The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 184

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Chapter 184: This Situation

In the center of North Mountain, there is a huge mountain range stretching for thousands of miles.

If you look down from a high place, you will see numerous caves dotted all over this mountain range.

This place is the entrance to the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, which is located on Demon Mountain!

While Jiang Yun followed Xue Qing to the Snow clan, a beautiful woman dressed in black clothes swiftly flew past in the air and landed outside a cave in the middle of Demon Mountain.

After glancing inside the cave, the woman turned around, knelt down respectfully, and said, "Welcome back, Ancestor!"

As the woman finished speaking, a middle-aged man in his forties slowly walked out of the cave.

He wore a golden robe and had a handsome face with pale skin, but his eyes revealed a hint of wickedness.

The middle-aged man walked up to the woman, smirked evilly, and without saying a word, pinched her face hard, saying, "You look even more charming after a few days. What brings you here?"

The woman smiled slyly and replied, "A few days ago, Luo Qing sent a message stone, but as you were in closed-door cultivation, I didn't want to disturb you. Unexpectedly, he sent another message yesterday asking urgently, so I guess something important has come up."

The middle-aged man coldly chuckled, "What urgent matter could he possibly have? He just wants more demons from me!"

"But now, I still need his help to bring in more human cultivators, it's not good to turn against him, give him to me!"


Taking the jade stone handed to him by the woman, the middle-aged man crushed it in his hand, and a puff of smoke rose up, slowly forming the image of a young man in the air.

Luo Qing's voice then sounded, "Brother Mu, this person is named Jiang Yun, and he has a deep feud with our Luo family. I chased him in the Demon Refining Realm, and now he has fled to the North Mountain. I hope brother Mu can help me find him and kill him. I will greatly appreciate it!"

Ignoring Luo Qing's words, the middle-aged man instead deeply stared at the image of Jiang Yun in front of him, furrowing his brow and saying, "Interesting. If I remember correctly, the person we were supposed to protect back then was also this Jiang Yun!"

The woman in black clothing also looked up at Jiang Yun's image, nodded and said, "The Ancestor remembers correctly, I remember too, indeed this person, Jiang Yun!"

The middle-aged man stroked his chin and said, "Luo Qing wants to kill him, that person wants to protect him, this really makes it hard for me to decide!"

The woman in black clothing suggested, "Ancestor, regardless of killing or protecting, this Jiang Yun must have some special qualities. Why don't we find him first, capture him, and then make a decision?"

"Hmm!" The middle-aged man nodded and said, "With the imminent crisis in the Mountain-Sea World, we must gather every possible force that can help us!"

"Originally, I was thinking about how to get that guy to come to me, but I didn't expect the opportunity to come knocking!"

"We can use this Jiang Yun to threaten him, if he doesn't come, I'll kill Jiang Yun!"

The woman in black smiled and said, "You are wise, my ancestor!"

"Haha!" The middle-aged man laughed loudly, "In that case, quickly give me the order to search for this person's whereabouts throughout North Mountain!"



Jiang Yun followed behind Xue Qing and, after walking on the snowy white ground for just a quarter of an hour, arrived at an open space.

Xue Qing stopped, pointing to the empty space, "This is the residence of our Snow clan."

Jiang Yun widened his eyes, heightened all his senses to the extreme, but couldn't sense any trace of demonic energy fluctuation at all.

"Is there nothing here?"

After hearing Jiang Yun's words, a rare smile flashed across Xue Qing's usually cold face. She raised her hand and gestured forward, saying, "Look again!"

With a wave of Xue Qing's hand, the snow on the ground within ten yards suddenly flew up into the air.

Like countless feathers, the snow swirled around the empty space, gradually coming together to form a path.

A path leading to nowhere.

"Is this a teleportation array?"

"Our clan has some knowledge of formations!"

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yun immediately understood how the Snow clan was able to survive in such turbulent conditions - they understood formations.

Jiang Yun had no understanding of formations, but he knew they were extremely powerful, harnessing the forces of nature to their advantage.

At that moment, Xue Qing suddenly turned around and looked at Jiang Yun seriously, saying, "My friend from the Cloud Taoist clan, my Snow clan has a long history. Throughout the ages, you are the fourth outsider to enter our Snow clan!"

Jiang Yun naturally understood that the other party was still a little wary of him by saying these words.

Jiang Yun smiled slightly and whispered, "Like you, I also have my own village and my own people!"

After gazing deeply at Jiang Yun for a while, Xue Qing nodded and said, "Please come in!"

So, Jiang Yun followed Xue Qing and set foot on that path.

After passing through a surreal scene, the view suddenly cleared, revealing a vast valley!

Surprisingly, this valley was located underground, surrounded by mountains on all sides, but strangely, in the center, you could see the sky.

Inside the valley, hundreds of snow houses were scattered around.

Although it looked very messy, Jiang Yun could tell that the positions of these snow houses were deliberately arranged, forming a formation under the continuous layout.

"Sister Qing!"

"Sister Qing! You're back!"

At that moment, a series of young children's voices suddenly rang out.

Shortly after, four little figures came running from a distance and plunged into Xue Qing's arms.

Of course, these were four children from the Snow clan.

Two boys and two girls, all looking adorable.

However, Jiang Yun noticed that all four children were completely white, unlike Xue Qing who had blue eyes.

Xue Qing, embracing the four children, no longer had a cold expression on her face but was filled with a loving smile, petting one child's head and pinching another's nose.

"Have you been listening to grandfather's words and practicing well!"

"Yes, yes, Sister Qing, look at my snow magic!"

"What's so special about snow magic, my falling snow is much prettier!"

The four children immediately started shouting excitedly, completely ignoring Jiang Yun standing by the side.

Jiang Yun didn't disturb them either, he just stood quietly to the side, watching the four children with a hint of moisture in his eyes.

Because this scene was all too familiar to him!

Each time he returned from deep within the Mang Mountains with his Grandfather, as soon as they entered the gates of Jiang village, the children led by Jiang Yuerou would rush into his arms, acting just like these four children, clinging to him, asking for toys.

"Xue Qing, who is this person!"

Suddenly, an angry voice echoed from a distance, not only interrupting Xue Qing and the children's playfulness but also snapping Jiang Yun out of his thoughts.