclamation fell, Jiang Yun’s voice sounded almost at the same time.

"The fifth!"

"The sixth!"

"The seventh!"

In a trice, all in dead silence. Jiang Yun slowly stepped out of the fog, extremely dry.

As he walked out, the overwhelming fog suddenly shrank behind him. It looked like Jiang Yun has put on a large cloak that was made of fog. Four dead bodies on the ground were revealed at the same time.

There was a hole between the eyebrows of each corpse, with no blood flowing out of it, because they were washed away by the heavy rain.

Jiang Yun calmly looked at Du GuiRong who was totally in shock, "You are the eighth!"

Du GuiRong has been totally stunned. There was less than ten breathing time since those four people rushing toward Jiang Yun. While now all the four people have been killed.

He had no idea that Jiang Yun was in the eleventh level of Meridians Unclogged Realm. Killing people in the eighth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm was a piece of cake.

Du GuiRong finally recovered. He stepped back and looked at Jiang Yun, "Are you one in the Blessing Land Realm?"

"You can guess it!"

Jiang Yun raised his hand again and was about to grab Du GuiRong. However, when his palm was about to touch Du GuiRong, his figure suddenly regressed.


A loud thudding sound came. There was a huge crack at where Jiang Yun just stood.

Jiang Yun did not give a glance at that crack, but looked at Du GuiRong's shoulder, where standing a half-man high mantis. It was waving its two big knife-like forelimbs, and staring at Jiang Yun smugly.