The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 152

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Chapter 152: Unknown Origins and Backgrounds

The crowd didn’t care about the departure of Luo LingXiao. Their eyes were still firmly watching the two jade bottles on the table.

Obviously, they were still being shocked with Jiang Yun's godlike skill. Until a big laughter woke them up.

It was Xiao Zheng. At this moment, he couldn’t help but smiling all the time. He strode to the front of Jiang Yun, "Tao friend Jiang, please be sure to come to the Grand Medicine Sect with me when everything is done here!"

The scene which had made everyone stunned verified his previous guess. Jiang Yun’s score of picking up nine sesame seeds was casual and random for him.

This made Xiao Zheng really happy. Although he had had a good impression on Jiang Yun, he would have never thought that Jiang Yun’s degree of control over the Spiritual Energy would be so high.

He couldn't even wait to take Jiang Yun back to the Grand Medicine Sect and make his master and Jiang Yun meet each other.

Although he was now not qualified to accept Jiang Yun as a disciple, and he could not change the fact that Jiang Yun was already a disciple of the Seeking-Tao Sect, but perhaps his master could do it.

After all, in the Mountain-Sea Continent, very few people would not have respect for his master.

If his master was willing to ask Jiang Yun’s master personally, then he may be able to incorporate Jiang Yun into the Grand Medicine Sect.

Everyone around heard Xiao Zheng’s remarks about Jiang Yun. But this time, apart from a little envy, they had no other bad thought.

Because they were convinced by Jiang Yun’s true strength!

Jiang Yun responded with a smile, "Sure. Thank you, Master Xiao!"

"No, no, stop!" Xiao Zheng waved his hands, "Don't call my master. Previously, I can barely admit it; but now, I can't admit it. If you would like to, it's better for us to be brothers. I am a little older than you, so I call you my younger brother and you can call me elder brother!"

Jiang Yun was a straightforward man. So he cupped his hand and said, "Elder brother Xiao!"

"Ha ha!" Xiao Zheng laughed again and said, "Good! Younger brother Jiang, even if you don't know anything about the medicinal Tao, and even if you have never refined Dan pills before, but as long as you are willing to, I can predict that you will be in great achievements in refining medicine in the future. And I will definitely not be even better than you someday!

"At that time, I should honor you as a master!

"To be honest, younger brother Jiang, you should focus on the way of refining medicine. You should not put your energy on cultivating other Taos nor magic arts."

For Xiao Zheng's praise and sincere persuasion, Jiang Yun could not help but shook his head with a forced smile and said nothing.

Xiao Zheng had been devoting himself to refining medicine. In his view, the medicinal Tao was much more brilliant than any other "Tao", so he said it like this.

Although Jiang Yun was also very proficient in refining medicine and would likely searching for more, he was very clear that what he had been pursuing was to become more powerful.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yun suddenly realized something. "My master had always said that my Tao is different from his Tao. I didn't understand it before, but now I understand it a bit.

"My Tao is also different from Xiao Zheng’s Tao! His Tao is the ultimate pursuit of refining medicine. Although I don’t clearly know what my Tao exactly is now, I know that my purpose is to protect everything I care about!"

Xiao Zheng patted Jiang Yun’s shoulder and said, "If that is the case, then we can settle it here. I originally planned to leave tonight and returned to Grand Medicine Sect. But I suppose that younger brother Jiang would go to the Demon-Refining World tomorrow. Then since we would not be in a hurry, we will just stay here for a few more days. After you come out, we can go to the Grand Medicine Sect together!"

These words were normal to others, but Jiang Yun took it seriously. He stepped back and bowed deeply to Xiao Zheng, "Thank you, elder brother Xiao!"

Because only Jiang Yun knew well that Xiao Zheng was actually worried that Luo family might hurt him, so he decided to stay and wait for him.

After all, I’m not a disciple of Grand Medicine Sect. But since Xiao Zheng and the other two disciples of Grand Medicine Sect are waiting for me, I believe that Luo family did not dare to hurt me.

Although Xiao Zheng was not a social person, it didn’t mean that he didn’t understand social thing. Instead, he knew it clearly!

Xiao Zheng waved his hand and stopped Jiang Yun bow. Then, he suddenly turned his head and look at Luo BaiChuan, “Lord Luo, may I know when will the Demon-Refining World be opened?”

Luo BaiChuan's face was gloomy enough to drip water. Luo family had prepared for a long time for the test of Grand Medicine Sect. but they did not get a little benefit.

Especially as Luo LingXiao had originally been successful, but he ruined everything by himself. This naturally made Luo BaiChuan depressed.

But of course, he did not dare to be scornful to Xiao Zheng. He replied politely, "It is too late today, so we will open it tomorrow morning."

"Okay!" After getting the answer, Xiao Zheng no longer said anything to Luo BaiChuan, but spoke to Jiang Yun, "Younger brother Jiang, if you’re free, would you like to go to my room and let's chat again?!"

"It’s my pleasure!"

Jiang Yun was also in a good mood now. Although he had not yet obtained the antidote for his Third Brother, at least he had been able to enter the Grand Medicine Sect. it was the first step to success.

This trip to Luo family was a perfect one.

But when Jiang Yun and Xiao Zheng were about to leave, there were two figures running in the distance. While running, they were shouting, "Wait, Brother! Jiang Yun can't go to our Grand Medicine Sect!"

Naturally, these two were Liu Hao and Luo LingXiao.

The crowd who were preparing to leave as well suddenly stopped and looked at Liu Hao.

Although they didn’t understand why Liu Hao would disagree with Jiang Yun’s trip to the Grand Medicine Sect, everyone knew that there must be another show to watch.

Seeing Liu Hao, Xiao Zhan frowned and spoke before Jiang Yun’s speaking, "Younger Brother Liu, what did you say?!"

Liu Hao pointed at Jiang Yun, "Elder Brother, he can't go to the Grand Medicine Sect."

Xiao Zheng’s brows were about to be screwed together. He stared at Liu Hao and asked, “Why? Is it because you lost to younger brother Jiang in the previous test and were dissatisfied with him so that you come out and stop him to go to Grand Medicine Sect?

"Let me tell you. This is not the matter of younger brother Jiang, but my idea. I passed a message secretly to younger brother Jiang, and ask him not to admit defeat but give him a full attack and give you a little lesson!"

Xiao Zheng finally spoke the truth out, which made everyone shocked, especially Liu Hao. After being dumbfounded for a second, a color of resentment flashed in his eyes secretly.

He shook his head and said, "Eder Brother, I lost to him because of my poor skill. It was my mistake, and I won’t complain about anyone. I said that he cannot go to the Grand Medicine Sect due to other reasons!"

Xiao Zheng urged, "What is the reason? Speak it out quickly!"

Luo LingXiao who was standing next to Liu Hao kept silence, but he showed a little sneer; his eyes were staring straight at Jiang Yun's face.

As a defendant, Jiang Yun didn’t say anything. But he was also curious.

Since Liu Hao dared to prevent himself from going to the Grand Medicine Sect in front of so many people, and he was together with Luo LingXiao now, obviously they should have something to rely on. The two must have colluded to deal with him.

Liu Hao’s face suddenly showed a solemn color, “Elder Brother, there is a clear rule in our sect. Those who have unknown origins and backgrounds are definitely not allowed to enter the Grand Medicine Sect.”

This sentence reminded Jiang Yun. He already understood what Liu Hao and Luo LingXiao relied on!