The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 154

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Chapter 154: Being Benevolent and Healing Patients

Right now, looking at Jiang Yun’s true appearance, and hearing Jiang Yun’s words, especially the last two words, the crowd originally in dead silence had completely boiled up.

"Master Gu!"

"It is Master Gu!"

"Oh my god! It’s Master Gu!"

Gu Jiang, or to be exact Master Gu, the one who spent nearly three months in the DuoYao Pharmacy in South Star city curing and detoxifying cultivators free of charge!

Although many cultivators who came to the Luo family for birthday celebration belonged to various sects or well-known families. But the number of cultivators cultivating in their own names was still quite a lot.

The purpose of their coming here was naturally to hope that they could be selected by the Grand Medicine Sect, so as to get rid of their current low status and step into a high status.

Therefore, these people who had once been treated by Jiang Yun recognized him once he had restored his true appearance!

With a cordial and respectful voice, they greeted Jiang Yun one by one.

But even they had recognized Jiang Yun and had shouted his name out, they still couldn't believe it.

It turned out that Gu Jiang was Jiang Yun!

The one who was good at medical treatment, who had once beat the Second Class Pharmacist Du Guirong in the Dan-refining competition, and who even had successfully refined a Primary Heaven-Level Dan Pill, was the one who was in the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm and the one who had done a godlike masterpiece in controlling the Spiritual Energy.

Master Gu was the Seeking-Tao Sect disciple Jiang Yun!

"It's you!" The most shocking person now must be Luo LingXiao.

However, he finally understood why he would inexplicably anger once he met Jiang Yun.

As for the other cultivators, although they had not seen "Gu Jiang"; they all came to Luo family via the Teleportation Array in South Star City. Therefore, they more or less had heard about the deeds of Gu Jiang. Hence, knowing Gu Jiang was Jiang Yun, they were dazzling and unbelievable as well.

Especially Xiao Zheng, Xie XiaoYong and Liu Hao, they were completely dumbfounded.

Because Xiao Zheng and Xie XiaoYong had just talked about Gu Jiang yesterday. They very regretted why they had not come early, thus missing the opportunity to meet Gu Jiang.

They had never imagined that Gu Jiang who they had been looking for had already appeared in front of them.

At this moment, Xie XiaoYong had a bit of different feeling about Jiang Yun!

Jiang Yun’s eyes fixed on Liu Hao. He said, “Master Liu, now you should understand why I wanted to hide my true appearance!”

Looking at the surrounding excited people, Liu Hao certainly understood!

Not only him, Luo LingXiao also understood!

If Jiang Yun appeared in his real appearance, he would surely draw everyone’s attention and win a large group of cultivators’ honor.

What’s more, he would probably wouldn’t have to walk across the Against-Demon Bridge in the first place.

Because Luo LingXiao remembered very clearly, when he had wanted to bring "Gu Jiang" back to the Luo family, a lot of cultivators had come from all directions to prevent him. The words "please fulfill us and take us away as well" seemed to sound again in his ears now.

Although the Luo family would not care about and fear of any one of these cultivators, but when they gathered together to protect a person, they became a force that no one dared to underestimate.

Although he knew that this matter was almost ending like this, Liu Hao still argued, "Since you can change your appearance at will, then who knows whether your current face is also a fake one?! Maybe you are pretending to be Gu Jiang!"

Jiang Yun smiled and shook his head. He didn’t answer Liu Hao but turned to look at the cultivators who had been crowded around him.

"Tao friend Sun, how is the Heavenly-Chill Poison in your body? Should it have been detoxified, right?"

"Tao friend Song, did you recover from the injury on your DanTian?"

"Tao friend Wang, I remember that your third meridian were torn. Should it be healed now?"

Jiang Yun spoke to the surrounding cultivators in a very casual way. But these words were enough for everyone to understand that he was indeed Gu Jiang!

Because he could remember the wounds and poisons of every cultivator he had treated!

