The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 153

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Chapter 153: A Real Appearance

Hearing Liu Hao suddenly mentioned the Grand Medicine Sect rules, the crowd was still confused. While Xiao Zheng slightly loosened his frown. He nodded in a solemn look ass well, “Yes, there is indeed such a rule."

But then, Xiao Zheng pointed at Jiang Yun and said, "However, younger brother Jiang is not an unknown person. Everyone here knows that he is a disciple of the Seeking-Tao Sect.”

"No!" Liu Hao coldly smiled: "I don't know whether he is really a disciple of Seeking-Tao Sect. I just want to ask him a question. Jiang Yun, is your current face a true one?"

After hearing this sentence, everyone hurriedly turned to look at Jiang Yun, looking at his mediocre face!

Even Xiao Zheng and Xie XiaoYong did as well.

Faced with so many eyes with doubts, Jiang Yun not only did not have any tension, but smiled. Because he had just guessed it!

His current face was indeed not his real appearance. Instead, he had changed it by using the Shape-Changing Magic learning from Xia ZhongXing.

However, since he had come to Luo’s house and met so many cultivators, no one found any flaw. As for Liu Hao and Luo LingXiao, they were only at the meridian Unclogged Realm. Hence, they could definitely not discover it by themselves.

Then there must be a person with high cultivatioonh. This guy had found this matter, but he had not been convenient to come out and testify Jiang Yun, so he could only ask Liu Hao and Luo LingXiao to come.

In addition, Liu Hao as a disciple of Grand Medicine Sect was the most appropriate one to question Jiang Yun with this.

As for who this guy was, Jiang Yun’s heart naturally had an answer. It must be the Forefather Luo Qing, the most powerful person in Luo family.

The only thing that Jiang Yun couldn’t figure out was that Luo Qing should have discovered that he had changed his appearance, but why he hadn’t spoken it out until now?

Jiang Yun would never know that he was again pitted by Master.

If it wasn't because of the half horn that Gu BuLao had asked him to send as a gift, which completely angered Luo Qing, Luo Qing should have originally been too lazy to pay attention to this little thing.

"Master Liu, if you don't believe my identity, then you can go to the Seeking-Tao Sect to ask clearly, to see if I am or not!"

Jiang Yun avoided answering Liu Hao’s question, but Liu Hao suddenly step forward, “Jiang Yun, I have said that whether you are the Seeking-Tao Sect’s disciple or not isn’t important to me. I just want to know one thing. Is your current face the real appearance?"

Jiang Yun touched his nose and said, "Yes or no, does it matter with my origins and backgrounds?"

Although Jiang Yun still did not answer Liu Hao's question, his ambiguous words had already caused many cultivators’ faces to show suspicion.

Liu Hao was even more convincing, "Even if you are the disciple of Seeking-Tao Sect, but you don't even dare to show your true face. This indicates that there must be something suspicious about you, and your purpose to enter our Grand Medicine Sect must not be simple and pure. Therefore, you are not qualified to enter our Grand Medicine Sect!"

Jiang Yun did not anger. He asked calmly, "Then may I know how I can qualify for entering?"

"You will never be allowed to enter the Grand Medicine Sect in your life! Never!"

Liu Hao said this sentence almost in a fierce manner. After leaving these words, he showed a happy color of his face. Finally, he took a little revenge for previously being humiliated by Jiang Yun.

As for whether his words would anger Jiang Yun, he didn’t have to worry about it. Although he was not as good as Jiang Yun on strength, he was a person of the Grand Medicine Sect, and here was Luo’s area.

Even if borrowing a few courage to Jiang Yun, dare Jiang Yun not to harm me!

After saying this, Liu Hao cupped his hands to Xiao Zheng and said, "Elder Brother, now you understand, right? This guy can never enter our Grand Medicine Sect!"


Xiao Zheng was in a bit of hesitation. Because he could also find that Jiang Yun had really hidden his true appearance.

In fact, this was not a big deal. As long as he had a clear origins and background, he could still enter the Grand Medicine Sect. But Liu Hao’s words were somewhat reasonable as well.

Although Jiang Yun had told him that he entered the Grand Medicine Sect to seek antidote for his Third Brothers, he may have other purposes.

If he rashly brought him back to the sect, and if it was a disaster for the sect, then he would become a sinner for good.

However, Jiang Yun’s control of Spiritual Energy was so high that he was simply the right one to be a pharmacist. If he gave up, it was really a pity.

For a time, Xiao Zheng was really difficult to decide.

Xie XiaoYong, who was standing on the side in a silence, showed an anxious color on her face. Her eyes continually went back and forth between Jiang Yun and Xiao Zheng.

Right now, others naturally knew that Jiang Yun must have hidden his true appearance.

Regardless of his purpose, this kind of behavior was a big taboo for the Grand Medicine Sect. So unless he had a reasonable explanation, otherwise, his way to the Grand Medicine Sect was really completely blocked.

At this moment, some people sympathized with Jiang Yun, while some people were gloating. Of course, most people were in doubts, wondering why Jiang Yun hid his true appearance.

After all, as long as Jiang Yun was really the disciple of the Seeking-Tao Sect, he could definitely make a debut in his real face. There was no need to disguise himself!

Just when everyone was silent, Jiang Yun finally spoke again. At this moment, his face was still smiling. "Master Liu, don't give me a conclusion so arbitrarily."

Then, Jiang Yun looked at the people around him and kept saying, "Yes, the face you see now is really not my true appearance. And the reason why I did this is not to deliberately deceive you guys. Instead, I have to hide my true appearance!"

"Why you have to? What is your secret?" Liu Hao sneered and said, "Have you done something really bad?"

Jiang Yun simply ignored Liu Hao's cynicism. After looking at the crowd around, he slowly spoke, "My unspeakable secret is…I have to hide my true appearance because there are too many acquaintances of me.

"But we’re in Luo’s house, and we came here for the birthday of Luo's Forefather. I didn't want to be the one who took the lead and grabbed the owner's limelight, so I hid my true look."

"Hahahaha!" This time, the laughter was given by Luo LingXiao. He pointed at Jiang Yun and said, "Grabbing the owner's limelight?!

"Jiang Yun, your face is really thick! Alright, show us! Just show us your true face, and let me see how you can grab the limelight of my Luo family!"

Everyone was now in totally confusion. Because Jiang Yun said that there were too many acquaintances here, but they all didn’t know Jiang Yun.

A young cultivator like Jiang Yun with such a strong strength, even if they had seen him before, they would certainly not forget, not to mention knowing him.

Everyone should have a try to find a close relationship with him.

But there were so many people present, and no one had an impression to Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun did not explain anymore. Instead, after coldly watching at Luo LingXiao and Liu Hao for a moment, he gently nodded and said, "In this case, I will do as you wish!"

As his voice fell, the muscles on his face suddenly began to move strangely. Through this movement, his mediocre appearance naturally changed little by little.

Finally, he recovered his true appearance, a delicate young face with a little tenderness!

Seeing this face, although there were many people who were still confused, including Xiao Zheng and Liu Hao, there were more people showing shocked looks with their bodies slightly trembled.

Among them, even Luo LingXiao was included!

Jiang Yun’s eyes slowly passed from those who were shocked. He said in a calm voice, “Hello everyone, remember me? I’m Gu!”