The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 151

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Chapter 151: A Really Godlike Masterpiece

Luo LingXiao’s words not only made cultivators around dissatisfied, but also made Xie XiaoYong a little unhappy, let alone Jiang Yun.

One should admit defeat when they were betting!

Luo LingXiao had lost but he didn’t admit his defeat; instead, he questioned the unfairness of this test. Such a narrow minded and intolerant attitude, it was really sorry for his identity as the little Lord Luo.

The cold light in Jiang Yun’s eyes broke out unobtrusively. He looked coldly at Luo LingXiao and said, “Little Lord Luo, what do you mean?”

"I suspect that you and Master Xiao have known each other long before, and that you should have already known the contents of this test beforehand. Maybe you have practiced it innumerable times. And that’s why you can achieve the current grade!"

Luo LingXiao's remark not only attacked Jiang Yun, but also clearly insinuated Xiao Zheng, which made Xiao Zheng's face suddenly darkened.

However, after hearing this sentence, other cultivators more or less showed their doubts.

Because previously when Jiang Yun had defeated Liu Hao, Xiao Zheng hadn’t been angry. Instead, he had taken the initiative to show his kindness to Jiang Yun, and even invited Jiang Yun to his residence. Everyone had seen such kind of scenes.

This did indicate that the relationship between the two was not a normal one!

Therefore, if Xiao Zheng really revealed the test content to Jiang Yun in advance and let him practice it secretly, it could definitely be possible.

Jiang Yun looked at Luo LingXiao, shook his head and said, "Little Lord Luo…if you become the Lord of the Luo family, the Luo family will surely be destroyed in your hands one day!"

Indeed, Luo LingXiao mainly made trouble for Jiang Yun, but now his words even questioned Xiao Zheng at the same time.

Offending Xiao Zheng, it was equivalent to offending the Grand Medicine Sect. Basically, nobody would do such a foolish thing.

However, Luo LingXiao did. Even if this time he had passed the test, but to a large extent Xiao Zheng would not let him become a disciple of Grand Medicine Sect!

However, at this moment, Luo LingXiao didn’t care that much anymore; he was completely out of mind, "Jiang Yun, there is nothing to do with you if I cannot be the Lord Luo. Do not try to change the topic. You’d better explain the thing clearly to us!"

Hearing Luo LingXiao’s aggressive words, both Xiao Zheng and Xie XiaoYong wanted to speak for Jiang Yun. But Jiang Yun spoke one second ahead, "Since little Lord Luo has doubts about me, then let me give you an explanation today!"

When the voice fell, two loud pops suddenly sounded.

The jade bottles placed on two tables were blasted at the same time. Together with the sesame seeds placed on the tables, they were caught by an invisible big hand and rolled into the air, which then like a fierce wind rushed to Luo LingXiao.

"Jiang Yun, how dare you..."

It seemed to the crowd that Jiang Yun was ashamed into anger, and therefore he attacked Luo LingXiao. The Lord Luo BaiChuan also screamed and prepared to stop Jiang Yun.

But he shut up halfway!

Because the fierce wind had again exploded in the air. Numerous pieces of jade bottles as well as all the sesame seeds were wrapped in it. They had come from countless trajectories in the air, and come to Luo LingXiao’s side from all directions; they surrounded him completely, leaving no gaps!

"Little Lord Luo, this is my explanation!"

Jiang Yun’s faint voice heard by everyone like a thunder!

But at this moment, the Luo family had completely immersed in a dead silence.

Everyone were staring at the sesame seeds and debris around Luo LingXiao's body now!

The number of sesame seeds was about one hundred, and the fragments of jade bottles were nearly one hundred as well.

Behind every sesame and each piece of debris, the trajectories they moved from the air could still be seen. The Spiritual Energy around the trajectories had not dissipated yet.

More than two hundred trajectories, completely different, and no one intersected with another trajectory.

Each trajectory of the pieces controlled by Spiritual Energy was unique.

There were more than two hundred unique trajectories controlled by Spiritual Energy!

If Old Hei was here, then he would definitely show a satisfied smile. Because this was the method he had used when he had demonstrated for Jiang Yun.

However, for others, even if they were witnessing it, it was still unbelievable.

Because, Jiang Yun was using his Spiritual Energy and manipulating two hundred things at the same time. His precision of controlling Spiritual Energy had exceeded the imagination of everyone.

Not to mention that his Spiritual Energy was greater than other people, but he could still achieve this level. It was a really godlike masterpiece!

More importantly, every cultivator present, even if it was cultivators in the Sky Reaching Realm, had not feel a slight Spiritual Energy fluctuation the moment when Jiang Yun was releasing his Spiritual Energy.

This further showed that Jiang Yun’s control of Spiritual Energy had reached a level that even a little energy had not been wasted.

The shocking color on XiaoZheng and Xie XiaoYong's faces were especially strong. Because only they knew the fact that even in Grand Medicine Sect, people who would have such amazing control over the Spiritual Energy would not exceed three!

Moreover, the three were all their elders.

Amongst their peers, even if Brother Guan who could pick up ten sesame seeds and was therefore regarded as having a perfect qualification could hardly make it.

"Little Lord Luo, if my explanation can't satisfy you, you can just announce that I lose the bet!"

As Jiang Yun spoke, the jade bottle fragments and sesame seeds around Luo LingXiao's body were once again turned into a gust of wind and rolled back to the table.

Hundreds of sesame seeds were again gathered into a pill and placed in the original position.

The countless pieces of jade bottles were regrouped into jade bottles and stood quietly on the table.

It was just like nothing had happened! Although the crack on the jade bottles still existed, and another two hundred different trajectories were in the air.

This scene once again let everyone's eyeballs almost fall out of their eyes. Jiang Yun's precision of the control of the Spiritual Energy had reached a godlike level!

Luo LingXiao was even more stunned and couldn’t even say a word.

"We admit defeat. Tomorrow we will open the Demon-Refining World, and there is a place for you, Tao friend Jiang!"

At this moment, Luo Qing’s voice suddenly rang. After hearing his words, Luo LingXiao’s face suddenly became pale, because he lost again.

Once again, in full view, he had originally wanted to humiliate Jiang Yun, but in turn had been humiliated back by Jiang Yun.

Luo LingXiao naturally lost his face and would no longer be staying here. He turned away without saying a word, but suddenly came Luo Qing’s voice, "Looking for Liu Hao of Grand Medicine Sect, I have something to talk with you!"

When hearing the voice of Luo Qing, Luo LingXiao was at first stunned, but then he was ecstatic.

Since his Forefather still had something to ask him to do, it meant that he was still valued by his Forefather and would still be the little Lord of Luo family.

"Yes, my Forefather!"

With excitement, Luo LingXiao hurried away.

At the same time, in the left eye of the statue, Luo Qing was looking at the half-horn on his hand. There was a murderous intent in his eyes. He murmured, “Damn you, Gu BuLao! He is your disciple!

"You asked him to celebrate my birthday, thinking that I would not dare to hurt him?! Just see! I will definitely not let him back to the Seeking-Tao Sect alive!"