If he was a fake, then the cultivators who had come to greet him should be all fakes!

Jiang Yun once again looked at Liu Hao and asked, "Master Liu, may I know whether I did enough to show I have a clear origin and background now?"


Just when Liu Hao had spit out a word, he had been interrupted by a loud voice, "I am Song Yu, coming from South Mountain. I’m willing to guarantee by my life that Master Gu Jiang is Tao friend Jiang Yun of Seeking-Tao Sect!"

"I’m Wang Lun from Middle Mountain. I’m willing to guarantee by my life that Master Gu Jiang is Tao friend Jiang Yun of Seeking-Tao Sect!"

"Li BuFan from West Mountain is willing to guarantee by my life......"

"Jiang XiaoTong from South Mountain is willing to guarantee by my life......"

Such similar words one by one constantly echoed in the Luo family. They were so loud that even the earth seemed to be shattered!

All the cultivators who had been treated by Jiang Yun were willing to guarantee the origin and background of Jiang Yun with their own lives.

Listening to these voices, Liu Hao's face suddenly became pale. Squirming, he even could not speak a word now.

Although he was a disciple of Grand Medicine Sect and a highly respected pharmacist, he realized clearly that if he continued to question the identity of Jiang Yun at this moment, he may have had an unhappy ending.

Therefore, with hesitation, he had to squeeze out a smile from his face, "I have been looking forward to meet Master Gu Jiang for a long time. I did not expect that Tao friend Jiang is Master Gu Jiang. You show a real modesty. I am too reckless. You are naturally qualified to enter our Grand Medicine Sect!"

Jiang Yun didn’t responded to Liu Hao. Instead, he deeply bowed to the cultivators who had spoken for him.

"Thank you very much!"

"Haha, Gu…, oops, Master Jiang, you are too modest. But you has really shocked us!"

"Yeah, I didn't expect Master Jiang not only to be a pharmacist, but also to be so strong and profound in Tao cultivation. It seems that I should change my view that pharmacist can hardly have a high level in cultivation!"

Once again, Jiang Yun spoke to the crowd, "Guys, you are very welcome to come to the Seeking-Tao Sect!"

"Good!" The people naturally nodded and promised.

"Then we don't bother Master Jiang any longer. Let’s meet each other in the Demon-Refining World tomorrow!"

Jiang Yun now was safe enough. Although everyone wanted to talk with Jiang Yun, they began to say goodbye to Jiang Yun and go back to prepare for tomorrow's matter as they found Xiao Zheng was rather excited.

Xiao Zheng had not come to Jiang Yun's side until everyone had left. He thumbed up to Jiang Yun and said, "Younger brother, I want to have a chat with you. But let's go back first!"

Xiao Zheng said while pulling Jiang Yun walking back. Xie XiaoYong followed. Liu Hao, after hesitating for a moment, dejectedly followed far away.

After returning to Xiao Zheng’s residence, Xiao Zheng said seriously, “Younger brother, I have never admired anyone except my master, but from now on, you’re another one!”

Jiang Yun hurriedly waved his hands and said, "Brother Xiao, you’re overpraising me!"

"Brother, my master once gave me nine words.

"Originally, I have thought that no one can do like these words saying. But now, I believe that you can definitely do it!

"Today, I would like to pass these nine words to you - being benevolent and healing patients all over the world!"

Xiao Zheng was really too fond of Jiang Yun. Not only because Jiang Yun was very suitable to become a pharmacist, but the most important thing was that he admired Jiang Yun’s personality.

Treating and detoxifying for so many cultivators for free, even his master could hardly do it, not to mention himself.

Although Jiang Yun did not think that he could bear the praise of Xiao Zheng, he was moved by these nine words. These nine words made him fall into meditation.

However, at this moment, suddenly there was a knock on the door, which made Xiao Zheng dissatisfied, "Who’s there?"

"An old friend of Master Jiang!"