The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 182

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Chapter 182: Becoming One's Own

"Who's there!"

The sudden voice made the bald big man spin around abruptly, along with the three demons that hadn't left yet and the Snow clan woman, all looking towards the direction where the voice came from.

From the white snowy ground, a young man in a gray robe slowly walked out, with a plain face and a faint smile, calmly watching everyone.

Naturally, it was Jiang Yun who came out!

He wasn't planning to show up so soon, but he realized that the Snow clan woman was actually quite strong, almost equal to the bald big man.

It's a pity that she rarely fought with others and lacked battle experience.

Especially that snowman, clearly summoned by her magic, was flashy but not practical, clumsy in strength, wasting energy. It might be intimidating against weaker opponents, but not so useful against peers!

Therefore, he had to show up now!

"Who are you?"

Looking at Jiang Yun, the bald man frowned and asked loudly.

The other three also looked alert, because if it weren't for Jiang Yun coming out on his own, they would never have known that there was still someone hidden here.

Moreover, none of them could see through Jiang Yun's true strength.

After exchanging glances, the three immediately sped off in all directions, returning to their original positions moments later.

It was clear that they had been working together for a long time, showing great coordination. After checking around, they felt a bit relieved knowing that Jiang Yun was alone!

"I am here to see the sea!"

Jiang Yun smiled as he spoke, but completely ignored the four people and directly looked at the Snow clan woman, subtly nodding his head towards her.

The girl from the Snow clan tightly clenched her teeth, as if she wanted to refuse Jiang Yun's help. But at that moment, the words that came out were, "Be careful!"

"Look at the sea!"

Jiang Yun's answer surprised the four of them, but the short man reacted the fastest. Without saying a word, he immediately turned into a beam of light and dashed towards Jiang Yun like lightning.


Before he could reach Jiang Yun, he saw a red light shooting out from Jiang Yun's palm with even greater speed than him.

Before he could even see clearly what the red light was, it was already in front of him.

Along with a strong scent of blood, he finally saw that the red light was actually a red blood wolf.

At that moment, the blood wolf's mouth was wide open, its sharp fangs dripping with saliva, aiming viciously at his throat.

The thin man was suddenly terrified, but his quick reaction saved him. A large knife appeared in his empty palm, pointing at his throat.

With a loud clang, the blood wolf's fangs bit directly onto the blade, causing its body to shake and fly back in the air before landing beside Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun looked at the knife in the other person's hand and touched his nose, saying, "It seems unfair for you to use a weapon, so let's switch to one with a weapon too!"

Before everyone could understand what Jiang Yun meant, a golden monkey suddenly appeared in front of them.

With a single hand gesture, the golden threads surrounding its body immediately condensed into a large sword, held firmly and fiercely swung towards the thin man.

The appearance of the Golden Demon Ape startled everyone present.

Just the blood wolf's appearance was shocking enough for them, never did they expect another demon ape to show up now.

Naturally, this made them feel that Jiang Yun's strength was even more mysterious, and they were filled with great confusion.

How could a demon have so many different demon beasts with him?

And they were even of different demon beast species!

The short thin man was surprised by the appearance of the demon ape. Without time to dodge, he raised his big knife once again to face the demon ape's golden sword.


With a clear metal clash, the big knife was split into two pieces!

One force for ten times!

The golden armored demon ape was not skilled in magic, only relying on its physical strength.

Seeing the success of its attack, the golden armored demon ape grew more confident. It continued to relentlessly strike at the short thin man with its sword.

At this moment, the other three people finally regained their senses. They each roared in anger, wanting to help their companion. However, each of them was faced with a demon beast, besides the stone demon.

Unicorn Python, red snow wolf!

Jiang Yun finally turned around confidently and told the stone demon, "If she won't fight, then I will in her place!"

As soon as the words fell, Jiang Yun threw a punch directly at the chest of the stone demon.


With a punch, a sharp and painful scream immediately came from the mouth of the stone demon, whose whole body was like stone, flying backwards from the impact.

Before his figure could hit the ground, Jiang Yun took a step forward, moving as fast as a shadow, and his fist was already in front of the stone demon, hitting it again.

"Bam bam bam!"

After five consecutive punches, Jiang Yun finally pulled back his fist, looking at the stone demon lying on the ground with cracks on its chest, asking, "Do you still want to fight?"

Although Jiang Yun was very strong, there was still a gap in their levels, so these five punches weren't enough to kill his opponent.

However, the strength displayed by Jiang Yun had already frightened the stone demon, known for its incredible defense.

Among monsters of the same level, no one had ever been able to break their own body just with physical strength.

What's more, the demon beast that was fighting with three other monsters and clearly winning, scared the stone demon so much that it quickly shook its head and said, "Stop, stop!"

"Okay, let me try my new magic spell!"

Before the stone demon could understand these words, Jiang Yun raised his hand, formed a seal with his fingers, and pressed it firmly on the stone demon's forehead.

This was the Demon Refining Seal, of course!

Jiang Yun couldn't say the name of the Demon Refining Seal, or else the monsters would know he was a Demon Refiner.

As the Demon Refining Seal entered the stone demon's body, Jiang Yun immediately felt thin threads, like silk, being separated from the monster's body and merging into the seal.

Next, Jiang Yun raised his hand again, removed his palm from the stone demon's forehead, and struck his own forehead with his palm, causing the Demon Refining Seal to rush into his body and explode.

A strange feeling spread throughout Jiang Yun's body instantly.

It even made Jiang Yun feel a bit like he was taking a herbal bath.

The tiny strands that were peeled off from the stone demon's body, resembling threads, were now quickly merging into different parts of Jiang Yun's body.

Although it hurt a bit, his whole body felt light and cheerful.

This feeling disappeared after a moment, but a rock pattern formed on Jiang Yun's right hand and arm.

Initially clear, it gradually became blurry until it completely disappeared, as if it had seeped under the skin.

As the pattern vanished, Jiang Yun distinctly felt a new power within his right arm.

With a single thought, this power quickly filled his whole right arm, turning his right palm outside his clothes into a stone-like gray color.

Looking at his palm, a light gradually shone in Jiang Yun's eyes as he murmured to himself, "This is the Demon Refining Seal, turning the demon's talent into his own!"