The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: The Seeking-Tao Five Peaks

Although in Jiang WanLi’s view, the Seeking-Tao Sect wasn’t an elite sect, it still had awe-inspiring fame in South Mountain and was highly praised by countless cultivators and mortals who wanted to do cultivation.

Almost all the people in this world advocated Tao cultivation. But as known, it was always costly to cultivate. All sorts of cultivation resources were extremely precious. Hence, only rich and noble families and sects which were usually founded by ancients could afford.

Therefore, the best way to pursue a higher cultivation level was to follow a sect or a noble family.

While usually, the resource deposit of a noble family could hardly match that of a sect. After all, a family could only gather every strength within it, while a sect took advantage of its members from everywhere.

Furthermore, basically, a noble family mainly offered resources to its family members. Others who submitted themselves to the family as followers could hardly be guaranteed to get enough resources, even if they were geniuses.

As a result, joining a sect was the most common choice for people who wanted to cultivate and even the first choice of some people from noble families.

Because of this, every sect had strict requirements for disciples recruitment.

For example, the Seeking-Tao Sect opened its gate to recruit disciple every three years. Hence, though there were still three more days before it started to accept disciples, there were over ten thousands of people gathering outside its gate. They were looking forward to the day’s coming.

These people could roughly be considered two types. One was cultivators who had already been on the way to cultivation; another was mortals. these cultivators were in Meridians Unclogged Realm, and they came to join the Seeking-Tao Sect for obtaining higher quality resources to better their path of the Tao.

There was a quite distinct from each type of people, as cultivators looked down upon mortals while mortals were a little awed by them. They didn’t interfere with each other, but severally stared at the Seeking-Tao Sect seriously.

The Seeking-Tao Sect was composed of five peaks, standing side by side in different height. It looked like a huge opened palm from a distance, with five fingers towards the sky. It was really majestic. As you made an utmost effort, you could only see half of its height, and the higher area was covered by the cloud, just like the fairyland.

However, the more mysterious it was, the much more desired people were. They would pursue it at all costs.

“Look! This is what a Tao cultivation sect must be!”

“Sure! I can feel very rich Spiritual Energy even from such a distance. There must be a Spiritual Energy Vein beneath it!”

“The Seeking-Tao Five Peaks! Each peak represents a kind of Tao and a cultivation method. Whichever peak we enter, it means to have a skyrocketing rise!”

Three days passed as people expected. Then suddenly there was uproar back of the crowd. The noise became louder and louder, like the waves continuously moving forward. The uproar wasn’t over until it came to the gate of the Seeking-Tao Sect.

When everyone saw the reason of uproar, all people were quiet, consciously or not. But follow that was a deep rumbling laugh.

Because they found that there was one more person who wanted to enter the Seeking-Tao Sect; shockingly, this person only wore an animal fur coat! This youth, around fifteen or sixteen, was bright-eyed and had good features. He seemed to have endured the hardships of a long journey. Around his neck was a triangular black stone. If ignoring the hide, he would look very normal.

The thing was that though there were still many poor men, the poor in this somewhat flourishing age was unlikely to cover themselves with a hide! They at least had some clothes. But now a person showed up, with only a coat made of animal fur covered.

A handsome youth in finery with a valuable sword on his back laughed rudely, “Where does this wild man come from?”

One beside the young man agreed, “How famous the Seeking-Tao Sect is! Even a savage is attracted. However, can a wild man who may even unable to speak successfully cultivate?”

That handsome youth laughed, “Why not? We cultivate our true Tao, and the wild man should cultivate his wild Tao! Hahah!”

His ridicule was heard by all people around. Everyone then was talking about this strange boy.

However, this youth acted like he heard nothing. He just found a big rock and sat cross-legged calmly, staring at the still closed gate quietly.

The youth was Jiang Yun!

He was finally in time for the recruitment of Seeking-Tao Sect.

He knew people were laughing at him. Actually, when he went outside the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains, he had already realized that his dress was totally different from others.

But he didn’t have money to buy clothes; moreover, this hide was sewed by grandpa, and he didn’t want to take it off. When he wore the hide, he felt like he was still in Jiang village.

Jiang Yun looked away from the gate and glanced at people around him. He listened to their conversations carefully.

After going out of the Mang Mountains, he widened his eyes; at the same time, he realized how ignorant he was. As a result, he always took rests on places where people gathered. Through listening, he could enrich his knowledge of this world.

His experience of recognizing herbs and fighting against fierce beasts practiced his sharp eyes and sense.

He had already made sensible guesses on people around him with just a glance.

“The one mocking me should come from a rich and noble family which is of high power. The strongest one should be the guy in black. He’s the one who hasn’t given a glance at me since I showed up, as if he has been in a world of his own. Such a person is pretty dangerous!”

The one in black mentioned by Jiang Yun was a young man who stood at a corner of the crowd. He slightly closed his eyes and stood straight like a green pine tree.

“And this plainly dressed man was strong and big boned. Calluses on his hand are very thick. His physical strength must not be small.

“The girl around my age gave a glance at me just now. Though in a flash, her eyes were moist. She must not be a simple person.

“And there, a little girl, she should be a mortal, just like me. She took after Yuerou to some extent. She has a mysterious but wonderful composure which I can’t tell clearly!”

Jiang Yun had no idea that when he was guessing how powerful these people were, there were several persons sitting inside the Seeking-Tao Sect evaluating them as well.

“There are quite a few talented children!”

“Right! That guy in black and that strong man look not bad!”

“That girl has sharp eyes. She must have been specially cultivating her eyes. If we develop her well, she can probably open the Tao Eyes.”

“Look at that youngest girl. She should be around twelve or thirteen. Her Tao Spirituality must be outstanding!”

“The boy wearing a hide might have some power. As a mortal, he has countless scars crossing his body. It’s not difficult to imagine that he should have gone through a lot of tests of life or death!”

“Anyway, I hope that we can find some satisfactory disciples this time!”

Then suddenly, with a loud crash, the gate of the Seeking-Tao Sect was slowly opened.