The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Three Tests

Through the slit of the gate, it was clear to see five radiances shooting from the five peaks. From far away to nearby, the five radiance arrived at the gate instantaneously. Then people found out that these five radiances were actually five persons who could fly via air.

Looking at these five persons, the crowd was excited.

“Only cultivators in the Blessing Land Realm can cast the Fly Art. OMG! Are those five people all in the Blessing Land Realm? The Seeking-Tao Sect is really as strong as expected!”

“The Blessing Land Realm is so high a level that I couldn’t dare imagine it. You can only find one cultivator of the Blessing Land Realm from a population of one hundred thousand in Wuyang City.”

Jiang Yun was shocked as well. Though he was not a cultivator, he knew of it since it was elementary knowledge.

The first three realms from lower to higher were the Meridians Unclogged Realm, the Blessing Land Realm, and the Sky Reaching Realm. He didn’t know whether there were cultivators of the Blessing Land Realm in the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains. But he knew that his grandpa, who was the strongest in Jiang village, was just in the ninth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm.

While now the Seeking-Tao Sect dispatched five cultivators of Blessing Land Realm at a time. This gave Jiang Yun a strong feeling that he came to the right place.

The five persons flying from the Seeking-Tao Sect were four men and one woman. They looked not to be elderly and the youngest seemed to be in the same age as Jiang Yun. They were standing in the air and exuding strong pressure on the crowd which, just like five mountains, made people almost out of breath. They couldn’t help lowering their heads as they had no courage to look at them straight in the eye.

The five persons were poker-faced. Their eyes ran down the crowd, the one in the middle who was as young as Jiang Yun spoke. “I’m Xiao YiShu. Today is the day our Seeking-Tao Sect’s recruiting day. I will simply tell you the requirements.

“Our sect recruits disciples not according to your age or cultivation level. We have three tests, respectively testing your Heart of Tao, Tao Spirituality and Tao Physique.”

Jiang Yun had been worried before. Though he had beaten Feng WuJi, a cultivator in the fifth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm, he was only a mortal. Thus, he had been afraid of failing to pass the examination.

But now hearing Xiao YiShu’s words, he was kind of relieved.

“If you pass one of the tests, you will be accepted as a factotum disciple; passing two will allow you to be an outer disciple; the one passing all the three tests will directly become an inner disciple!”

Factotum disciples, outer disciples, and inner disciples were three kinds of disciple status, and different identities meant different treatments in the Seeking-Tao Sect.

Jiang Yun was reminded of Feng WuJi who had accepted as an inner disciple by the Samsara Sect. In terms of this, Feng WuJi was apparently a gifted cultivator. Jiang Yun realized that a sure way to be able to compete with Feng WuJi was to become an inner disciple as well.

Xiao YiShu kept saying, “Tests may be dangerous. Although you’ll hardly die, it’s still pretty possible to get hurt. So everyone, please assess your power accurately and do not overexert yourself. Our sect won’t be responsible for any accident you encounter.”

Paused for a while, Xiao YiShu then said in a cold face, “The Seeking-Tao Sect is a human Taoist sect. We only recruit humans as disciples. Hence, if there are people of the Demon Race, please leave now. Do not try to cheat, because we will take serious action once we find out after the recruitment starts!”

Jiang Yun had ever heard of the Demon Race. Everything in the world was of spirituality. Besides the Humankind, flora and fauna even mountains and rivers could cultivate, and they would become a demon once they achieved a high enough cultivation level.

Though human and demons were lives, they were not of the same race. An old saying was that people in different races must be alien from each other. Hence, the Humankind and the Demon Race had hardly ever gotten along well with each other. In fact, there was a historic enmity between them.

Following Xiao YiShu’s words, the handsome young man who had mocked Jiang Yun before suddenly pointed at Jiang Yun and said, “You should come from the Demon Race, right?”

Jiang Yun frowned slightly, and a cold light crossed his eyes. This guy mocked him a moment ago, and now he even discredited him in these five disciples’ presence!

Though Jiang Yun had no experience in dealing with social interaction, he was smart enough. He knew that this guy had no beef to him. He did this because he wanted to be in the spotlight.

Generally, there were two ways to deal with such a thing, to fight back aggressively or to ignore it. Though being angry, Jiang Yun finally decided to bear it. After all, he was new here and totally unfamiliar with the place and these people. It was better to save trouble.

The handsome youth’s words caused another laughing. However, there were also people who felt indignant. A simply dressed tall and strong man couldn’t help saying something, “Huo Yuan, though this little bro’s dress is weird, you shouldn’t always attack him in words.”

The young man called Huo Yuan glared instantly, “Tang Yi, do you have any evidence showing that I have been against him? I just asked him. After all, he is the only one who dresses like a demon!”

“Shut up!” Xiao YiShu said coldly. These simple two words were like two big hammers striking heavily on Huo Yuan’s body as well as Tang Yi’s.

Both of them groaned. Huo Yuan moved back several steps and didn’t stop until he bumped into a guy behind him; while Tang Yi only took one step back, then he gave a shout and finally stood still.

Being frightened, they dared not to speak anymore. While Huo Yuan looked at Xiao YiShu, with the resentment crossing his eyes secretly.

Jiang Yun squinted eyes as seeing the whole thing. How powerful one in the Blessing Land Realm could be! He could even push two cultivators back with only two words!

Xiao YiShu didn’t even give a glance at the two anymore. He watched Jiang Yun for only a second then looked away and said, “Now I will give you the last ten respiration time. Then we’ll start the tests!”

Apparently, the ten respiration time was given to those demons. And there did be six or seven figures out from the crowd and ran away rapidly. Obviously, they were demons.

Jiang Yun didn’t have a look at those figures. He turned to Tang Yi and nodded as gratitude.

The ten respiration time passed, and Xiao Yun’s voice sounded again, “All right! Now everyone who wants to join our sect, please enter with us. Others please wait at the gate!”

There were many people who just aimed to send their family members here safely. They were not allowed to enter the sect.

The majority of the crowd entered the gate of the Seeking-Tao Sect, one by one, and they saw an especially large square whose capacity could be of ten thousand people. There were some thick lines on the ground; four zoomorphic statues in a height of nearly one hundred meters stood at the four corners of the square.

It was unknown what kinds of beasts these four zoomorphic statues stood for. They had different appearances, but they looked scary. They looked so vivid that they seemed to be alive.

There were thousands of people that stood around the square. According to their uniforms, they were disciples.

Disciples of the Seeking-Tao Sect of course wanted to witness the every-three-years recruitment.

Jiang Yun looked around quickly and secretly. Over two thousand people would accept these tests.

At this moment, Xiao YiShu spoke, “The first test begins. Younger Sister Xiang Xuan, please go ahead!”