The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Three Things of Value in Tao Cultivation

The only woman of those five Seeking-Tao Sect disciples stepped out slowly. She held a jade flute, dressed in the blue clothing with the long cuff fluttering, as beautiful as a fairy. She smiled to everyone and said, “The Heart of Tao, the Physique of Tao and the Spirituality of Tao are of value in Tao cultivation!

“And the first test is to examine your Heart of Tao. Only with the desired heart to cultivate Tao can one step on the way to Tao cultivation. Later on, I will play a tune, and you need to do nothing but listen. The one who is able to stick to listening to the tune for over fifteen respiration time will pass it.

“Do not flaunt your superiority if you can’t hold on. Instead, you should sit cross-legged instantly. Then you will stop yourself from listening to the tune automatically. Surely, you should try your best to persist within your ability. Because the longer you persist, that means the firmer your Tao Heart is.”

Comparing to Xiao YiShu’s, this younger sister Xiang Xuan was much kinder. At least, she gave a detailed examination regulation.

However, most people including Jiang Yun were still confused. What was the relation between the tune and the Tao Heart? Also, as easy as to listen to the tune, how would it be difficult to manage it?

All of these questions found their answers when the first whistling came out.


With a sound, someone spit out blood and staggered backward then dropped on the ground once the tune sounded!

The man was Jiang Yun!

Such a sudden change made all the people stupefied. Even Xiang Xuan had been stunned that the sound of the flute stopped momently.

People including Jiang Yun didn’t understand the relation between the tune and the Tao Heart. However, Xiang Xuan knew it quite clearly. People who were under the level of the Blessing Land Realm would see various illusions through her tune.

Some people might see a beauty seducing them; some people might see the lure of wealth; some might think there were beasts attacking them. However, whatever you saw, you would not be swayed by those illusions and could persist in the tune as long as your Heart of Tao was firm enough.

The firmer your Heart of Tao was, the longer you could persist through the illusion.

While Jiang Yun’s case was unusual. Because the thing happened to him showed that it was not a thing about how firm his Tao Heart was, rather it seemed to show that he had no Tao Heart!

However, Tao bears the world. As a result, everything should have the Heart of Tao!

To be honest, since the Seeking-Tao Sect had been established, or even since such a Tao Heart testing had been exerted, such a thing had never happened before.

“As I’ve said, he is a wild man. He had been cultivating the wild Tao which is different from our real Tao cultivation. Hence, he doesn’t have the Tao Heart that we have!”

At this moment, Huo Yuan spoke in a kind of sarcastic tone. And this time even Tang Yi said nothing for Jiang Yun. After all, Jiang Yun was in a pretty weird situation now.

But people didn’t have time to think deeply about this question now. Because the tune that had been stopped before rang again now, and they needed to pay attention to fighting against the illusion.

The grand square was encircled only by the tune now.

While several voices sounded inside the five peaks of the Seeking-Tao Sect, which could not be heard by others.

“Well, everyone, have you ever seen such a case?”

“No! I’ve been doing cultivation for five hundred years. I’ve even never heard about such a thing before!”

“Or… should he be a demon?”

“Impossible! Even if a demon can cheat us, he or she can’t play a trick on those four Tao Beasts and the Mountain Protecting Grand Formation successfully. What’s more, even a demon has the Heart of Tao!”

“Maybe… It’s only an accident!”

No one could give a proper explanation, and Jiang Yun who knew nothing about Tao cultivation was confused as well.

He only remembered that a giant mountain had shown up once the tune had been played, and it had stricken him heavily.

Though he was strong, his body could hardly bear such a fierce hit. Thus, he had spit out blood and dropped on the ground.

Though Jiang Yun was confused, he realized that he had failed the first test. He had two more chances, and once he didn’t pass the left two tests, he would be disqualified from joining the Seeking-Tao Sect.

Though he was not badly injured, Jiang Yun kept sitting on the ground and waited for the end of the first test.

Now he didn’t hear the tune. He was seeing more and more people around sitting down with legs crossed.

Some like him spit out blood; some looked pale, with body trembled. Apparently, they got injured, either serious or slight.

After Xiang Xuan stopped playing the flute, only one man still stood without injury. He was the man Jiang Yun had noticed before, who dressed in black and who seemed to be in his own world.

The tune seemed to have no effect on him. He even didn’t change his posture; he had always been standing like the green pine tree!

Xiang Xuan announced the testing results after giving a glance at Jiang Yun.

There were two hundred and sixty-seven persons who passed the first test successfully, and people who Jiang Yun had noticed before were included.

In another word, these people have already gotten qualified as disciples of the Seeking-Tao Sect. Even if some of them might only be factotum disciples, people would be very envious of them.

Of course, besides those people who had already passed the test, Jiang Yun gained not fewer attentions due to his unique performance.

“The second test starts now!”

Not giving people time to have a rest, Xiao YiShu announced. Now all the people were looking at him.

After finishing his words, he and other four disciples stretched out their hands at the same time, and there were five beams of light flying out from their hands and standing on the ground. People then found that these lights were actually five mirrors.

Each of these mirrors, in old styles, were as high as an adult. Their surfaces were covered by brooding mists, with nothing could be reflected.

“The second test examines whether you have the ability to converge the Spirituality of Tao. These were Seeking-Tao Mirrors. You stand in five rows then come up and stand in front of the mirror. If the mists on the mirror surface change, you pass the test!”

Hearing this, the majority of the people including Jiang Yun again didn’t understand.

How come looking into the mirror could be a test? And how come whether passing a test only depended on whether the mists on the mirror surface changed?

When everyone was looking at each other in speechless, Huo Yuan said sneeringly, “Bah! Yokels! How you guys have the courage to come for joining the Seeking-Tao Sect while knowing nothing?! Tell you! You can cultivate as long as you have the Tao Heart; however, how far you can reach depends on whether you have the Spirituality of Tao!

“The Seeking-Tao Mirrors are of the Meaning of Tao, which can perceive whether you’re possible to converge the Spirituality of Tao in the future! Well, let me set an example to you!”

Though Huo Yuan said in a sneering tone, people understood the content of this test now.

While Huo Yuan stepped towards one of the Seeking-Tao Mirror calmly, everyone including Jiang Yun looked with eyes wide open. They were trying to see it clearly to find out the way to pass the test successfully.