The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 181

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Chapter 181: I Fight for Him

At this moment, Jiang Yun could guess that the group to which the woman in front of him belonged had definitely chosen not to submit to the Ten Thousand Demons Cave.

In fact, they were unwilling or unable to leave this area.

In order to cope with the increasingly chaotic situation, the woman had set up an ambush in the previous location to attack anyone suspicious and protect her group.

Naturally, the woman's group was not too far away from this place.

Honestly, Jiang Yun felt very sympathetic towards these groups and wanted to help in any way he could, but being an outsider, he knew they would not easily trust him, so he said those words.

Upon hearing Jiang Yun's words, the woman's face indeed showed a hint of hesitation.

Although she believed Jiang Yun was indeed an outsider and knew he had considerable strength, she was unsure of his origins. However, she also realized that with his help, it would greatly benefit them.

Yet, since Jiang Yun's background was unclear and it involved the life and death of the group, she dared not take any risks.

Therefore, the woman just nodded and left without saying a word.

Jiang Yun sat quietly on the cliff, seemingly unaware of the woman leaving, staring at the vast ocean without blinking.

He sat there watching the sea not because he had never seen it before.

It was because as he gazed at the sea, he felt something stir in his heart, a feeling of reach the Blessed Land Realm.

If he could grasp this feeling, perhaps he could create a Blessed Land and enter the Blessed Land Realm directly.

However, he knew he couldn't stay here for long as there were many things waiting for him to do.

Whether it was the poison of the Third Martial Brother, Lu Xiaoyu trapped on the No-Returning Road, or the Jiang village in the Mang Mountains, he needed to act quickly.

The Boundary Sea was swallowing up land at an increasing speed, the villages turning into ruins before his eyes, urging Jiang Yun to become stronger and enter the Blessed Land sooner.

In a chaotic world, every bit of strength gained meant more protection for himself and his loved ones.

Unfortunately, when night fell, Jiang Yun had to stop watching the sea and listen to the faint rustling sound nearby. Even though he didn't move, he sensed that a monster was approaching!

The monster didn't come for itself, but for the group of the woman in white clothes!

Suddenly, a hoarse laughter echoed in the distance. "Haha, how lucky! I never expected there would still be a group unwilling to leave here. And, if I'm not mistaken, it must be the Snow clan!"

Immediately, a sharp voice chimed in, "Tsk, really? The Snow clan, rumored to have had a legendary top monster in their midst. How did they fall so low and shrink into this remote place."

"Legendary top monster, it's all ancient history. But for the Snow clan to survive till now, they must have some good stuff within their group."

"Especially, I heard that the women of the Snow clan are all stunningly beautiful yet as cold as ice. If you could enjoy a night with a Snow clan woman, the pleasure of fire and ice will make you unforgettable for life!"

As the words trailed, a wave of lewd laughter erupted.

Just then, the voice of the woman in white finally sounded, "You mere thieves dare to speak vulgar words here. Today, this will be the place where you all perish!"

"What a place of perishing! Brothers, let's give it our all today, let's destroy this Snow clan. The one with the highest merit will get to enjoy a soul-stirring night with this Snow clan woman!"


Another round of laughter and cheers came, followed by one voice after another.

"Leader, let me do it!"

"Let me handle it, I have the best way to deal with the Snow clan!"

"Stop arguing, this woman, let me handle her!"


Along with a loud rumbling sound, it was evident that someone couldn't help but make a move, attacking the woman in white.

Finally, Jiang Yun's eyes opened again, whispering softly, "There are a total of four demons, all ordinary demons, but the strongest is only second-tier!"

Despite Jiang Yun not moving, he had long since, based on his sharp senses, accurately judged the opponent's numbers and approximate strength.

As the words fell, Jiang Yun stood up and walked towards the sound.

Although he wanted to help the girl in white, since she didn't ask for it, he didn't want to interfere.

At the spot where the white-clothed girl attacked Jiang Yun earlier, the snowman reappeared.

The girl still stood on the snowman's shoulder, looking coldly at a bald man in a black robe in front of her.

Around the two of them stood three people in a surrounding formation, trapping the Snow clan girl in the middle to prevent her from escaping.

The bald man smirked and said, "Sweetheart, I advise you to give up resistance. Your Snow clan is already in decline. Even if you have some strength, do you think you can fight against the four of us alone?"

"Just behave and come with me. As long as you please me, I guarantee you'll have the finest food and drinks!"


As the Snow clan girl scolded, she pointed her finger, and the huge snowman under her immediately raised its fist, smashing it towards the bald man.


The big man didn't even try to dodge, letting the fist hit his body. With a dull thud, the snowman's fist exploded, but the big man didn't even change his expression.

"What kind of monster has such amazing defense?" Jiang Yun asked Bai Ze.

Bai Ze lazily replied, "Just a stone demon, with decent defense at best."

When Jiang Yun heard the words "stone demon," he couldn't help but think of the monster in the world of Hun Tian that turned into a small mountain.

Compared to that monster, this stone demon was not on the same level at all.

"I'll just stand here and let you hit me. When you get tired, then I'll retaliate!"

The stone demon grinned, then turned to his three companions and said, "You guys, don't just stand there. I'll take care of this woman. You all need to go find the Snow clan's residence nearby, make sure other monsters don't get there first."

A slim man with a creepy look stared at the Snow clan woman, licked his lips, and said, "Alright! But you can't have it all to yourself, you can eat the meat, but you need to leave us some soup!"

The bald man waved his hand and said, "I know, don't worry!"

After saying that, the three of them actually turned around, apparently getting ready to search for the Snow clan's residence.

Seeing this scene, the Snow clan woman's cold face finally showed a hint of worry. The snowman under her also turned around, trying to stop the three from leaving.

However, the bald man just laughed, staying in place without moving. He gently raised his hand in the air, causing the ground to rumble and shake violently.

Under this shaking, the snowman's huge figure immediately swayed, until it toppled over onto the ground.

Only then did the bald man take a step forward, standing in front of the Snow clan woman and said, "What, giving up so soon? Can't bear to fight me anymore? Come on, give me a couple more hits, hitting equals loving, right?"


At this moment, a faint blush had appeared on the Snow clan woman's pale face, making her look a bit more charming, even causing the bald man to almost drool.

"If you won't fight, then I won't hold back!"

The big man laughed loudly and reached out towards the woman when a soft voice suddenly said in his ear, "Let me fight for her instead!"