The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 183

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Chapter 183: Heading to Snow Clan

While Jiang Yun was gazing at his palm, the stone demon lying on the ground hesitated for a moment, then suddenly leaped high into the air, raising its fist.

At this moment, on top of his fist, there was a strong blue light shining brightly, like a rock that had existed for countless years, fiercely smashing towards Jiang Yun's head.

Jiang Yun seemed completely unaware of the stone demon attacking from behind, still staring at his own palm.

"Be careful!"

However, the Snow clan woman saw it clearly and quickly warned Jiang Yun.

"It's okay!"

Upon hearing the woman's warning, Jiang Yun unexpectedly turned to her with a faint smile, then without even looking, he punched back at the stone demon.

At that moment, whether it was the stone demon or the Snow clan woman, both of their eyes widened suddenly.

Because they were surprised to see that Jiang Yun's casually thrown fist was also emitting a strong blue light, resembling a rock as well.


Rocks against rocks!

The two fists fiercely collided, creating a loud explosion.

In the explosion, the fist of the stone demon, along with half of its body, exploded into pieces, turning into dust and raising a cloud of smoke.


The remains of the stone demon fell heavily to the ground, eyes wide with disbelief, unable to accept what had happened.

To die under one's own talent was beyond belief!

The Snow clan woman also stared at Jiang Yun in astonishment, wondering if he was also a stone demon.

Although Jiang Yun appeared calm, there was undisguised joy deep in his eyes.

Previously, to deal with the Blessed Land Realm, Jiang Yun had to use all his power to barely defeat it.

But now, with this punch, even though he used his physical strength and thunder power, he still had to spare, not like before when using all his strength in one hit.

This is because he possesses the natural talents that originally belonged to the stone demon.


Transforming the body into stone, boosting defense and strength!

This ability to petrify is the best supplementary technique for Jiang Yun's physical strength.

If he can apply it to his physical body, his power will increase greatly.

Now, even facing cultivators of the second level of the Blessed Land, Jiang Yun has confidence in resisting it.

"This Demon Refining Seal is indeed magical, the only regret is that it must wait until the refined talent completely merges with oneself before it can be used again."

"Otherwise, with multiple talents appearing in the body, there is a high risk of being backlashed by these talents!"

This is also what was recorded in the words that appeared when Hun Tian passed on the Demon Refining Seal.

Jiang Yun could also understand this. A demon's talent is something they are born with, but the Demon Refining Seal can forcibly refine this talent onto oneself, its effect is almost miraculous.

If he can continue refining without any limits, then Jiang Yun wouldn't need to practice any other techniques or skills anymore.

Just by using the Demon Refining Seal once, he could already dominate the scene.

Nevertheless, he was content because once he fully integrated the Petrification Talent of the stone demon into himself, his whole body would turn into stone.

By then, his strength would naturally increase again.

The death of the stone demon immediately caused his three companions to show expressions of panic, clearly Jiang Yun's power far exceeded their expectations.

After exchanging a glance, the three of them let out a whistle and quickly scattered in different directions, without caring about anything as they fled.

"None of you can escape!"

Not removing the roots of the grass will cause future trouble, Jiang Yun understands this better than anyone.

As soon as he spoke, a fierce glare filled Jiang Yun's eyes. He raised his hand, and a third-tier white bear appeared, following closely behind the Golden Demon Ape. With a massive bear paw, he ruthlessly attacked the thin man.


The golden sword and the white bear's paw almost simultaneously struck the man, instantly tearing him in half and turning him into minced meat.

With a swift movement, Jiang Yun dashed to the side of the Unicorn Python. Attacking from both sides, they easily defeated their opponent.

Though the last remaining monster was the strongest second-tier among the four, it was no match for Jiang Yun and the four demon beasts attacking it. It was swiftly killed.

In the blink of an eye, all four monsters were slain.

After taking their storage artifacts, Jiang Yun made sure to destroy all evidence of the bodies.

Four fireballs enveloped their bodies, burning brightly.

Jiang Yun put the four demon beasts back into the Demon-storing Bag. Then, he looked at the Snow clan woman, nodded gently, turned around, and continued walking towards the cliff where he was sitting before.

He came here to help the Snow clan woman, and now that his purpose has been achieved, he naturally won't stay for long.

Just then, the Snow clan woman finally spoke, "Wait!"

Jiang Yun stopped walking, turned around and asked, "Is there anything else, miss?"

The Snow clan woman bowed and said, "Thank you, Taoist friend, for saving my life. I was rude to you earlier, please don't be upset about it!"

"It's nothing, just a small favor."

The Snow clan woman hesitated and said, "I wonder if Taoist friend would like to visit my clan?"

At this moment, the Snow clan woman finally let go of her guard against Jiang Yun and took the initiative to invite him.

Although Jiang Yun was pressed for time and hoped to create his Blessed Land as soon as possible, after a moment of thought, he nodded and said, "I'll be grateful if the lady leads the way!"

Don't judge Jiang Yun. Even though he has seen the dark side of people, he is actually a kind person. The situation of the Snow clan reminds him of Jiang village.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. If Jiang village were facing the same difficulties as the Snow clan, you would definitely hope for help from others.

When the Snow clan woman heard Jiang Yun's words, even though she didn't say anything, a hint of gratitude appeared on her face. She then turned and walked in a certain direction.

Jiang Yun naturally followed closely behind.

As the two walked away, the stone demon in flames suddenly collapsed, turning into a pile of stone powder, silently merging into the ground!

Unfortunately, neither Jiang Yun nor the Snow clan woman saw this scene.

After walking for a while, the Snow clan woman spoke to Jiang Yun with her back turned, "Although our Snow clan once had an ancestor known as the First Demon, that was many years ago."

"The legend says that the ancestor has already left the Mountain-Sea World, and nobody knows where they went. They have not been seen since."

"Since that ancestor, we have not had any exceptionally talented individuals in the Snow clan, not even reaching the level of the ancestor's techniques they left behind."

"In addition to other incidents, over time, now our Snow clan only has over a thousand people left, with most of our cultivation levels not very high. We are unwilling to submit to the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, and have no way to leave this place, so we have been staying here waiting..."

Speaking of this, the Snow clan woman closed her mouth.

Although she didn't say the last word, Jiang Yun could guess it.

It was the word "death"!

For a declining group like Snow clan now, in times of great difficulties, if they still want to maintain their last bit of dignity, the only way is to wait for death!

With a slight smile, Jiang Yun changed the subject and said, "By the way, may I know the lady's esteemed name?"

After a moment of silence, the Snow clan woman answered, "My name is Xue Qing, because my grandfather said that the day I was born was a sunny day!"